Himesh Reshammiya on Son Of Sardar

Himesh ReshammiyaA few years ago, Himesh Reshammiya was the busiest music composer in town. Then he took to acting. His first film did reasonably well, but the rest were disasters.

Himesh then returned to composing music for other films – the first of which was ‘Teri Meri’, a chartbuster song from ‘Bodyguard’. His most recent film ‘Bol Bachchan’ too fared well at the box-office.

Now, with all eyes on Son Of Sardar, Himesh hopes for a successful Diwali.

“We are hoping for a successful Diwali. There is a lot of buzz around Son Of Sardar and as the music director of the film, I am very, very confident of the film. ‘Raani tu main Raaja’ has already become popular and everyone is liking the title track. So, I am very confident of the music after Bodyguard and Bol Bachchan,” he said.

Directed by Ashwni Dhir, Son Of Sardar features Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha. The film is scheduled to release in theatres on November 13th.



  • challa ki lab da phire…

    A R RAHMAN..salute to you….

    raja rani is good…but not as excellent as challa…

  • sallu fanz cmnts
    wen ett trailor was out-srk ka baap bhi 1 din mein itne likes nahin la skta
    after 15 aug-saare likes fake hain.srk fans r making fake accounts.ett ne 1m views 2 din mein hee kr liye the.srk ka baap bhi nahin´╗┐ la skta
    after jthj trailor got 1m views in 1 day-views se kya hota hai.collections hee sb kuch hain.
    after jthj release-they will say collections se kya hota hai.diwali pr film release kroge to koi bhi paise kama lega…
    nd story goes on nd on

  • A.r rehman is much better than himesh but SOS will be crores time better than crap jthj. SOS blockbuster jthj blockdisaster

  • @shahi d Abay shahid 6kke, srk ki aukath nahi hei box office records break karneki. Srk 6kke fans Sapne dekna band kardo. Jthj flop hogi wait kar mad###od

  • Those who talking about you tube
    Joker trailer 2.6m view collection 20cr barfi 2m view collection 105cr cocktail 4.6m view collection 70cr bol bachchan 2.4m view collection 102cr
    Youtube view and like dont matter remember ra one and don2 also break record in youtube view but you also see the result

  • backwas album there is no buzz of sos ppl remember this movie bcz he cums alongside with srk, and sos is not a remake at all bcz there is no such official news abt it, so its going to be a biggest flop of this year

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  • I heard the music of SOS album. Bichdaan…oh Bichdaan…Bichdaan…I m gonna mad on its tune. What a composition by HR. Specially the lyrics by Sammer & Vocal of RFAK just awesome. So soulful, masterpiece by veteran HR. This is what the quality means to me. Raja Rani Ok but bichdaan is the best song of this year till date even better than cocktail’s songs… Well done HR!!!

  • @filmcraft…..i know u cnt digest success of phenomenon called salman khan…..bt dude cnt help it…..ths is true……sorry fr uuuu

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