‘Happy New Year has something magical, it’ll be a blockbuster’

Actor Boman Irani says his upcoming film Happy New Year, directed by Farah Khan, has something ‘magical’ about it. While he doesn’t know if the film will touch people’s heart, he says the Shahrukh Khan starrer is going to be a box office blockbuster.

“The buzz around Happy New Year started the day shooting kicked off in Dubai. There is something magical about that film. I don’t know what exactly it is. May be the group of six actors and Farah Khan is magical and there is a great amount of interest” Boman told reporters at the 3rd annual Mumbai Mantra-Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab.

Happy New Year Poster

Happy New Year Poster

“We all know Happy New Year is going to be a blockbuster. But how much it is going to touch people’s heart, that we don’t know yet” he added.

Happy New Year stars Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah. The film went on floors in 2013 and is scheduled to release in theatres during Diwali (October 24 2014).

Farah Khan, who has directed blockbusters like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, is the most successful female director in the industry. Her last film, Tees Maar Khan, didn’t do well at the box office, but with Happy New Year, she reunites with an actor who has been instrumental in giving her two hugely successful films.



  • @indicine TMK did a reasonably good business. It was a decent success at the b.o. It went on to be a SEMI -HIT .Stand corrected!!!

  • @triniman:FYI,guzaarish was not a disaster,it was just a flop. It might be boring for u.but it was a quality film.it didn’t perform well on box office because it lacks commercial entertainment and these kinda films are not accepted by indian audience.

  • @hrithik,of course SRK should have each and every opportunity that amir get during december.otherwise I’ll not feel any shame nor will leave @indicine.also this rules applied to highest grosser that I said you earlier.I also you have to remember your words if HNY become highest grosser you’ll leave forever.also you have to remember in any scenario,SRK is bigger than salman,you shouldn’t forget and you only know how to rant and scold opponents but couldn’t prove your star right from any angle,peoples like you often refer as losers,lol.

    @shaheer,if you’re true SRK fan,then how could you behave show normally to others who are now scolding SRK in abusive and also how rude to your own kind when they support.SRK fans are braves not cowards that they’ll hide inside a cave while others scolding SRK.you’ll have ashamed yourself if you’re a SRK fan,because you made yourself laughable.do you really think after praised them,they’ll stop scolding SRK?no,they’ll got the license to scold against him more.so being a SRK fan shame on you.KING should be called THE KING,if you have any problem with that then you’re not a SRK fan,lol.

  • to IAMAKN -please check your list before writing.if srk has swades and chak de india in filmfare 80 iconic performances then see the record of amir khan-4 films in this list-rangeela-lagaan-sarfarosh-rang de basanti.rang de basanti at no.2 on this list.poor srk.even here amir is the best

  • @yash oh i mean duplicate @sss sorry i forget you so don’t worry, today i had seen new complan ad according to them new complan has power of 5 times than a normal milk, so buddy drink that fast as you both i mean same person will have fight around 25feet, mind is so strong than Citti(robo) and srk followers will reach at all time high 18.5 billion and HNY collection will look upto both of you around 185*5=935 billion so unprecedented figure. I can give the same advice to Aamir but now he is 49 year old so it can’t effect on him so its better you try this.

  • @sss sorry dear i couldn’t read your comments especially those which are too long and without any sense, yes Aamir loose with Lagaan but Asoka was a forgetable even for his fans while Lagaan is still in memory of Aamir haters too, considering Dil which was highest grosser in 1990, i think highest mean no 1 or in your theory no. 1 means at 5 (effect of complan), plus Ghatak released 1 week earlier than Rh and RH figure in 1996 all know, and ghajini and RNBDJ comparison is well knows and for you zoner don’t effect so you can decide who is winner. Yes if Ghajini wasn’t released 2 week later than Rab ne than it would be first film to cross 200cr by Srk as 114+86.7 =200.7 hai naa, happy bro.

  • @nipun It is disaster according to BOI……………………….even ur second fav star bahi said not even a dog went to see it lol Jokes aside movie was a huge letdown as trialers promised much but movie was so so and had average direction, screenplay, only good thing was Hrithik performance and his chemistry with Ash…….movie cud have been gr8 but they makers messed it up

  • @Sky Asoka was a gr8 movie, just as entertaining as Lagaan, it just that audience didnt accept that kind of movie back then, but it had good script and was very well directed and acted, even kareena was gr8 in it!

  • @sky,even ASOKA remembered by haters like you but EPIC horrible DISASTER of decade mangal pandey couldn’t be remembered by even amir fans.kyun sahi kaha na?ok tell me which of amir’s single classic movie with out masala with out multi actor got bbs ststus?I know non of them.all of his classics are not only classic but they are often masala classics like lagaan,3idiots which containes huge entertainment while SWADES,PAHELI,MNIK,JTHJ,DEVDAS,CDI are only classics with out masala.

    Indian audience didn’t watch only classic rather than masala classic that amir knows very well.these masala classic could give more entertainment even than south remake.only amir’s dhobi ghat,dch,darshi’s tzp comes under only classic category,but they underperformed.still your perfaketionist couldn’t do a single villain role.he couldn’t want to come out from his comfort zone.his acting nowhere near to KING OF ACTING SRK.in that way hardly I agreed ghajini could had touched 125cr mark but not more than that.because it was a cheapest valueless south remake which couldn’t be compared to EPIC JTHJ whose worth is above 210cr.

    otherwise filmfare juries are not made who always chooses SRK over imperfect actor amir.use your mind you can know much more similar things that caused failure of a huge career of amir.if you couldn’t,then take the help of amir,however you admitted in 49year it couldn’t be applied on perfaketionist,thank you for appreciating,lol.

  • @Triniman:check wikipedia. .it’s a flop,nt disaster. .and i loved the film . .and fyi, i hate salman.he is not my 2nd fav.

  • @sss : rant whatever you want to feel happy &
    satisfy yourself. Even Srk fans are fed up of your
    menace !!!!!!

  • @nipun,don’t be upset,you’ll not listen all these things if you’ll not say against SRK a bit if you really like him at least a bit,no doubt guzarish is a good film,but I found little bit overacting by hrithik also lack of good direction,which caused the failure,he has much better films like fiza,mk than why are you so upset with guzarish which is not upto the mark.

  • @hrithik,what could I do besides giving some sympathy or condolence.it seems you forced to support your bhai although he lost to SRK in every way.it’s our SRK’s article,so we’re not,it’s what you’re ranting.so my advise to you amir/salman got enough success more than they required,it’s SRK’s era,so ranting more & more couldn’t help you besides.what they did in their whole career that’s the big question,so find answer.yeah now a days a lot SRK fan’s fake id made by you.so obviously I hated by those ids not a big matter,although those ids couldn’t reply me further.also the interesting thing is you salmir’s fan are no.1 in backstabbing just like your stars,just see how many jealousy ids cretaed by yo like @queen***,@b****a and many more,but you couldn’t find such SRK fans’s jealousy ids,lol.if also got that is very less,tit for tat that forced against you.that’s the different between you and US.ha ha ha…

  • @triniman if a movie if not success than it termed as a failure, so its an opinion of many, i have seen Asoka but i found that movie too bad, same case with Mangal Pandey i found it good in starting but laters movie become boring, so that is the fact.

    @sss no man Aamir haters like you still remember Mangal pandey who at least open better and collected more than Paheli, lol. and what about complan ,are you taking that or not, don’t worry JTHJ will remain as epic setback from Yash Chopra whether you agree or not.
    bhai i was right you are such having a level of IQ which can’t have by any simple man like me, or others. Lagaan,3I was Masala,Jahaanpana tussi great ho Complan Kabool Karo.

    List of our king srk Multistarrers.
    Deewana,(Rishi ji, srk)
    KA (Salman)
    Mohabbatein (Big B and three newcomers)
    K3g (Hr)
    Devdas (Jakie Shroff)
    KHNH (Saif Ali Khan)
    MHN (suniel shetty, Jayed Khan)
    Veer Zaara (Big B)
    KANK(Abhishek Bachchan,Big B)
    Don (Arjun Rampal)
    OSO (Shreyas Talpade,Arjun Rampal)
    Ra one(Arjun Rampal)
    Don2 (Kunaal Kapoor)
    Upcoming HNY(Abhishek,Sonu Sood)

    so what remain DDLJ(Romantic),Ce (Masala), CDI(if Lagaan had 11 players so CDI had 11 hockey players), so what srk had without Multistarrers just 2 BB. lol.
    bete jaan Multistarrer ki list me srk is way ahead than Aamir.

  • @sss here is the list of Aamir’s film got Best film award from your faavourite jury of Filmfare
    Hum hai Rahi Pyaar ke(1993)
    Raja Hindustani (1996)
    Lagaan (2001)
    Rand De Basanti (2006)
    Taare Zameen Par (2007)
    3 Idiots (2009)
    now see movie termed as classic.
    QSQT,JJWS,Dil Hai KI Manta Nahi,Andaz Apna Apna, Akele Hum Akele Tum,Rangeela,Sarfarosh
    Lagaan,Dil Chahta Hai,Rang De Basanti,Taare Zameen Par,3 Idiots,Dhobi Ghat.

    Aamir did Negative roles in 3 Films Earth (1999), Fanaa (2006), D3 (2013).

    Raja Hindustani (Romantic Film)
    Ghajini (Masala Entertainer & Remake)
    3 Idiots (Comedy Drama)
    Dhoom 3 (Action Thriller)
    all 4 have different Zoners.
    2 were multistarrers & 2 are solo.

  • @hrithik,what could I do besides giving some sympathy or condolence.it seems you forced to support your bhai although he lost to SRK in every way.itís our SRKís article,so weíre not,itís what youíre ranting.so my advise to you amir/salman got enough success more than they required,itís SRKís era,so ranting more & more couldnít help you besides.what they did in their whole career thatís the big question,so find answer.yeah now a days a lot SRK fanís fake id made by you.so obviously I hated by those ids not a big matter,although those ids couldnít reply me further.also the interesting thing is you salmirís fan are no.1 in backstabbing just like your stars,just see how many jealousy ids cretaed by yo like @queen***,@b****a and many more,but you couldnít find such SRK fansís jealousy ids,lol.if also got that is very less,tit for tat that forced against you.thatís the different between you and US.ha ha haÖ

  • @sky,I know you couldn’t be understand your IQ level is too low.but just look the best films you made,what you wrote the spelling of film rdb!it’s beyond a simple IQ man’s imagination,ha ha ha…that’s why I said take complan regularly.yes ASOKA,SWADES,PAHELI are bad movies because they don’t contain any entertainment,right?I didn’t say lagaan,3idiots,rdb are masala,it’s your sight problem,rather said they are masala-classics which contained huge entertainment,yeah understood very well but acting in a way that you didn’t know anything.I also said dch,tzp,dhobi ghat are only classic films.

    you had a very little knowledge about screen presence.also you didnít know difference between supporting actor and special appearance.just for an ex:amir in his movies like DCH,RDB,3IDIOTS got same screen share as itís side actors.so all actorís impact on audience is same.consider dch,rdb,3idiots in which all the 2side actors roaming with amir in through out the story story and all have one aim to attain,in dch to make friendship,in 3idots to pass exam,in rdb,for freedom.I mean to say the other 2 have same screen presence as amir in the movie,but look at don,don2,VZ and almost movies of SRK the side actors got negligible screen presence compared to SRK.but I agree with you that DARR,K3G,KANK,MOHABBATEIN are SRK as lead role and others are supported actor just like amirís movies.in movie 3idiots even sharan and madhavan has greater screen apperance than amir while it’s chatur,virus character create gretaer impact on audience’s mind.now you got the point,still I know you’ll definitely rant.

    consider KKHH,in which salman got entry after interval in song,while meanwhile he forced heroine and at climax he return heroine.so tell what is the impact of this 20minute role in a 03:05 length movie,also salmanís name came after end of the film by written as special appearnce salman as aman.now you got the difference.but neither lagaan nor CDI could be compared as multiactor based movies.while billu,tzp are SRK and amir’s special appearance films.similarly in KARAN ARJUN,SRK has greater screen appearnce than salman,in at half SRK little higher screen presence than statue salman and 2nd half definitely he has more screen presence than salman.but however I agreed that is multiactor based though slaman has no impact.

    yeah,look at how suddenly how your mind running so fast looking at your film list,I think you started to drink complan.it;s not to me well known to whole India,amir could choose best story every year though he could perform better or not that will come to later.the film you included,genuinely he deserves for rh and lagaan and he got.but for the rest of film he couldn’t get awards as though his films are best,but his performance is very weak.that;s why SRK is highest time FILMFARE winner.I was talking about actor’s filmfare,lol not film’s,hu hu hu…

    now again comes to negative role you mentioned of amir,would single of them got best villain award?that negative character couldn’t excite the audience,they looks so artificial in front of BAAZIGAR,DARR,ANJAAM,I want to said that those villain in d3,fanaa,earth(is such film exist?I never seen) are harmless,it’s seems such a ordinary actor rather than a real villain that people remebered even after a decade.comes to romantic role in rh, even amir’s 90% romantic movies are flop,even good films like mann are also flop.

    big question is how such a perfaketionist has only 4bb in entire life?I mean bb/6year,lol.yeah,I know again you’ll cry like those ATBB,highest grosser blah blah blah…similarly SRK has 3 ATBB and 7bbs,that means bb/2year.both SRK and amir has 4time highest grosser movies.instead of doing least movies amir has 45% flop,while with more movies SRK has only 32% or least flop movies?that’s why he is called THE KING,also he should also called perfectionist that amir gave to himself,lol.now say whole bigger?hope again you’ll cry with another silly comments,lol.

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