He is my father and I love him: Arjun on Boney Kapoor

Arjun KapoorActor Arjun Kapoor, known to be a reserved actor, talks candidly about his relationship with his father and filmmaker Boney Kapoor. He says their bond got stronger on the sets of “Tevar”.

Being helmed by first-time director Amit Sharma, “Tevar” is being produced by Boney and features Arjun and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles.

“Obviously the bond becomes stronger when you work together. It also becomes professional as we have our own opinions,” Arjun told reporters in a group interview.

“I am getting time to spend with him now because I am an actor. He is my father and I love him,” added the 28-year-old who plays a kabaddi player in the film.

Arjun, who debuted with hit film “Ishaqzaade” and then featured in “Aurangzeb”, says his father has learned a lot about him while working with him.

“For eight days I did it and we had fun. He didn’t know that I carry my food all the time and he discovered that for the first time. He has never been on the sets to see me. I have seen his work for the last 20 years, but he has never seen me working,” he said.

“Last day, I gave a shot and that’s the first time when my father came and gave me a compliment. He said, ‘good shot’ and that meant a world to me. It means a lot to me. This is something that underlines or defines my existence. So, the equation will never change, it will only get better and better.”

Arjun is Boney and his first wife Mona Kapoor’s son. Mona died of cancer in 2012.

The young actor, who has moved out of the family home, says staying apart from his dad doesn’t affect his relationship.

“In the relationship there has never been a drift. He was not living in front of me, so that’s a change. But, the equation, love, and emotion never changed at any point. I respect his choice. I am happy as well as he is happy,” said Arjun.

Boney is now married to actress Sridevi and they have two daughters.

Meanwhile, Arjun is gearing up for his third release “Gunday”, which is coming out Friday.



  • I think Arjun will do a better job than Ranveer Singh in Gunday…
    Ranveer’s dialogue delivery in the trailer is too over the top kind and trying to overstylish…

    Refer to that dialogue in which Ranveer says:Aaj jo koyle se bhari iss train ko le gaya,toh train bhi uski aur koyle ka dhandha bhi …

  • arjun have a dark future as he follows lallu khan from his 1st film only because he launched him.neither he has charishma and good looks or acting like ranbir/ranveer.but after all he shows respect for his father which is very good.because bollywood has full of such characterless actors/directors who divorced their wife due to entertainment with another one like amir khan,hrithik roshan,saif ali khan,boney kapoor and some others.shame on them and their daughters,sons will ashamed of them.they are big shame for society especially country like INDIA which is common in US or UK.

  • @buddah ki lungi Thats Boneys decision on how best to lead his own life n thats the same for everyone out there…. Buddahs like you with old conservative views need to realise a private affair is a personal matter and not the property of public to divulge over… Let them be and get back to leading your own life which is very interesting for you as you get to wash dirty lungis all day long….

  • i hate this guy becoz salman promoting him…ranveer is next superstar signed films with joya akhtar and aditya chopra…all sallu boys varun,arjun,pulkit are flop actors!

  • What’s the point of this article? seriously, i love my dad? big deal.

    I guess even Arjun would be wondering what’s all this about? lol.

  • Tevar is an official remake of Telugu film, Okkadu, starring Mahesh Babu Ghattamaneni and Bhoomika Chawla. The Sarkar of Paglapur has stolen the story idea of the first half of the film and ripped off the scene in which Mahesh Babu escapes with Bhoomika (from the hands of Prakash Raj) for his Paglapur Express.
    Hence, the writers of Tevar must re-write its first half lest it should look like Paglapur Express.
    Audience will have de javu moments if they don’t re-write.
    These Paglapurians are living with too much hatred in their hearts. Do we dislike Deepika Padukone because of the reason that she was launched by Red Chillies? Not at all!
    By the way, no one can prevent a person from being successful if the success is in his/her destiny and he/she works relevantly!
    Arjun Kapoor is going to rock! So is Ranveer!

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