Highest Tax Payers in Bollywood 2012

Salman Khan, the numero uno superstar of Bollywood, has topped the list of highest tax payers in Bollywood, what with his latest release Ek Tha Tiger grossing more than 300 crores worldwide. For the July-September quarter, Salman paid advance tax of Rs 8 crores, compared to Rs 5 crores that he paid for the same period last year.

Akshay Kumar, who has consistently topped the highest tax payers list in the last 5 years, came second and paid Rs 7.5 crores as advance tax (5 crores last year).

Salman’s arch-rival Shahrukh Khan paid Rs 5 crores, while good friend Aamir Khan who hasn’t had a release in 3 years paid Rs 3.5 crores.

Among the leading ladies, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who has been away after her pregnancy, topped the list with 3 crores. She is followed by Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor who paid Rs 2.6 crores and Rs 2.2 crores respectively.

Salman Khan in ME Solitaire ad

  • 1. Salman Khan – 8 crores (5 crore same period last year)
  • 2. Akshay Kumar – 7.5 crores (5 crore)
  • 3. Shahrukh Khan – 5 crores (same last year)
  • 3. Amitabh Bachchan – 5 crores (1.7 crore)
  • 5. Aamir Khan – 3.25 crores (4.5 crore)
  • 6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – 3 crores (1.1 crore)
  • 7. Katrina Kaif – 2.6 crores (1.7 crore)
  • 8. Kareena Kapoor – 2.2 crores (1.5 crore)




  • Salman’s ETT(his BG released in last financial year & he is not producer of ETT).
    Till he paid 8crs tax.

    According to Srk fans both Ra.One & Don2(Both released in same year) grossed 250+250=500crs & Srk is producer of both films.
    But he paid only 5crs tax…!

    Are his fans giving wrong figures..? or
    there is matter of Black money…?

  • Now i get it, akshay a big salute to u!!
    even after giving average movies u paid this much!! This shows u have a BIG GOLDEN HEART!!

  • now srk fans trying something innovative.they know that now they cannot abuse bhai salman anymore.so,they trying to abuse akki.try try try and you will get success.only one word for srk fans: looooooooooooooooooooosers.

  • @tiger, who is abusing akki here??
    who told srk fans can’t abuse salman, srk fans have morals unlike u dhobi walas, chai walas who use slum languages.

  • As a gesture of appreciation for our Paralympic athletes, I would like to present each of the nine athletes Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 5 lakh for the medalist, Girisha. They have done us proud.

    To my dear friends on Facebook, if you would like to add a contribution, let me know. Will work out a way to send in your contributions.

    This is the greatness of SALMAN and that’s why we love him.

  • only , one man matters in bollywood i,e bahi himself , helper of needy and poor people and man with golden heart , one man army ,…

  • @azeez ahmed. For your kind information srk and his fans are exact antonyms for the words ‘moral and ethic’. srk was an an arrogant,egoistic,selfish,opportunistic,jealous,envious,insecure,manipulative,mean,shrewd, moral-less, unethical actor in the past, he is much more so in the present and in future he will be the ‘most’. And unfortunately some of his fans are like him. And such arrogant fans(educated but foolish brats), from the last 7 years to this day, proactively continue to insult other actors& their fans including the legendary big b by degrading, belittling and abusing them. So when other actor’s fans do the same in retaliation, they cry foul and say that these fans are illiterates, cheap, slums etc who use filthy language. And mr.ahmed all salman fans are not as educated, as gentlemanly, as dignified and as soft spoken as you are, so they use the so called ‘slum language’ to express themselves. but how can you expect the poor and illiterate dhobi walas & chai walas (who in your eyes are cheap &moral-less) to speak the way you do and that too in english? Thats not possible sir. The universal truth is :’Srk fans are the first to poke at and make fun of other actors and their fans’

  • I think we all are big fans of Salman and he has been my and Karisma’s (Kapoor) co-star. I am really happy with his 25 years because this industry is incomplete without Salman,” the 31-year-old said here.

  • How come srk is paying such a low tax of only 5 crores? He charges anywhere between 15-20 crores per movie, he endorses more than 22 commercial brands (the most in india and charges atleast 6-8 crores per brand), his ‘red chillies entertainment’ is always busy making money and last but not the least, his team KKR is among the top 3 richest teams in IPL. By any estimate, his yearly earnings( only profits from all sources,excluding all types of expenses) are anywhere from 30 to 40 crores, so his income tax should ideally be about 9 to 12 crores, but he paid only 5cr this year and the same amount last year as well. Now i understand why he is the richest actor in bollywood. “Black money of ra.1!!”

  • @nvs, u are insecure about srk fans coz u had a big fight.
    And u r saying as if srk fans are the only fans who insult other actors, even other fans insult srk fans as well.

    And why do u crack up so many stories??? when did srk fans insult Big B??

    And everyone here knows that people commenting here are educated people including salman fans as well. Even i know u know salman fans who commenting here are not illiterates But people call salman fans illiterate becoz they make dumb comments even when they are educated.
    Just like how people call other person a “MAD GUY” even when that guy is not mad like that srk fans call salman fans illiterate.

    Srk fans only fight when some says bad about srk. A perfect example is in this page itself. Check vinay’s comment, now insulted srk and so srk fans fight.
    And i have lost total respect for salman fans after all those horrible comments made in one barfi page. Even when indicine cleared those comments still they were making those horrible comments by using the name gauri khan or aryan khan etc.

  • No One Can Deny tha SRK is the Richest Actor In India. Even though he is in 3rd position in tax paying list. And he paid the same amount last year. This is what CONSISTENCY is all about. Love u. King

  • @Nvs, srk fans poke first?? wake up, stop dreaming kid!!
    Just check vinay’s comment.
    And everyone here knows that people commenting here are educated people including salman fans as well. Even i know u know salman fans who commenting here are not illiterates But people call salman fans illiterate becoz they make dumb comments even when they are educated.
    Just like how people call other person a “MONKEY” even when that guy is not MONKEY like that srk fans call salman fans illiterate.

    And why do u crack up so many fake rubbish stories just coz u hate srk and his fans??

  • IMDB rating of Salman’s best films HAHK, MPK,SAAJAN etc. b/w 7 & 7.4. IMDB rating of other films Swades- 8.3,Sholay-8.3, Taare Zameen Par- 8.4, Water-7.6. But a dissapointing truth Delhi Belly- 7.6

  • stop abusing those who make us proud infrnt of other countryy….srk is gr8 and same is sallu…srk has brilliant past and sallu is gud tode but no doubt king
    will return

  • Raju: for your info. Salman is Hirthik Guru in body building ask anyone or check Hirthik biography and there is no comparison between him and Salman he is far behind from KHANS.

  • @ all srk fans you say boi is right ….. so if boi is right is right then you must admit that raone world wide gross is 202 cr… & don 2 worldwide gross is 206 cr…& look at ETT world wide gross is 310 cr…. for your kind info…. even ETT india gross is 247 cr which is more than srk’s worldwide gross…. THAT IS THE TRUE KING …KING SALMAN!!!

  • Let us check the lowest box office collections of Bollywood actors after 2006 in India. 1) Salman Khan Main Aur Mrs.Khanna- 8 crores,Yuvraaj- 14 crore, Aamir Khan- Dhobighat- 14 crores, SRK , Billu- 25 crore, Hrithik Roshan Guzaarish- 39 crores. I have only one point. If there is any superstar in Bollywood who can compete with Khans & Akshay,it is only Hrithik.

  • @raju box office collection shows who is big star nothing else Internet and website never shows the correct star power because 10% of the whole population in India are only using Internet.

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