Himmatwala Day 1 Box Office Collection: Friday

The first day numbers of Himmatwala are in, and they are a reflection what the critics and the reactions on Social media had us expecting, the figures are below par for a film of it’s size.

The collections at multiplexes in urban centres picked up slowly since the evening primarily due to the next day being a Saturday. Even the wide release (3200 screens) couldn’t help it overcome the impact of the negative reports. The first day nett collections have come in at 11 crore.

The single screen dominated areas like UP, CP Bihar, Rajasthan, Bihar and parts of Maharashtra outperformed almost every other release of 2013. Delhi and West Bengal have disappointed (not surprising since these territories have never put up great figures for Ajay Devgn starrers). Himmatwala’s fate is now solely dependent on the single screen dominated masala loving centres.

The feedback is almost universally negative, and the film will find it impossible to hold up as well as a film of it’s magnitude should have. The day-to-day growth in the weekend numbers is likely to be average. It will get just the normal weekend growth owing to the lack of positive word-of-mouth. Our 3 day weekend prediction for Himmatwala is 36 crore.



  • why indicine is this much negative about himmatwala and ajay devgan, himmatwal is opened very descent
    Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala has opened well at the Box Office
    on its first day. Well, the
    numbers are not shattering,
    however, not disappointing
    too. As per early estimates,
    Himmatwala collected
    approximately 12 Crore nett on Day 1 at the Domestic Box
    Office. The collections were
    below expectations in the
    morning shows. However, it
    picked up well in the evening
    and late night shows.
    Word of mouth was average.
    Moreover, the film didn’t
    receive a thumbs up by the
    critics as well. Hence, the
    count of repeat audience will
    surely affect the film’s final verdict. In order to live up to the
    expectations, this Ajay Devgn
    starrer will have to make
    some very good business not
    just in its opening weekend,
    but also during the course of the week.

  • and film will grow today and tomorow
    Even if it shows little growth over the weekend it will definately surpass the 40 cr, mark,,

  • 2013 is WORST year for Ajay.
    Nobody noticed that old 1983 himmatwala was not very good & just HIT only not blockbuster.
    I don’t know why Ajay & Sajid agreed the remake. LOL.

  • now that the first day collection is 11 crore,i request admin and other people not to put ajay in top 5,and compare with hrithik and akshay,and say equal or above them..please..
    released in 3200 screens,hugebuzz,remake,holiday..
    kites released in 1200 screens..nonholiday collected 10.8cr despite mysore and tn release..
    plz dont compare sum a,b,c with top5 when it comes to opening and star power

  • @afraz oh! please! we remember that Guzaarish opend to 3-4 crores in 2010. Only 3 khans have the stardom to put up good numbers on their openings.

  • @khan kapoor, @afraj i agree with you bollywood is nothing without 3 khans. And afraj k3 opening day col less than 15 cr i say and it can’t cross 45cr its weekned.

  • romance express,khan kapoor
    why only 3khans ,there is other khans like
    saif ali khan,imran khan,fardeen khan,zayed khan,zia khan,zarine khan,irfan khan,recently sana khan
    why dont u guys mention their names,arent they khans

  • @khan kapoor and romance express, krrish 3 collections will thrash you both and you both wouldn’t be able to show your ugly faces ever again, films which are well made and has lots of hard work never fails, remember that forever !!!!!!!!! and yes top 5 actors are only hrithik,akshay and khans, after that, ajay,ranbir,emraan,saif etc.

  • @khankapoor,sorry missed Yuvraaj & Marigold. Lowest box office figures from 2006 for stars 1) Aamir Khan- Dhobighat -14 crores(2010), Akshay Kumar- 8* 10 Tasveer – 15.75 crores(2009), Ajay Devgn – Aag- 8.5 crore, Hrithik Roshan – Guzaarish- 29 crores,(2010), Ranbir Kapoor – Rocket Singh-20 crores (2009) Salman Khan – Main Aur Mrs.Khanna- 7.98 crore(2009), SRK- Billu-23 crore (2009)

  • @Sunil Lulla you are talking about before dabaangg. you forgot 5 movies like dabaang, ready, bodyguard, ek tha tiger and dabangg 2 which broke records one after another. And this diwali hrithik won’t be able to create the magic that srk did with ra.one. hrithik comes nowhere near 3 khans in stardom.

  • @khan kapoor go back to history and check what were the first day collections of london dreams,main aur mrs khanna,and more importantly marigold which collected exactly 90lakhs nett..what a shame…
    Guzaarish came aftr kites which was a flop and had no buzz ,it ws not a masala film folk..
    And akhay kumars movie joker collects first day collection of agneepath..if that day comes for hrithik I will not be a fan of hrithik..
    @romance express :when ra.one collected 115 cr having srk as lead,krrish 3 will cross raone collection in 5 days…paplu tapluu machar like shahrukh trying to be superheroes..lol..
    45 crore weekend???nothing can stop krrish from breaking records..
    First let srk cross ranbir kapoors collections :-P

  • @romance xprss:i think u r a fool..wel,keep dreaming..krish3 opening will be 30+,….only hr has d stardom 2 score over khans.any way ,i knew abt himmatwala dat it will b betn 10 to 15 crs..feeling bad fr tamanna..she is really beautiful n talented.

  • @Khan Kapoor & Romance Express – I have no idea what you guys are saying, my friends. Guzaarish wasn’t hyped, and didn’t have mass appeal. Not to mention, Hrithik holds the record of highest opening day collection after Salman Khan.
    Although, all the 3 Khans are legend on their own, but we shouldn’t forget that there are actors like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay, Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Imran Khan, and many more who are entertaining us alongside 3 Khans.

  • Hey guys, please talk about the present scenario. Talking about the past failures of Khan(s) is ridiculous. Presently actors like the three Khans, Akshay and Hrithik have that much of starpower which promises an excellent opening of their films irrespective of critics reviews.

  • @king khan, what’s wrong with you? you want to watch stars like srk and salman who can’t even act to save their lives?
    @Navin, hrithik and srk are the least deserving actors in this nominees. and you are saying hrthik should win. funny.

  • khans,hrithik,akshay these actors have the greatest potential to get a huge opening at box office, and they can’t be ranked specifically , if today salman khan is on top, tomorrow akshay would be on top, day after tomorrow would be hrithik’s day and then it could be aamir or srk , so one thing is for sure that is these 5 stars are the biggest right now !!

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