Happy New Year is long, but less than 3 hours: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has said that his upcoming film Happy New Year is slightly on the longer side (runtime-wise) but not over 3 hours.

The actor was quoted saying “It’s less than three hours. There is a six minute video of cast and crew when the credit rolls. I think that makes the film longer.”

Recently, there were reports in the media that the runtime of the Farah Khan film was 3 hours and 8 minutes, making it one of the longest running Hindi films recent times.

We had earlier reported that the exact runtime of the film is 3 hours 4 minutes. Another trade source has just informed us that the actual length of the film is 3:04 hours (before it went to the censor board for approval) and including all the trailers attached, it could stretch beyond 3:08 hours. However, the closing credits of the film will be nearly 6 minutes long.



  • The problem is.. even if the credits make HNY more than 3 hours long.. it will still reduce shows at multiplexes. I think 2 hrs 30 mins is best for any film… both for the audience to sit through and shows.

    3 hours is just way too long.

  • Shahrukh, it doesn’t matter what the run time is. We fans will still see you on screen. Infact the longer you appear the better.

  • Happy New Year gets excellent Pre Release reports from Trail shows arranged for Technicians and some distributors.
    Its Going To be a BLOCKBUSTER Diwali.

  • so hny is 3hr2min long film and 6min credits make it 3hr8min.but duration doesnt matter.content is the king.waiting for hny

  • Happy New Year gets excellent Pre Release reports from Trail shows arranged for Technicians and some distributors.
    Its Going To be a BLOCKBUSTER Diwali..

  • Typical of Farah to make the end credits all about her- if Shirish is there SMILING mischievously then it will be more entertaining than the actual movie..,

  • Indicine what a crap piece of writing… What do you want your readers to believe your idiot source or SRK the producer of the movie SRK already said it isn’t 3 hours long including the 6 mins closing credits

  • Exactly.. Leaving the commercial aspect aside, if a film is entertaining I don’t mind sitting through 3hours….There have been films which have been over 2.5hrs like Dhoom 3,wanted, Bang Bang n Jab Tak Hai Jaan in recent times which have been over 2.5hrs without being a bore… While there have been movies like son of sardar below 2.5hrs but have been painful to sit through! Content matters-Not duration! Best of luck to #HNY team!

  • Dhoom 3 length is 171 minutes..non holiday release…still collected 36 cr Day 1…
    HNY less than 3 hours….holiday release…will easily collect 40+ on day 1…releasing in 5000 screens

  • i just read a tweet of an overseas female distributor – she has tweeted that – some overseas distributors saw the first print of happy new year nd they all said it is the best family entertainer in recent times.
    it can be a good news to srk fans who are eagerly waiting for hny.
    so good luck.may hny turns out to be a super success..

  • Shaggy from Scooby doo – Enjoy your 9 day on HNY articles After that u won’t be visiting indicine anymore ;) that’s my word

  • srk has nothing to prove now. He has proved
    himself way back. He is mega star and
    respected by entire world. I am quite
    surprised to see negative comments from
    some ppl which I think is a bad thing.Srk had
    already changed the face of indian cinema
    not only in India but on international level.
    These days bollywood is recoznised in the
    whole world bcoz of Srk… being an indian
    spreading negativety for some one who has
    been contributing for indian cinema for year is
    really unacceptable… what the other so called
    superstars are doing now he had done it from
    very begining. and continues doing that…
    consistancy is the most important thing in
    any field…. Srk is way ahead of other actors
    that is way he is regarded as king of

  • even the films like sholay,Mugh-le-azam, ddlj and hahk were lengthy but still are eternal….. length does not matter..what matters is quality of film..

  • Amazing indicine statement of srk is to end rumours of 3 hours long movie but sorry what a crap way of writing this article makes more confusion

  • No matter what! Max 190 Crores! It will be boring to death! Hamming, overacting! So another Hit for Hit the watchman Khan!

  • Expecting a great classic from farah-srk duo. Even greater than epic classics like OSO, Tees Maar Khaan, Ra.one, JTHJ, Don 2 and CE. LOL. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😊😊😊😊

  • @aakash : Best Entertainer for families with a dialogue : Maadarrrr ….. Chodh Naa Yaar !!!! Are you kidding ?????

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