Vote: Which Hindi film deserved Oscar nomination?

Barfi has been selected as India’s official entry for the Oscars. A lot of people have been confusing this to be equivalent to Lagaan’s Oscar nomination. That’s not true.

Since 1957, India has sent 45 films as it’s official entry for the Oscars. Out of these, only 3 films – Mother India (1957), Salaam Bombay (1988) and Lagaan (2001) were nominated for the Oscars in the “Best Foreign Language Film”.

While Barfi is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films of 2012, it’s far from original. A lot of scenes have been blatantly plagiarised, which is likely to reduce the small chance it has for an Oscar nomination.

Think Kahaani or Paan Singh Tomar were better bets? Which other Hindi film that was shortlisted this year deserved the nomination? Vote below!

Which shortlisted Hindi film deserved to be nominated?

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  • @indicine some idiots are once again making this a salman vs srk debate. kindly delete those irrevelant comments.

    and btw @nakul don 2 had scenes copied from PRISON BREAK, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE & OCEAN series. and it was in no way a classy film. if u call don 2 a classy film then even dabangg/ETT would be classy.
    only few classy movies in the last 2-3 yrs are 3 Idiots, Udaan, ZNMD, Kahaani, Rockstar, Barfi, GOW & PST.

    and in my view Barfi was the best choice for oscars, though i wouldn’t have had any prob if Kahaani or PST was nominated.

    some ppl have a habit to oppose everything. i m sure if kahaani or PST was nominated, the same ppl who r protesting abt barfi being nominated, would have also done the same in that case as well.

  • ALL SRK fans need to get a reality check. ask any critic or a movie buff, they’ll say RA1 & DON 2 are copies of various english movies. So stop hyping evrything ur star does & better stop blabbering.

  • @INDICINE do u see nothing wrong in comments of @AzeemAhmad. The guy is insulting fans of all actors other than srk. indicine pls dont be biased & delete those kind of comments.

  • @AKASH, when god has given u two eyes then why can’t u find others insulting srk’s fans??
    can’t u read the comment what “am srk” said, can’t u read what he called to srk fans??

  • and one more thing, i only insulted the fans of mallu khan, not all fans of other actor…
    Do u have any eye problem??

  • It should be Maya memsab for oscar nomination because b@kri khan has given best performaces of his career. Am right na

  • some people cannot sleep if they dont speak about srk.coz of u ter will be a new record -ta most talked person in bollywood srk.thank u so much guys.keep on commenting.

  • @indicine u r just a fool like so called literate wrinkle king fan.1st know the fact then write.
    Gow was shortlisted for oscar. But yes vicky donor was not shortlisted for oscar. Check my word then say sorry for giving wrong info.

  • The list of 17 critically acclaimed
    Indian movies includes 11 Hindi
    films—Paan Singh Tomar, Barfi!,
    Kahaani, The Dirty Picture, Heroine,
    Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 1 & 2. These films face competition from
    six regional films including
    Gujarati film Veer Hamirji –
    Somnath ni Sakhate and SS
    Rajamouli’s Eega.
    from TOI

  • barfi is the right choice at the right tym….. etts deserve the nomination. . .. actually there are alot ov people in bollywood, which people jealous from that movie. . . … .. .. .. … .. .

  • @indicine pls give genuine info. Dont bark like the so called wrinkle king fan. Otherwise u wl be another filmfare where every thing is fake.And say sorry for givin wrong info.

  • seriously this topic is related to OSCARS, BARFI, PST & KAHAANI only. so idiots kindly restrict ur comments on them & stop promoting ur favourite star’s movie here.


  • @indicine – one thing is common.. no matter what article you post, matter of discussion and debate is always salman and shahrukh.. i would request you to post an article on salman and shahrukh fans.. it would really be very interesting :D ..regards :)

  • wrinkle king fans do not understand the difference the official remake and plagiarism. U cant called players a copy cat as it is official remake of italian job. But don2 is clear cut plagiarism. So called literate wrinkle king fan never understood that.

  • @ginger it has to do with wrinkle king cause it is the indicine who r busy promoting jthj.there several others news of our film industry.very trivial news of jthj is getting published here while several important news were not taken into indicines consideration. Ready to became another filmfare where everything is fake.

  • what a rubbish article, barfi is a original movie but yes one or two scenes has been copied like illeana’s mother showing her ex lover coz it is fitting for the situation, how can 2 scenes can make loose movies greatness ??..paan singh is a great movie but i can surely say barfi is way better anyday

  • barfi have every ingredient in it, like it touched people heart, it made ppl think,it make ppl laugh, its a well made film, acting was awesome, directing is superb, songs was picturised nicely, does paan singh tomar had half of these quality ??

  • Azeem Ahmed: don’t be too smart people all over in the world know whom they want to see and which movie that’s why salman movie is creating new record after record at box office. Don’t want to comment here in this article but guys started first.

  • Where are Salman’s fans? Ek Tha Tiger for Oscar????????????? Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    If India will nominate any of Salman’s brainless illogical movie nominate for Oscar. I m sure Oscar jury will ban Indian movies. hahahahahahaha what a star. only brainless people like sense less movies. carry on.

  • None actually. Do you really think one of these mediocre works will get oscar when there will be competition between films like The Master, Killing Them Softly, Lincoln, The Hobbit, Argo. Last year The Artist got the award. I think Barfee is inspired from The Artist in some way. I don’t think they will even consider this movie for a foreign language nomination.

    And about Kahani. I don’t understand why people are going gaga over it. There are thousands of suspense thrillers who never got the nomination and why would they make an exception for this one ?
    Vicky Donor. Many people think here that story and subject was new. Of course it was but for Indians not for them. Actually The Kids will be alright just got the nomination two years before.

    So gentlemen don’t kid yourself and stop dreaming about Oscars. The only thing we are good at is praising out beloved Khans and there few crore movies. Why mess it up. Keep doing it and steer clear of word Oscar. The kind of movies Bollywood is making ,it wud be right to say that they will not get the Oscar ever.

  • None of the indian movies have won nor can win oscars except for me and my movie because indian movies dont have innovation,boldness & high quality. Next year i am directing&acting in a “shemale orgy hardcore romance comedy movie” titled as “sRA”.2 and it will be produced by red chillies entertainment. My sRA.2 will have the best of innovations, the most boldness and yes it would be of the highest quality. I am sure my movie will atleast 9 oscar awards including the best film, the best director and the best actor.

  • Hey all.. if u really want bollywood to win oscar for this year.. don’t vote according to yr choice or according to yr bo collection, but according to what western judges in USA would admire and consider it as a good film.

    Did u ever expect that Slumdog millionaire would win? it could’ve been a flop movie in India and it also didn’t do very well at yr box office, but it did work for western ppl

    So select a film which u think they’ll love and adore.

    I think it’s Vicky Donor or Heroine.

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