Hema Malini suffers severe injuries in car accident: Photos

Actress and Member of the Lok Sabha, Hema Malini, was critically injured in a car accident in Rajasthan. News reports say that the actress was on her way to Jaipur on her Mercedes Benz when the car collided into a Maruti Alto. The impact resulted in the death of a 2 year old girl.

The other four people in the Alto, which doesn’t have the safety features like Airbags, are said to be in critical condition.

Hema was rushed to the Fortis hospital in Jaipur. Her condition is said to be stable.

Hema Malini severely injured in road accident

Hema Malini severely injured in road accident

Hema Malini

Hema Malini



  • So Sad News
    Today we heard also a news of a Train accident in Gujranwala, Pakistan many peoples killed

  • My condelence to the little girls family n wish very speed recovery Hema and the other four people.

  • Really shocking!!
    When Mercedes do have airbags and other safety features still hemaji is so severly injured and spare a thought for the family in Alto!!
    RIP: Poor little soul,God can be so cruel sometimes :(

  • Unfortunate that little girl lost his life. May Almighty give there parents strength. Hearty condolences.
    People those who are critically injured, I pray for their life.
    May almighty give hemaji strength, get well soon madam….

  • I saw this news yesterday . This is a very unfortunate accident and may God Bless the soul of the little girl who lost her life . I also hope that the two women who are severely injured may recover as quickly as possible . I also wish Hema Ji a speedy recovery . Her forehead has been stitched and her plastic surgery of the forehead has been done . I am hearing in ABP News that Hema Ji’s Driver was driving the car very fast maybe 150 KM/HR . If this is proved that then He should be arrested and a strict punishment should be given to him . I really feel sad when people lose their lives or get injured in Road Accidents . Every year The amount of Accidents are increasing in India and this is really shameful . I really hope the roads are improved, there should be proper checking of vehicles before they are allowed to be driven and people driving vehicles understand that roads are not their personal property . Please Indicine publish my comment i know it has nothing to do with Bollywood and Collections but this is a very important and serious message from a Indian Citizen . Let’s hope for the Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Shreyas: I understand your feelings but she was not driving. Driver has been already arrested. Rest in peace that little soul..

  • speed is very dangerous. My mother always warns me before I leave home.
    I request everyone to drive safely .At least think about your family before driving recklessly.

  • shreyas: hema was not driving. her driver was driving car and he has been arrested. poor driver. if driver were salman khan..he would have been saved.

  • Life….is unpredictable….so stop fighting…
    Apna paraya sab milke selfie le le re

  • air bags should be cumpolsary in all cars for all seats n gov should fund it to lower its cost…..
    sinple dnt knw why there is no.provision like this…..

  • I heard that soon after accident hema called one of member of bjp and that bjp member took her and driver to the hospital in the safari car but they left those 4 alto victims. So cruel.
    Most of actors n actresses can only b idolise on screen but off offscreen u hear this kinda news.

  • My condolence to the little girl.GOD rest HER SOUL IN HEAVEN.

    HEMAJI get well soon.

    @shreyas,don’t compare HEMAJI with salman.She was not the driver like salman nor She had drunken like salman.

  • Whts hema maliniz age ?
    65 maybe
    She still looks very young ..!

    Nd these accidents R one of the worst things tht can happen to anybody !
    Har RoZ
    so unfortunate ..!

  • Real sad news. Condolences for the little girl and her family.

    Also, looking at all the security features in a Merc and still so much injury is really bad.

  • @ shreyas :
    Hema ji wasn’t driving , unlike Bhai .
    But even if she was driving , she wouldn’t have been jailed . (Example : Bhai)

  • @11.42pm

    Why you blaming GOD for the irresponsible negligent actions of humans…??? GOD wasnt driving anyone of the cars- humans were….

  • Not for nothing but the little girl is now in safer hands in a safe place with God in heaven… Hope her soul makes its way to paradise to be with her creator who will take good care of her. Amen

  • My thoughts n well wishes go out to the girls family who must be ….. Well noone knows what they must be going through so lets just pray they find the strength amongst eachother to overcome this tragic loss. God bless them all

  • @shreyas talpade

    You obnoxious clown…. So for arguements sake when a train carriage derails n kills innocent passangers waiting at the next train stop you would want to see all the innocent passangers sat inside the train carriage arrested for the deaths of all the innocent passangers waiting at the next stop…???

    Thats some twisted perverted logic you juvenile…

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