Highway is a word-of-mouth film: Alia Bhatt

In an exclusive interview with Indicine last week, Alia Bhatt spoke about the box office prospects of her second film ‘Highway’, which releases in theatres tomorrow.

When asked if she expects the film to open well at the box office on Friday, Alia said “I donít think this film is about opening or records. Highway is more of a word-of-mouth film and even if it gets a good opening, it won’t be because of me but Imtiaz (Ali – director).”

“His movies have a following, he is a huge brand and his films are not just liked but loved by the audience” she added.

Alia also feels that when the audience loves a film, it will work at the box office, even if it doesn’t take a huge start.

“When people love a film, it will work at the box office. It’s important that the audience love the film” Alia said.




  • Jab we met is one of my fav. movies,but i think Highway is’nt good as his earlier works.
    Rockstar was also good and Ranbir was brilliant in it.

  • Gunday is still going well at single screens,so Highway is only for multiplexes..
    I think it will be max. 30-35crs

  • Music of highway is according to the theme of the movie,so the music has’nt been popular unlike earlier imtiaz movies…

  • Alia don’t worry.Katrina didn’t become the most wanted actress in 2yrs,Shahrukh didn’t become the king khan in 2yrs.It is all about time
    I don’t like the way you talk a lot in media.Talk less,work hard.Hardwork pays off as in katrina case
    Your films will open bumper in the near future

  • Alia born with a silver spoon has been getting offers since she even knew what cinema was?

    So she is spoilt for choice, and except the work during the shooting, she doesn’t have to meet up people, get dates of directors, do networking etc., in short, she has not travelled the long route.

    She is beautiful yes, but to be the numero uno, you need to go through the grind. Every top star has gone through and until unless she does that, i doubt she will ever reach even half of the current star’s achievements and will simply fade away in few years.

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