Happy New Year Trailer or Teaser to be released during IPL

Shahrukh Khan will release the trailer or teaser of his upcoming film ‘Happy New Year’ during the first match of the Indian Premiere League, which begins on 16th April 2014.

Sources say, the much-awaited trailer will be unveiled during the Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians match, which is scheduled to take in the United Arab Emirates.

Happy New Year Poster - SRK, Deepika

Happy New Year Poster – SRK, Deepika

Last year too, there were reports that Shahrukh would release the trailer his last film Chennai Express before the conclusion of the IPL. While the official trailer wasn’t released, Khan ensured that a song teaser with the first look of the film was unveiled on May 24th 2013.

Shahrukh had also released the trailer of his ambitious superhero film ‘Ra One’, during the India vs Australia cricket match in 2011.

Directed by Farah Khan, Happy New Year stars Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Bomban Irani, Vivaan Shah and Sonu Sood. The film releases in theatres this Diwali. The first look poster of the film was revealed in the first week of January.



  • what else can this greedy actor do ?? release teaser during IPL ! use the name of legends like rajnikaanth and big b. take the cameos of superstars like hrithik,akshay,salman,other actresses, put the songs of honey singh,put the item numbers of popular actresses, get backing from either YRF or dharma, hardcore one year promotion. without these, even he knows his film will badly flop. other superstars are calm and quiet and will promote their films at the right time but this fellow will promote before one year of its release LOL ! such low confidence.

  • It will most probably be the teaser, movie is still not completed and it will take few months to release the full trailer. Anyways, looking forward to it.

  • HISTORY will be written phase wise and it seems HNY is taking life of haters very slowly,now you will get comments like SRK is insecure,promotions going on before 4 months,blah blah..

    But I want to say one thing-STORM will takes time to come and when it will come it will vanish,smash all existing so called glory.

    some fools written a south remake copy is 1st biggest film of the year.but after jai ho debacle,also from all south remakes we have learnt one thing,none of them could cross even 160cr,I have the doubt why these foolish films are made in this big industry,may be star’s acting disability and easy way to get money by showing same crapiest fights,item songs that’s all.

    however wait until 23RD OCTOBER,as you already seen the CONSISTENCY OF KINGMANIA about 22 years,now don’t want to say more because it could be filled through hater’s comment.

  • @ r20 hahaha film aaya nahi abhi se vokna suru kardiya, ye toh sirf news hey pagle, jab film aayega toh pairo tale zamin hil jayegi

  • HNY will do maximum 200crs
    So congrats to all SRK fans,one more blockbuster into your account.
    But sorry it won’t break Dhoom3 or Krrish3’s records.

  • who cares if the movie is hit or flop. the fact remains bakra cannot act. he is the king of overacting. most pathetic actor in the history of bollywood.

  • @r20
    Oh plz shut up.
    Everyone knows that SRK sir is s living legend,he is great.
    Just look his acting in DDLJ,CDI,MNIK,Raone,Swades,Maya memsaab etc. He is a class act.SRK sir does’nt need anybody’s support to make a film blockbuster.
    After HNY you will be hiding your face and telling sorry to all SRK fans whose feelings you have hurt today by your foolish comments.

  • Well done.So Leap year blockbuster star will take help of an IPL match between his Leap year blockbuster team and Mumbai Indians.He knows that many people will watch that match as champions Mumbai Indians r playing and also it will be the 1st match of IPL and his teaser will get extra publicity which is necessary for his movies as usual.lol

  • The most surprising thing is that they have still not decided who will play a cameo or make a guest appearance or to whom they will give tribute in ‘HNY’.Hope they decides soon otherwise leap year blockbuster star will struggle for blockbuster.lol

  • waiting for it. HNY is undoubtedly the movie of the year. This will be a trendsetter movie nd all time blockbuster.

  • @r20 —- So what’s your problem ??????????….Its his film…..he will do whatever he likes…..is your money at stake in this film ?????.

  • Launching teaser will be a good decision rather than whole trailer, but even 3.7 billion star is so superstitious that he want to do everything exact like he did for CE but he forget neither HNY is directed by Rohit nor film is releasing on EID, the most loved and Fan following star for his fans starting promotion of his films way too early than less stardom actors but still he needs a holiday plus popular heroine plus popular director plus masala genre everything for having highest grosser of all time,lets see will his superstition will be correct or not. Lets see whether complan boy will find some new fan of him outside of bungalow of srk on his birthday or he will singing same song 3.7,3.7 billion doing lungi dance lungi dance. Lol. Waiting for teaser.

  • @sky,ha ha ha… you must be dissapointed as it’s the only film of the year which will not be the highest grosser but also thrash the puny bmw bike and also the desh phutiya driver,lol,so just wait you’ll see both in domestic and overseas record of 3.7billion star’s power.@sachin11,jai ho se pehle bhi yehi kaha tha,lekin hua kya?with out bigproduction,franchise and south remake your stars couldn’t even got a hit and these morons are talking abot blockbuster seven though they forgot amir and salman are decade bb star after raja hindustani and karan arjun respectively,lol.

  • @sss
    So According to you Jai ho was a debacle???
    But it collected more than Don 2,if i am not wrong…
    South remakes are atleast entertaining but what about your mega star’s 3hr long film that increased the sales of aspirin and crocin all over the country!!!
    HNY will do good business but don’t fly so much saying that it will do 300crs and more
    Hny lifetime:500crs…..lol
    Biggest joke of the century!!

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