Hero Weekend Box Office Collections

Hero has shown decent growth in business on its 3rd day at the box office, but the overall growth through the weekend was on the lower side.

Last year’s ‘Heropanti’, also starring debutants Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon, collected Rs 21.01 crore in its first weekend. In comparison, ‘Hero’ has collected about the same, but ‘Heropanti’ managed to collect a little more on Sunday even though ‘Hero’ took a better opening on Friday.

‘Heropanti’ went on to collect Rs 52 crore at the domestic box office. It remains to be seen if the Sooraj Pancholi – Athiya Shetty starrer can get anywhere close to that total by the end of its run.

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  • Friday – 6.85 crore
  • Saturday – 6.62 crore
  • Sunday – 7.73 crore
  • Total – 21.20 crore


  • @Challa : Imagine Suraj & Athiya launched by someone else without Salman’s backing and name (production) and tell me honestly had it collected more than this or even 15 crs ? FYI … Heropanti was Sajid Nadiadwala’s production and Heropanti had better music album than Hero (only Salman’s song is Hit) !!!!!!!!!

  • FLOP !!!!
    SRK launched Alia, Varun & Siddharth in Student Of The Year & it still remains the highest ever for newcomers !!!

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    I m sorry @indicine but u should post this article….

  • Heropanti was promoted by Aamir Khan just like he promoted Dil Dhakne Do. Both were aveerage films in terms of content.
    Hero was promoted by Salman and was an average film in terms of content.
    THis shows that they may have good script sense, but they both have bad movie watching sense(supporting masala crap)

  • Heropanti was promoted by Aamir Khan just like he promoted Dil Dhakne Do. Both were aveerage films in terms of content.
    Hero was promoted by Salman and was an average film in terms of content.
    THis shows that they may have good script sense, but they both have bad movie watching sense(supporting masala crap)

  • @Hrithik My comment has nothing to do with Salman’s stardom.I am just stating the fact that he should refrain himself from launching useless talents
    @Sarifa You seriously feel actors like Sooraj Athiya Pulkit Daisy deserve such grand launch.Had he launched somebody like Tiger or Kriti I would have applauded him for his efforts for giving chance to deserving youngsters.But supporting somebody who’s father is a renowned criminal and an actresses who don’t even look like a heroine is nothing but nepotism.If I ever get an opportunity to help a youngster I would first ensure he is talented enough and deserves a push from me

  • Aaja Mahi is an old song but still a good song which sadly will be ruined in Singh is Bandar due to joker boys bandargiri antics…!

  • Look at D stupidity of Salman fans ,especially @Hrithik dodo? ‘whtvr it’s doing, its because of salman’

    They mean if Salman would hve not associated with hero then it would hve collected 2crs on opening day ??
    Welcome 2 Karachi did 3crs with mediocre trailer in low no.screens while the trailer of hero was looking fantastic in theatres, like a big film nd average 6.5 cr Iz Because of Salman ??
    Good trailer
    Good popular director
    Good budget movie
    2 star kids
    Remake of A superhit film

    Nd still this average figure of 6.5 cr Iz because of Salman ??
    I don’t think it would hve done below 6 even if Salman would hve not associated with it because of above factors …..!
    With Salman it should hve done 8 crs .Salman didn’t benefited it ..herpnti did 6.5 same without any big star backing up …! Not a hatred cmnt ,it’s D truth .

  • Our Queen launched Alia, Sid n Varun in SOTY….!

    As producer he gets credit for that but strange how he gets no credit for the success of BILLU where he also did an extended prolonged 30 min cameo appearance…!

  • @navin chusser
    Haha u r crying now

    You want ki Atleast we can mock akki fans by welcome back’s 100 cr business, hero toh gyi .
    BTW it’s budget Iz 100 plus ,even with 95-105 cr ,it will not be even a HIT . use some sense DK Bose
    Mark my words again? 100 iz still tough
    Verdict :- Average …lolx?

    I think WB makers hve visted indicine site & they might be unhappy with D offensive cmnts ??so they hve Requested indicine not 2 post collections ?? ????indicine ?

  • Here’s what distributors are saying about the weekend business of ‘Hero‘ :

    Ajay Pal from Bangalore
    The business of ‘Hero‘ is not up to the mark. The collections from Friday to Saturday and Sunday is not huge. The film review is average. On the other hand ‘Welcome Back‘ has done good business in its 2nd Weekend.

    Sanjay Ghai from Delhi-UP Circuit
    The business of ‘Hero‘ in its first weekend is not bad but not great as well. ‘Welcome Back‘ has continued its good run in 2nd weekend also.

    A distributor from Mumbai
    ‘Hero‘ has done a decent average business in its 1st weekend but more was expected from this film. It had a strong competition with ‘Welcome Back‘, which is still doing good business at the box office.

  • @Challa: Neither you nor I are capable to judge who is good and who is bad or their talent. As Salman said, sometimes things doesnt come up as expected instead it benefits someone whom nobody will even imagine. He gave example of NAAM, it was a re-launch project for Kumar Gaurav (Produced by his father Rajender Kumar) but Sanjay Dutt walked away with all the accloades.

  • Lol look at the irony, on one hand the
    ultimate megastar Salman has gone all
    out to launch the careers of his friends
    sunil shetty’s & Aditya’s daughter & son
    respectively for the sake of friendship
    and on other hand our selfish nautanki
    drama queen srk is taking the help of
    Deepikas, varuns , kritis or alias to stay
    himself afloat against the other two
    mega khans hahahaha epic shame on
    budda haklu :D
    @challa , did u forget or what? our
    nautanki queen has been busy churning
    craps after craps since the last 7-8
    years and it looks like he wouldn’t stop
    making craps anytime soon, ‘dildos
    wale’ , ‘Braees’, ‘deela fan’ etc to follow ,
    please tell him to stop doing such craps
    and instead do good movies like swades,
    dil se or paheli..

  • Challa you are nothing but a blow hard with a lot of nonsense spouting from your mouth, his father’s actions has nothing to do with him, we are not responsible for whom God makes out parents and do you think that you are without sin, we sin in word, thought or deed, how the hell do you know that you won’t commit a crime tomorrow, kill someone in an accident etc. you are not God Almighty so you don’t know what tomorrow holds, so grow and learn to be practical about everyday life, how do you know what sins lie behind your parents life, did you choose the parents you have, you had no control over that unless you are God in disguise, I cannot tolerate from you or anyone such stupidity, no one in this world knows what life holds for them, least of all you so for God’s sake stop making a jackass of yourself with talking such nonsense. It is down right stupid and should not only a lack of sensitivity but a lack of love, never judge a man unless you walk in his shoes. You are not perfect and I can guarantee if you continue to judge others the way you do God will judge you as day runs to night catches it, so wake up, stir up your heart with kindness, love and forgiveness because a worse thing can be part of your own life. Forgiveness is divine , hatred is a sin. There is no big or little sin, all unrighteousness is sinful.

  • Welcome back update pls! John rocks yaar! Had only John had done welcome orignal it would have been the ATBB! Some morons are excited Singh is bandhar song tomorrow. Flop kumar has gone. He is dead. Sliced open by Sid and John. While close buddies Salman Aamir Shah and Ajay are to do the convey his coffin to youngistan oh sorry I mean kabristan!???

  • challa… the chameleon…
    BB storm already thrown away sss n javed…
    othr srk gt hide..
    dnt weste ur tm here..ur also smart enough to knw dilwale will be crap..
    n aftr HNY DILWALE… u cn imagin puBblic responce to fan..n raees,,,

  • another Bombay Velvet for you guys.
    this criminal sallu should continu working on his bad acting skills instead of launching these talentless star kids.

  • I’m sick of seeing real life father son on screen ..whether getting up to give rewards in filmfare functions or in movies … it just looks too narcicistic..Aditya pancholi with a wig hugging his own son looks unnatural athiya with big lips is a total squander

    film has flop written all over it

  • Yetsterday i wached this ZERO movie starring ..criminal
    …my headache still not coming down..
    Humare bhaijan our is criminal dono ko Sajay dutt ke pass bhejo koi to..plz…plz..

  • @Hrithik Agree with you..with this point
    @Sarifa Thank you so much for your spiritual enlightenment.I have turned into a better person after reading your comment

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