Hit and run case: Supreme Court issues notice to Salman Khan

The Supreme court on Friday issued notice to Salman Khan on the Maharashtra government’s petition challenging a Bombay High Court verdict acquitting him in a 2002 accident case.

Issuing notice returnable in six weeks, an apex court bench comprising Justice Jagjit Singh Khehar and Justice C Nagappan told Salman Khan that “it would be much, much better if he gets acquittal from this court as it will save him from all the repercussions”.

Senior counsel Kapil Sibal, appearing for Salman Khan, took the court through the proceedings of the trial court, contending that his conviction was based on the testimony of one person, which cannot be relied upon.

He said besides that there was no other evidence before the trial court to convict Salman Khan in the case.

However, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi that besides the sole witness being pointed to by Sibal, there were scores of other witnesses at the accident spot who saw Salman Khan in the driver’s seat of the vehicle that ran over a group of people sleeeping on a pavement, killing one of them.



  • Some weeks back ‘Srk Hafeez Saeed ki begam’ trended #1 on Twitter with 2 lakh retweets. Public knows the truth.

  • India ka kabhi kuch nahi ho sakta ,govtment apna kam chood kar salman ke piche pada hai. This Maharashtra government is of no use

  • Why don’t indicine team put u in jail for opening their site 500 times a day Nd making ridiculous Cmnts From Fake ID’S @ARJUN youngistaan chameleon

  • I don’t know how could somebody support this criminal even if he enjoys his movies.He has made a mockery of judicial system.
    Bhai fans logic:
    Where you present at the accident spot??
    No I wasn’t but I have a brain to understand that only a liar would claim that his driver was in the driver’s seat only after 10 years of proceedings.
    He did charity so acquit him.
    In that case Bill Gates has the liberty to kill an entire city since he has done 100 times more charity than Bhai.If Bhai is such a noble soul why doesn’t he accept his crime.That is what any Gentlemen would have done.
    And lastly Srk need to be punished first for his scuffle in Wankhede with the watchman.
    For them having a heated argument over somebody is tantamount to getting drunk and killing somebody.

  • Ohh mY gOsH….
    Shame on india…
    Shame on indian gOvernment..
    Shame on indian law!!!!
    Now its sure that until MODI is Prime Minister Of india…No more development will take place…RiP MoDi Sarkar….
    And for ur extra knkwledge….Let me tell you that it was NarenDra mOdi whO interfere on judicary system oF nepal and imposed economic blOckade becoZ Nepal has introduced constitution recently which was better than inDia!!
    Thanks if u have read it…

  • Chalo this time he will be completely free bcoz SC decision is final.
    If anyone desrves to go to jail it is flop Akki for films like Joker, TMK, CC2C, SIB, HF1/2, De Dana Dan etc bcoz 40% of the people who watched these in theatres suffered severe mental trauma. Around 33K are still in hospital. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Bhai will be acquitted by the SC again. All his haters will have no place to hide!

    @Some Buddha, Saat Mein Iss Buddha Ko Bhi, Daal Do Jail Mein

  • if the same person who died in that accident come for help these salman hater will badmouth him by calling rikshawala, 2 rs. people etc. just trying to be smart.

  • @ chulla- first there is no proof he drive the car second he didn’t have intention to kill him. but in wankhede srk did crime intentionally.

  • Jurisdiction is not bound by intention. Even i like 2-3 salman movies that doesnt mean he would take somebody’s life and be praised. Come on he can again win this case with his money. He has lots to give the judge. . Charity work. . . Ha ha ha ha

  • @Yuvraj Do you have any idea what you’re talking about??
    Just because he didn’t had any intention to kill does it mean he’s innocent.Maybe after some days you would say Warren Anderson is also innocent since he didn’t had any intention to leak gases and suffocate people and it was a mere accident.
    Please Google who Anderson is first

  • 2016 biggest blockbuster will be Sultan…Haters gona hate, Salman will still shine like a diamond๏ปฟ Make My Word

  • If someone exactly knows what he has done so he should take the reward of what he has done.
    He should be treated as a normal Indian not as a star or someone else.

  • @ranvir LOL Twitter was fun on that day. Srk fans were begging Salmaniacs to stop retweeting.
    People with connections with terror criminal like Hafeez should be jailed first.

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