Highest overseas grosser of Bollywood actors

Ever since we published the ‘PK vs Happy New Year’ poll last night, a lot of readers in the comments section have been arguing over the highest grossing film of each star.

So here you go, the highest grossing overseas film of the Top 10 stars.

NameMovieOverseas TotalIndian Rupees
Aamir KhanDhoom 3$28.1 million174 cr
Shahrukh KhanMy Name Is Khan$22.8 million107 cr
Ranbir KapoorYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani$10.5 million59 cr
Salman KhanEk Tha Tiger$10.3 million57.4 cr
Hrithik RoshanKrrish 3$8.9 million54.9 cr
Raveer SinghRam Leela$7.9 million49.3 cr
Amitabh BachchanBlack$7.4 million32.4 cr
Akshay KumarSingh Is King$7.1 million30 cr
Saif Ali KhanRace 2$6.5 million35 cr
Abhishek BachchanDostana$5.3 million26 cr

The gap between the Top 2 (Aamir, SRK) and the rest is huge. Aamir’s top grosser is about 3 times more than the highest grossers of Salman, Ranbir, Hrithik and the rest.

Surprisingly, Akshay, who not too long ago was one of the biggest stars in markets like the United Kingdom, is down at No 8. His highest grosser Singh Is Khan did around $7.1 million of business, which is below Amitabh Bachchan’s Black and above Saif Ali Khan’s Race 2.

Please note, the conversion from US dollar to Indian Rupees has been done according to the dollar rate during its release. For example, Chennai Express ($18.8 million) grossed much lesser than My Name Is Khan ($22.8 million), but in terms of Indian rupees Chennai Express was a bigger grosser (Rs 116 cr) as the dollar rates were around 62 rupees in 2013.



  • highest grosser of all time AVTAR, but who was the actor..?
    if u remove 3 idiot and dhoom 3, aamir sucks ( atleast in overseas )

    and srk’s worst reviewed movie ra 1 is around 55 cr, so if u use atlest 1% of your brain then u will know who is bigger in overseas..

  • @sky:
    didn’t expect this comment from you. .salman is a srkfan. But i wonder u bashed hr in reply to his comment. Do u seriously think dhoom was a big franchise before d2? ? D1 was a fair hit. But hr made it all time highest grosser. Otherwise dhoom franchise was like race.
    And if his father makes films for hro,then what’s wrong in it? ?Koyla was a flop. Hr was new comer in knph and it became bb. People go to theater to watch hr dude,not to his papa or banner.
    Yeah, k3g was a multistarer film. But it’s incomplete widout hr’s presence.he has done a major supporting role.
    And and and i am shocked at your statement about agneepath.yeah sanjay n rishi delivered two great performance.but how can u forget hr’s phenomenal act there? ?if sanjay’s presence is enough,then policegiri would have been a hit atleast. And if agneepath,znmd,d2 are successful due to multistarer,then whyn’t 3i n rdb? Hope u get da point

  • @nipin senior I think its safe to say that your intended ‘funny comments’ are infact a rant n when you use sarcasm it falls flat on your face- ‘indicine’ are doing us all a favour n u especially by keeping your lame non jokey comments away from the public eye.

    I mean the stupid critical analysis you just came up with:- “in terms of popularity Hritic is ahead but in boxoffice he is behind…”

    I mean come on that may have been a serious comment but it was plain stupid n makes a mockery of your senile mind n rash rationale. You are an idiot n learn from ‘sachin11’ who can write one line jokes n make ppl laugh with his funny comments unlike you who makes ppl LOL at your unprecedented stupidity as opposed to your boring jokes.

  • @nipin senior The only funny thing you have done here on Indicine is getting ‘freaky’ with ‘sakhi rawant’ n you produced ‘nipin junior’ together… The jokes on you kid n your son now…!

  • @khan n @salman I guess you 2 brothers need to forget about ‘overusing’ /overcomplicating your brains n just use your spectacles n you both will clearly see who is at numero uno position- if you cant then go for an eye test but for the record Aamir has smashed Thakurs best record by a country mile- Aamir plays in his own league out of this universe while Sarkar plays in some outdated ‘overseas global’ standards league where he is supposedly some Youtube King…!

  • @salman

    Sarkar may be like sachin according to you but Aamir is like Lara whose 501 is first class crickets highest score anywhere in the world n Aamirs 500 cr worlwide club means he too holds a similar standing in Bollywood. True record breakers, record holders n trendsetters- Aamir n Lara are living legenda.

  • I just surprise how can hro fans says bang bang will top oversease where overhyped diwali release krish3 failed to beat yjhd in oversese

  • @sky aamir khan is first to collect 50crs lol on u. salman khans HAHK nd srks DDLJ crossed 60 crs in respective years. before aamir touched 50 crs with fanna. and srks Don crossed 50crs in that year only. aamir is totally depend on script. he doesn’t have stardom or charisma like srk nd salman have. he is using the friendship of salman khan to get a profit from his fans. he doesn’t have is own fan following. in terms of stardom he is lower then Hr. its the fact.

  • @sky r u sleeping during 2003 to 2006’s period?? Ask to @indicine Hr was used to be b.gger star than Aamir, kmg get bgger opening wkend, 2005 no movie, 2006?? :) i dont have to say, and its ur jealously on Roshans duo who is blockbuster duo, Hr isnt bcz of Rakesh, remember koyala? B.gger star than Hr bt what happened? Movie nt bad, script nt bad, evrythng is gud, awsm climax, Rakesh is nothng widout Hrithik.. Rakesh ne aake perform nahi kiya na dance kiya.. So its ur qtyappa that u got jealous on Roshan duo, jodha akbar is BB in overseas wht u say about dis? Is ranbir has even 2 blockbuster in overseas?? Get a life, aamir is like saif at that time….

  • and aamir now jumping on head blind fans of Salman…. Who mostly support him…
    @romance dont forget about Ra1 :D after also he is most popular in overseas he earn just 55cr?? and honestly may be hr has half of stardom in overseas or may be just 40 percent of srk, accepted still his jodha akbar is blockbuster in overseas, then whats wrong if Hrx fan expecting that Bang Bang will do atleast 100cr is it wrong? I knw its hard bt kya expectation sirf srk fans ko rakhne ka hi hak h? :D no hro fan said it wl b top 2 highest oveseas collector… Bt it cn be in top 2 grosser of year in overseas,
    may srk cnt do gud in overseas like ce and it will be like jthj or ra1… Who seen fate?? Anything can be happen…

  • if krrish3 was distributed by fox star then it may cross 100 cr in overseas. Bang bang will be blockbuster in overseas for sure.

  • and after srk, salman, sunny paaji, its Hr who crossed 50cr, and 1st after gadar of 2002… And i dnt wnt to tell in 2006 what Hr did with his both movies

  • Lagaan (Sports/Historical Drama) –
    29 Cr
    Mangal Pandey (Drama) – 28.25Cr
    fanna is aamir’s 1st 50cr nett movie….
    He is nothin b4 2008, and only his own fans are not able to make even sup. Hit movie for Aamir, sorry bt its truth, and i want to say Aamir is also mine 2nd favr8, as acting too..

  • Naveen uncle dont abuse anyone like this…
    What your kids will learn..?
    They will become more dumber than you..

  • @salman i think you are roaming in your created dream world. Did you read what i said, i said since RH no one was able to collect 50 cr except Gadar in 2001,Both Salman and Srk did that in 1994 and 1995 respectively but still by dominating and having huge fan following both are not able to get 50cr, Don was released in diwali 2006 while RDB released on republic Day and Fanna on 23rd may 2006, while srk first release Kank after Rdb and Fanaa collected 45cr. Lol. For that year Don being a remake was not crossed Fanaa 52cr which wasn’t released in Gujarat a big circuit. So Aamir started that with two films and with Ghajini,3i and D3 he raised the level of business much much higher.Don’t try to use your mind which wasn’t on right place. Be cool. @nipun i don’t know @salman is srk or hr fan but he said pathetic for Aamir 3-4 times by using name of hr so i thought he is Hr fan.

  • @salman@1st salman ajtak 200cr cross nehi kar paye…and SRK don 2,ra one,JTHJ 115cr cross nehi kar paye….and aamir 1st 100cr,200cr and 250cr movie and now 300cr in india aamir d sakta hee..not SRK and salman……..

  • @sky dude get ur facts right. first of all RH didn’t touch the 50 crs mark. nd Don realised on eid with compitatin from janemann where janemann stars salman khan nd Akshay Kumar. RDB is a having fantastic script nd fanna is backed by yashraj production. even with the compitation srk touched 50crs with Don nd it has a avg script. RDB and fanna are solo realeses one has a fantastic script and other is backed by yashraj banner. srk has taken a risk by remake of classic of big B. he knows that he has been directly compared with Big B. still all these limitations srk did a 50 cr collection this is what real stardom is all about.

  • @sky and one more thing srk all previous year films done near by 50 crs collections. that is more then 40crs collection like 2004 veer Zara nd k3g and maihoona etc

  • @nipun bee cool defiantly HR is having more stardom then aamir. these aamir and salman are born in ghajani and dabbang era. while srk nd hr are there since from 2.5 nd 1.5 decades. respectively.and ruling the industry. this is what stardom is all about.

  • Aamir – 3 ATBBs in 6 years
    Salman-5 BBs in 4 years
    SRK – 0 ATBB in 15 years, 1 BB in 7 years LOL

  • @ankan you are more funny. You are comparing Aamir with Hr till 2006 while Aamir hasn’t a single release in 2002-2004, as far as collection KNPH-40cr, kmg-42.5cr, k3g-47cr, you said Hr did and collected 50cr in 2002.so i think you talking about combine collection Mujhse dosti karoge,Aap mujhe ache lagne lage or Naa tum jano na hum. If hr was bigger than Aamir than what was the opening of Main prem ki diwani hoon or lakshya in 2004, yes Krishh and Dhoom 2 collected huge but we all know those were sequal.so a kind of buzz is already there than an original film. Aamir’s RDB(50cr),fanaa(52cr) and tzp (63 cr) and biggest opening in 2005 with Mangal pandey which was a failure but still 3rd highest grosser of the year. So i don’t think i require any certificate from you or any one that what was Aamir. Yes he was struggling in 1998-2000 with flop after flop but still he had given A classic Sarfarosh in 1999.

  • @indicine now days very interesting articles u r publishing. Congrats

    Please make an article about Top 5 Actor’s Last 10 Films total business (Domestic, Overseas & Worldwide)

    That will be interesting. Please think about this suggestion. Thanks

  • How can Bang Bang tops in overseas where people already saw original and better THE DARK NIGHT?


  • @indicine can u tell why u mentioned / present Dostana as only Abhishek Bachan’s movie.

    Dostana was Hit more coz of Jhon and his sexy butts. So please mention Jhon’s name as well with Abhishek or Replace his name with AB junior. If not then Mention Dhoom-3 as Abhishek’s Movie as well.

  • Inflation adjusted, K3G is the biggest overseas hit by far just like sholay is the biggest hit in india. SRK at the moment has 6 or 7 films in the top 10 highest grossing overseas movies and with HNY, Fan and Raees they will also easily be in the top 10.

    Also CE was riding on just srk’s starpower. Rohit shetty films had never crossed 100cr in india and were low grossers overseas so it was all srk power to take CE close to 20 million overseas. While dhoom 3 had the dhoom brand and we all know how huge dhoom 2 was as well.

  • If SRK does another film with Karan Johar , they will smash overseas records again like they did with K3G, KHNH, KANK and MNIK.

  • agree with @salman ‘s (May 16, 2014 at 6:01 pm) cment,
    and aamir’s 1st 50cr is frm fanaa…. He doesnt even close to Hr at that time.. Plz accept it.. Truth neva gona change.

  • @ankan and @salman truth will remain truth. And i don’t think you are capable to show the same.@salman don’t talk about if and but because if i provide you those than you will gonna mad. Yes Rh wasn’t a 50cr grosser. It grossed 48cr but tell me any film which get that figure since RDB and Fanaa except Gadar, you are taking about that Rdb was good film so it gross. So man yes i will prefer a good film to win rather than actor. Surprisingly the bigger superstar for you like Srk and Hr bigger and better films wasn’t able to meet RH 48cr figure. For Yrf factor Srk 40cr vz,ddlj 61cr, Kkhh 45cr and K3g 47cr all were from yrf and its distribution films as Kkhh and k3g was dharma films distributed by yrf.and most important thing you mentioned that those were bad films as only srk name taken there. As far as don it was a remake not a original than how you can it was avg script while the original was a cult classic. Yes don had clash but was diwali release while Fanaa &rdb were normal release. Does i need to say more.

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