Highest Non-Holiday Box Office Opening

Here’s the list of highest non-holiday opening day collections. Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 is way ahead of all films, with more than double the business of Salman Khan’s Jai Ho which released on almost the same number of screens.

Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is second, followed by Salman’s last release Dabangg 2 and Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Jai Ho comes in at No 5 ahead of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela.

Shahrukh Khan’s last couple of films (Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chennai Express) released on a national holiday. His last non-holiday release Don 2 is at No 7.

Last year’s Republic Day release Race 2 collected around 2.5 crores lesser than Jai Ho.

  • Dhoom 3 – 36.22 crore
  • Krrish 3 – 25.2 crore
  • Dabangg 2 – 20.98 crore
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 19.5 crore
  • Jai Ho – 17.55 crore
  • Ram Leela – 15.73 crore
  • Don 2 – 15.2 crore
  • Race 2 – 15.12 crore


  • A few comments on social media about Jai Ho:

    “The best thing about Salman Khan movies is that you can review them without even watching.”

    “Salman khan is the most eco friendly guy, saves paper by not doing any film which require script. #respect ”

    “Agar Aapko haisa lagta hai ki hamne aap ki sirr dukhaya hai toh aap gaali math dijiye, instead cinema ke bahar 3 logon ki help kijiye aur unhe iss film dekhne se rokhiye.”

    “Another dumb salman movie…..only thing to take away from his movies aer headaches. ……this looks like ek tha tiger sequel the way this steroid fed gorilla rips off his shirt, growls and uses his paws etc……”

    “Faltu movie…… give your money to charity and earn good karma rather than waste it on a ticket.”

    “3 cheers for arbaaz and sohail khan..dono ne milkar bhai k career ki waat lagayi #jaiHO”

    FLOP HO !!!!!

  • disappointing collection from jai ho..need big growth on sat nd sun..bt it will cross 150 cr..coz WOM is positive bt 200cr looks difficult

  • OMG!! Paglapurians are celebrating the low collections of Jai Ho and dancing exactly like they do in Paglapur.. Too irritating to read their comments…..As if Jai Ho’s theatrical run has ended…How quick can they forget the collections of MNIK, Ra.One, Don or JTHJ???
    CE was directed by Rohit Shetty and he had been known for making entertaining 100 Crore Movies even before he did CE. Besides, it was Eid Time, there was popular actress, hiked ticket price (from Rs.300-Rs.800).
    On the other hand, Jai Ho is a non-holiday release with lower ticket price (from Rs 150-Rs 300), low-raking actors except for Salman Khan. Besides, there have been some people calling for the boycott against the film. Because of the boycott, neither Salman will incur losses nor his stardom will be affected. Poor distributors and exhibitors will suffer.
    However, Jai Ho was released in some 4300+ Screens which is the highest for an Indian film. But the fact is when a film is released in more screens, the numbers of people also get shared. Being a working-day, not many people can go to watch..
    And do not forget how much Talaash collected as well. We are talking BO collections.
    Yet, we have to confess that low collections are low collections. It should have collected more.
    Jai Ho is getting very positive feedbacks and WOM. Hence, it will sustain for a long time. Give it time before going to conclusion.
    Paglapurians, stop shouting and being irritating… Believe in Karma..

  • Sallu needs eid,aamir needs christmas and shahrukh needs diwali.@sht now boss released on eid and collected 12cr.You need to go and learn.Type google.com and enter boss.Go to wiki and read the opening day collections and occupancies released on 2700 screens

  • Sachin 11 and navin, stop commenting in srk posts here and tell people to actually go and watch Salman movies in theatres instead of commenting here. That would actually make Jai ho cross 100cr. Salman won’t always have an eid release to cash in on the collections. So this proves Sallu Bhai is nothing without eid. Even rabbits yjhd got a bigger opening that too with 1500 less screens. Salmans remaking films formula won’t work anymore.

  • My Experience:

    Since it is an official remake of Telugu Film “Stalin,” you all know about the story of the film more or less. So, I will talk my experience after watching the movie twice today.

    A thoroughly entertaining movie!!! Typical Salman Khan Ishtyle. But it has ingredients for both mass and class.

    High on emotions! Action scenes are more realistic than those in Bodyguard and Dabangg 2. The motorcycle scene of Jai chasing down the villains is really enjoyable Comic scenes were very good. Daisy is OK. Sana Khan should have been given more screen space. She did her best within given space.
    Salman Khan, Tabu, Genelia D’Souza and the Child Artist rocked. Salman Khan lived up to our expectation from him of being a social crusader in the film. I would say, performance wise, it was the third best performance after Tere Naam and Dabangg!! Having said about my experience about the movie, I’d like to say there are always some people who try to pull down every Salman’s effort no matter how good her performs. Therefore, ignore them. If your heart says you want to watch it, then listen to it. No one else.

    Through my experience, I recommend you to watch!!!!

    My Rating: 4.5/5

  • That’s really a disappointment for a Salman film coming after more than a year, despite of a non holiday release (its 5th at all time non holiday opening) and poor music.

    It has raised two questions,
    1). Do Salman movies only collect huge during Eid because of holidays?
    2). Are people really fed up of complete masala films? Even Salman himself has said that, Boss’ opening also shocked many of us despite of popular music and holiday release. SRK CE was also a masala entertainer, but it was first time in many years that SRK did something like CE unlike Salman and Akshay, so it seemed fresh.

    And the bad news is, it hasn’t really picked up today till the afternoon, though night shows and tomorrow (Sunday) should see a big jump. But, then the weekdays stars from Monday.
    Either way, I expect it to emerge as one of top-2 highest Salman grossers as WOM is best (for Salman films) since Dabangg.

  • Sallu is nothing without Masala genre. He left a class movie “Talash” because of fear of loosing his fans. Come on Sallu, do some class movies like Srk and Amir.

  • Lolzzzzzzzzzzz hahahahahaha

    Bhai Jan delivers 8 Blockbusters in a row. ahahahahaha

    2012 SRK’s Don-2 Collected 15.2 cr with way less number of screens and less ticket price.

    2014 Bhai Jan’s Jai Ho Collected 17.5 cr with near about 4500 screens and today ticket price is also high. True Power of Bhai Jan real king of bollywood. real crowd puller. (Note it that Jai Ho is Salman’s release after more then a year) And look at the excitement of fans. That show how much miss him, his fans during his absence. Gr8 going. Kepp rocking. Yeh Lo

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