Himesh Reshammiya is back

Post Aap Ka Surroor (the movie), Himesh Reshammiya literally vanished. After the Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 concluded, he was not seen on television too. The Himesh that once ruled television channels had now completely disappeared. There were rumours that Himesh was signed by Bhushan Kumar of T-Series for a new movie titled Karz, which would be a 21st century remake of yesteryear classic Karz.

T-Series has now released a movie poster of Karzzz and also mentioned that the shooting for the movie, directed by Satish Kaushik, will commence in Janurary 2008!

Himesh’s next after the Box-Office superhit Aap Ka Surroor will release next summer.

Himesh Reshammiya a.k.a HR is back!

Check out the movie poster of Karzzz

Himesh in Karzz



  • karz…………………music is roking sung by d himesh,

    why not”its dam sure this movie’s a great demand in india as well as out of india,

    himesh is back with…his uncoming movie……and u knew that wn himesh is come back…..it’s roki’n yaar

    i liok him..lov y nose player

  • i think everyones stupd to say bad stuff about himesh …hes the bomb … i love him to bits…..u can only be jelous to say stuff about him… hes too good …. … his sons are the only ones i realy love and relax me … hes the best!!!

  • Hey friends… There are so many people here & with many more opinions… good that everybody gets a right to share their views… I just wanted to say… (You can only understand if u r good in hindi)- ‘Jiska kaam usiko saaje… aur kare to danka baaje’… which means.. ‘it suits u, only if its your work’.. I mean- If a dog says- ‘bow bow’ .. it suits it… but definately not for a CAT… Similarly.. Himesh is a good singer.. but definately NOT a good Actor… I’m really not worried how many are agreed on my views…but that is what I feel if u give a little deep thought, u’ll get it… Think it.

  • Wow, sucha wonderful movie.

    Himesh is GOD!!! :)

    I just loved this movie like anything ..

    Its a MUST SEE movie

  • hi himmesh ur very cute man then i wish u for ur new movie kajarare please act in good story moive then wish u all the best man

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