Hera Pheri 3 Star Cast and Director announced

Producer Firoz Nadiadwala has announced the star cast of the third film in the popular ‘Hera Pheri’ series titled ‘Hera Pheri 3’. While two of the three lead actors in the film have been retained, there is one major change to the series.

John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan, the on-screen duo of Dostana, will replace the inimitable Akshay Kumar in ‘Hera Pheri 3’. The film will be directed by Neeraj Vora who directed the second film in the series.

The first ‘Hera Pheri’ film, directed by Priyadarshan, did fairly well at the box office. But the second film ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ (2006), riding on the home video popularity of the first film, was a huge hit.†The two films were popular because of the chemistry shared between Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal.

Rawal’s iconic ‘Baburai Ganpath Rao Apte’ remains one of the most popular comic characters in the history of Indian Cinema.

Will John Abraham doesn’t come close to Akshay’s brilliant comic timing, Abhishek’s inclusion could be interesting. What do you think of the ‘Hera Pheri 3’ cast? Tell us in the comments section below.

Hera Pheri 3

  • Cast – Paresh Rawal, Abhishek Bachchan, Suniel Shetty, John Abraham, Irrfan Khan
  • Director – Neeraj Vora
John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan

John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan



  • good casting.dostana duo is back but v will dfntly miss akki as he is definitely the king of comedy.interestingly John who is akkis good friend is replacing akki in all sequels to akki hits.

  • Terrible casting.John was pathetic in Housefull 2.Abhishek is good in comedy but you can’t compare him with Akshay.You can replace Akshay in a movie like Welcome since his character wasn’t that popular but his character in Hera Pheri is iconic.The reason behind Hera Pheri’s success was the sizzling chemistry between the three lead men which was also evident in other movies like Awaara Paagal Deewana.I wish the third installment was directed by Priyadarshan casting the original three.

  • abhishek bachchan has sense of comic timing….look hny, dostana, bol bachchan….
    I suggest abhi u should do only comedy….u r perfect in that…
    sad for akki….
    hera pheri will not work with out akki….
    akki is king of comedy how can some one forget that…
    akki baby is waiting…

  • I m very happy for abhi.after starring in 3big hits in a row he has got strong line up of next 3 films.agreed he was in 2nd lead in his last 3 hits but expect d3 he got huge appreciation for his performances in other 2 hits and his upcoming films he is either the main lead or parallel lead so abhi’s carrer is back on track in a superb manner.I hv luved him since refugee days as a good human and after yuva I started appreciating abhi the actor.he is very underrated but as I had said last yr that if abhi continues his good work then he will soon gain his due credit and fame and that’s wat is happening right now.

    that’s y I always say that its important to b a good human at first bcz if u r a good,hard working,passionate honest man then u r bound to get big success sonner than latter in ur life

  • Without Akki and sunil Hera pheri is like a flower without fragrance. No more interested in Hera Pheri sequel.

  • So Abhishek is all set to continue his chakka act …RIP HP franchise….only priyadarshan can recreate the magic or else it will end up like double dhamaal.

  • john can only do comedies like garam masala….confused…annoyed…with good pick up lines and good comic scenes….he is no way near to akshay’s comic timing. Suniel’s performance was underrated in the movie but when u look closely he was just perfect as per his role…especially in part 1

  • Akkis poor performance might take out of this film as I think also rumeneration taken by Akki is nearly 20cr for a film that’s why the Movie budget also been affected .
    Going by these Cast it looks great but The character Raju completely suit to akki .they Make new cast but please don’t make Raju to abhi or John .

    Bollywood is completely for businesses only and this is the best example .They kick out Art from cinema and that’s why they kick out Akshay .

    Everyone only following Money .

    all the best to Hera pheri I am waiting for Baburao which was iconic like
    Gabbar,Raj, Vijay ,munnabhai, ghajini,Pk, circuit &Chota chatri like character

  • For me, Paresh’s presence is important. He is capable of carrying the entire movie on his shoulders . The best example is Hera Pheri, Welcome and OMG. Though Akshay was brilliant in both Hera Pheri and Fir Hera Pheri, but inclusion of Abhi and John will fill that gap. Expecting a brilliant comedy once again !

  • Its been always a challenging task to make sequels…u need absolute brilliant writing,screenplay and dialogues…..if u have sequel in ur mind before making the movies its gonna work either way..verdict may vary but there will be a perfect wind up…ex : batman,gangs of wasseypur.

    and in movies where u have nothing to show it hugely disappoints…ex : golmaal (aa e o -_-) , night at the museum (last part )

  • What a horrible news . Though i have nothing agsinst John and Abhishek . Hera Pheri series is nothing without Akshay . Hera Pheri was the movie which made Akshay a Comedy Actor . Phir Hera Pheri even though was nothing in front of HP but was a entertaining movie and miles ahead of today’s comedy movies . Hera Pheri is nothing without Raju, Sham and Baburao . You can replace anybody but you cannot replace the Soul of HP . Hera Pheri is my most favourite Comedy Movie and also according to me it is the Best Comedy Movie i have ever seen . Priyadarshan did a epic job in Hera Pheri . Neeraj Vora could not make Phir Hera Pheri better but he made it bigger . I am damn sure there is a dispute between Akshay and Nadiadwala because how can Nadiadwala overlook Akshay for Hera Pheri 3 ? Many people have enjoyed HP over the years and the magic of this movie is still intact . I don’t know what will happen to Hera Pheri Series ? # RIP Hera Pheri Series .

  • i was waiting for hera pheri 3 just because of baburai (paresh)and raju (akshay). but akshay not in the film-very sad to hear.
    its going to be flop without akki.

    aye rajuuu…. , picture to flop hone waali hai

  • Happy for Nandu Bhide, His comic timing is great. His comedy movies always for boxoffice and critics too. Look at his comedy movies Bunty aur Bubbly, Bluff master, Dostana. BolBachchan, HNY…

  • All producers have lost faith in Akki as he is giving flops after flops. So they are throwing him out of franchises like Welcome and Hera Pheri. Sorry Akki fans, he has no stardom left and should retire.

  • Well, it won’t be the same without Akki.
    Akshay+Paresh+Shetty trio is unmatchable.
    The new additions are disastrous.

    Not interested. :(

  • Hera Pheri 2 was very bad.

    The second part in the original malayalam was brilliant. May be if they use that theme, it could work.

  • Thats so stupid. I feel the same about all movies that change the stars. akshey Kumar made Here Pheri 1 n 2. itís his franchise, couldnt they just.. make something completely new and not involve Hera Pheri 3? This movie will not be the same without Akki.

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