Highest Tax Payers in Bollywood 2012

Salman Khan, the numero uno superstar of Bollywood, has topped the list of highest tax payers in Bollywood, what with his latest release Ek Tha Tiger grossing more than 300 crores worldwide. For the July-September quarter, Salman paid advance tax of Rs 8 crores, compared to Rs 5 crores that he paid for the same period last year.

Akshay Kumar, who has consistently topped the highest tax payers list in the last 5 years, came second and paid Rs 7.5 crores as advance tax (5 crores last year).

Salman’s arch-rival Shahrukh Khan paid Rs 5 crores, while good friend Aamir Khan who hasn’t had a release in 3 years paid Rs 3.5 crores.

Among the leading ladies, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who has been away after her pregnancy, topped the list with 3 crores. She is followed by Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor who paid Rs 2.6 crores and Rs 2.2 crores respectively.

Salman Khan in ME Solitaire ad

  • 1. Salman Khan – 8 crores (5 crore same period last year)
  • 2. Akshay Kumar – 7.5 crores (5 crore)
  • 3. Shahrukh Khan – 5 crores (same last year)
  • 3. Amitabh Bachchan – 5 crores (1.7 crore)
  • 5. Aamir Khan – 3.25 crores (4.5 crore)
  • 6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – 3 crores (1.1 crore)
  • 7. Katrina Kaif – 2.6 crores (1.7 crore)
  • 8. Kareena Kapoor – 2.2 crores (1.5 crore)




  • Chandan Roy Sanyal becomes Salman Khan’s fan
    Chandan Roy Sanyal, whose last release “Tell Me Oh Kkhuda” had Salman Khan in a special song is now playing a character who is a die-hard Salman Khan fan in his next film ” Bombay’s Most Wanted”.

    During a recent schedule of the film, Chandan’s hair was actually straightened and cut in the same way like that of Salman’s in Tere Naam and Chandan is shown replicating many of Salman’s looks in the film.

    When asked, Chandan mentioned, “Mr. Khan is a superstar and to replicate him is close to impossible. He has an uncountable fan following and I am undoubtedly one of them, so to be replicating him is a compliment as I don’t think I or anybody can compete with him in anyway whatsoever. Bombay’s Most Wanted is a humble film and my character has been shown as having different shades & according to those shades I keep changing my look inspired by Mr. Khan’s characters’ from some of his earlier films.”

    Well, if Mr. Khan is reading this, we are sure he will humbly acknowledge this respect being metted out by film-makers to him.

  • In Ek Tha Tiger,Katrina’s belly dance is nothing less than an item number.Sanjay Dutt do not have solo hits other than Munnabhai series in recent times. Everyone know what was the fate of Chatur Singh two star. Nowadays even John Abraham starrers do better than Sanjay Dutt. Rishi Kapoor & Sanjay Dutt acted well.

  • @raju we salman fans definitely agree that hritik is currently a greater superstar than srk…..but he is not bigger than sallu & aamir..& i think u also agree on this point….also hritik’s agneepath also beat ra.one & don2!

  • The reason why SRK pay less despite having more endorsements and movies is that all his income goes to his company Red Chillies as its income and SRK get his salary from his company on which he pays taxes.

  • Sanjay and Salman are original hunks of B’wood: John
    Actor John Abraham is followed by thousands of fitness enthusiasts across the nation who aspire to get a perfect bod like him, but this suave hunk believes that despite his fans bestowing the handsome hunk title on him, actors Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are, and always will be, the ultimate icons of fitness and body building in Bollywood.

    The actor said, “Actors Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are the only trendsetters of body building in Bollywood. They are the original hunks. They brought thousands of youngsters to gyms and made them conscious of fitness.”

  • @tejas Despite negative word of mouth & salman’s barking fans Ra.one collected 240 crores worldwide and Don2 227 crore
    Apne figures dekh kar post karo.

  • Salman Khan can play both Shahrukh and Aamir!
    Mumbai: One should think twice before speaking anything about superstar Salman Khan. If you dare to take panga with bhai, you are in for a danger. But, filmmaker Karan Johar was possibly not aware of this. Karan had recently said that he will end up in the hospital, if he does a film with all the three Khans in Bollywood. Johar’s statement did not go down well with Salman and he did not leave a chance to hit back at the filmmaker.

    According to a leading daily, Salman Khan, during an interview said, “I am very happy that you met Karan before meeting me. First you have to tell me, which three Khans are you speaking about? Bolne mein kya jaata hai! Anyway, I can play all the three Khans together.” He added, “I will don Shahrukh’s RA.One look, my Dabangg look and Aamir’s Ghajini look.”

    We hope the two other Bollywood Khans are listening to this. No wonder, many of us believe that Salman is a very unique actor. Not only that he delivers great acting skills in his movies, also he is known for his great style and attitude.

  • @marz, HAHAHAHAHA first of all salman can’t play patriotic roles and u r saying salman can play both srk and aamir HAHAHAHAHA.
    Just tell ur Sallu to make at least a patriotic movie with no item songs and muscle show off.

  • Shirin Pharhad …+Joker+Raaz3+Barfi+Heroine+OMG (worldwide collection) can not cross (ETT worldwide collection)
    This is Salman

  • I mean to say Ajay and AKshay are still good,i wrote god instead of good Unintentionally in my previous comment…………….

  • even zindagi na milagi do bara credit goes to hrithik only…otherwise no even go to watch aboy and farhan

  • @Suman, I agree with your opinion. Salman Khan fans are just trying to downplay Hrithik. Every one knows what happened when Salman try to copy Jodha Akbar,the result was Veer.

  • These Salman fans never agree that Hrithik’s biggest flop in last six years, Guzaarish collected 39 crores while Salman’s all three films in 2008 collected less than this .And Main Aur Mrs.Khanna collected 8 crore & Yuvraaj collected 14 crore lifetime in India.

  • Salman hamara bhai sirf gareebon ka sirtaj nahie balki usnay to kahe filmo mai na kaam karnay waloon ko bw indstry main kaam dilwaya like his gf katrina kaif, zareen khan ,etc ye badakpan hai kise aur film star main aisee baat kahan .SRK, akshay ,hrithik,amitab main aisee baat khan he has realy a golden heart he is helper of needy and poor , his trust BEING HUMAN is very best im the biggest fan of salman khan .

  • We haters claims SRK only works
    for money but we never mention
    that he was the highest tax payer
    bollywood star from 1999 to

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