Hero Weekend Box Office Collections

Hero has shown decent growth in business on its 3rd day at the box office, but the overall growth through the weekend was on the lower side.

Last year’s ‘Heropanti’, also starring debutants Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, collected Rs 21.01 crore in its first weekend. In comparison, ‘Hero’ has collected about the same, but ‘Heropanti’ managed to collect a little more on Sunday even though ‘Hero’ took a better opening on Friday.

‘Heropanti’ went on to collect Rs 52 crore at the domestic box office. It remains to be seen if the Sooraj Pancholi – Athiya Shetty starrer can get anywhere close to that total by the end of its run.

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  • Friday – 6.85 crore
  • Saturday – 6.62 crore
  • Sunday – 7.73 crore
  • Total – 21.20 crore


  • @NVS If SRk is churning out craps one after the other what is your bhai doing.Check the IMDb Ratings of your Bhai’s movies even Srk’s worst movies have a better rating than Bhai’s best movies

  • Completely crap movies waste of money waste of time ….. I have watched coz of salman is having a song in it …. nyway it happens

  • @Funny Chachi : According to you if Akki had produced or promoted Hero it wud have earn 60 crs, that is what you want to say ??? Lol

    The max disaster n flop holder Akki fan is giving gyan to a max HGOTY & BBs Salman fan !!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!

  • @Dodo Hrithik
    First off all
    Akki Iz D most busiest superstar of Bollywood unlike Salman who doesn’t work much ,just sits at home or promoting other movies .
    So akki will NVR promote anybody else movies , he did A song for fugly which became an average grosser ..14 crs .
    While Salman did a song for oh Teri which became disaster ..3 crs

    Now u can can make an idea yourself …!??

  • @Funny chachi : You are trolling yourself !!!!! Stop it for your good.

    Comparing Salman’s special appearances in song. Even by your logic Salman did a song and special appearance in SOS – 95-100 crs – More than every Akki starrer movies nowadays. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

    Producer/Actor – Salman produced and acted in BB – Result = 320 crs*
    Akki Producer/Actor – 85 crs !!!!!!! Lol Lol !!!!!!

    * Still running in theatres wheres Brothers is out of theaters despite releasing after BB.

    Funny chachi teri satakli rey !!!!!!!! :-p

  • @hrithik
    Learn 2 compare & understand D Topic
    I M talking about small films or New starcast movies not about big movies ..!

    Hve some sense dodo

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  • @Sarifa : Very well said !!!!! I try to follow this but it is impossible to remain good on Indicine. Just look at the comments from @sss @I am AKN @Challa (he was good and now dont know who brainwashed him) @Babaji @Phenom (he was also good and now completely a goner) @Funny chachi.

  • @Sarifa Sad to know about your Father’s tragedy.I appreciate your views and thoughts but I have just one question in mind.
    Its better to offer constructive criticism than destructive criticism, we can be kinder thanking God that we are in a position to do the best we can for our families, friends and even those we donít like.
    Is your sayings only applicable to me or even to those kind and innocent Salman fans who abuse Srk and mock Srk in each and every article.Just like you have every right to defend your star I have the right to defend mine.You may feel Salman is a kind-hearted man and SRk is arrogant.But I think otherwise.Neither of us know the truth about our stars.So it would be better if neither of the fans of stars make derogatory remark about other stars.

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