‘Happy New Year has something magical, it’ll be a blockbuster’

Actor Boman Irani says his upcoming film Happy New Year, directed by Farah Khan, has something ‘magical’ about it. While he doesn’t know if the film will touch people’s heart, he says the Shahrukh Khan starrer is going to be a box office blockbuster.

“The buzz around Happy New Year started the day shooting kicked off in Dubai. There is something magical about that film. I don’t know what exactly it is. May be the group of six actors and Farah Khan is magical and there is a great amount of interest” Boman told reporters at the 3rd annual Mumbai Mantra-Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab.

Happy New Year Poster

Happy New Year Poster

“We all know Happy New Year is going to be a blockbuster. But how much it is going to touch people’s heart, that we don’t know yet” he added.

Happy New Year stars Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah. The film went on floors in 2013 and is scheduled to release in theatres during Diwali (October 24 2014).

Farah Khan, who has directed blockbusters like Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, is the most successful female director in the industry. Her last film, Tees Maar Khan, didn’t do well at the box office, but with Happy New Year, she reunites with an actor who has been instrumental in giving her two hugely successful films.



  • Yes, it has many things…A Sequel of Players being plagiarised from Lewis Milestone’s Ocean 11. It is just a robbery film in which the bleating characters try to rob a few casinos..A total copy and paste..Farah at her best..A movie that’s coming 25th April 2014 will be better than this one..

  • Non-Holiday Release Clean Hits Of King:-
    1)Deewana- Hit
    2)Darr- Super Hit
    3)Karan Arjun- Blockbuster
    4)Pardes- Hit
    5)Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham- Blockbuster
    6)Devdas- Hit
    7)Kal Ho Na Ho- Hit
    8)Chalte Chalte- Hit
    9)Main Hoon Na- Hit
    10)Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna- Hit
    11)Chak De India- Blockbuster
    12)Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Blockbuster
    13)My Name Is Khan- Hit
    [Note->King’s Non-Holiday Release Hits Are More Than Aamir Khan’s Whole Career(Non-Holiday Release Hits+Holiday Release Hits)…..] :)

  • Looks like animated characters…Will be the worst film of the 21st century..Stop being over-optimistic..haaklu fans..

  • i hope so boman sir :),the music is good,story is unique(musical heist),perfect release date.hope for thebest.

  • I cant understand why do u bakra fans all label his every upcoming film as an All Time Blockbuster,for their kind info,bakra has only 1 All Time Blockbuster in his entire career as a solo hero.By the way u bakras started commenting that my name is khan will do 250cr in India if Aamir could do 200cr with 3 idiots.So finally when bakra tried hard for 4 years to do 200cr in India that too was crushed within 4 months with DHOOM:3.Now again u bakras started claiming 300cr in India itself.Plz dont dont get too excited.After all a bakra is a bakra forever.

  • @babaji ka thullu,@gunda hai tu,don’t cry babies,your ajay/akki couldn’t cross even 150cr,then why are you rant here and there,@gunda go and watch loser ratan ki bajao film or some 3rd class crappy south remakes singham2/action hoga kabhi jackson.neither your have some good looks nor their mchemistry matches with any heroine.

    also @babaji,why you’re so underestimating HNY?????neither salmannor amir still won a clash with any actor like SRK,so what’s big deal.ha ha ha…most awaited movies are k3/d3?k3 got 15 day long run still couldn’t touch 200cr mark except roshans and their bllind fans.amir took 3weeks still couldn’t earn 300cr but being a small film CE blasted the BO.

    from this one thing confirmed wom could be created in any movie,if SRK is there in that movie.,who could make movie super hit wven with a class.remember this is the farah to whom you’re making fun,she gave MHN which was 2nd highest grosser after VZ and OSO which was the highest grosser of that year.whenever SRK and farah united they made blast the BO.now 300cr seems very little for us now.we are in way to achieve 400cr club,then all mouths will shut down forever.also above 650cr in overseas.although you puny fans doesn’t know what is overseas collection,as akki/ajay who couldn’t get holiday they couldn’t give a overseas grosser.shame on you ranting cry babies.don’t underestimate the power of common man/KING KHAN.

    just remember this


  • i don’t know how will be HNY perform but i liked Main hoon naa that time, Oso was also one time watch specially the first half of that film was superb but second half could have been better. I remember my comments to my friend when i seen Oso just after 1st half over is that”totally paisa vasool, even if second half will be worst”. But boman is not aware about business because Srk had 3.7 billion fans who is eagerly awaited for this film so collection will be atleast 185 billion if i take average ticket rate to 50/-, he doesn’t know anything he should have been asked to complan boy @sss.

  • the media has misquoted boman irani’s statement. he actually said, happy new year has everything illogical and it will be a crap !

    farah khan and srk should shift dubai and start working in arabian film industry’s b grade films.

  • @sky,your comments could have been much better however it is managable.btw,I had given your question’s answer in IE’s most powerful bollywood personalities,but we couldn’t find your reply.I think that word complan created much impact upon you.hu hu hu…I’m impressed as that worked.you know that’s why might peoples said truth is always bitter.yes there is no much theatre for 3.7bliions of people and it’s you know also very well hindi is not that language that’ll create impact as english.neither times magazine is a dumb who called SRK has this much fan who also praised amir before but amir fans appreciated that.I know 3.7 couldn’t be tolerated for haters as SRK still working in bollywoodalthough got offer from hollywood to work with leonardo in lead.that much is enough to show the caliber of KING KHAN.anyways boman irani said in case worst scenario,it’ll be blockbuster in better case it’ll smash d3 record,in best scenarion history will rewritten.hope you understood the meaning,also hope you’ve realized complan more,lol.

  • @sss, hardly does anyone bother to read your lengthy nonsensical comment in broken English. Take an English first. Akki and Ajay are not as manipulative as your icon is. Besides, your icon is a known back-stabber. He’s a coward!! Akki-Ajay are the real men. Grow up, you S fan of a goat icon..

    @Sky, His 3.7 billions fans worldwide include 3 billions goats from all over the world. ROFL…

  • @sss is an oxymoron! How can a common man be a King or King Khan? In actual fact, he’s a king kong cum goat..

  • @sss yes dear you are super intelligent and become more intelligent since you started to drink complan, congrats dear, there is great improvement in your comments as you said Aamir had 4bb slowly and steady you can realise all of them were atbb’s, bete srk classic loosed against indian in 2001 “srk never loose in clash, even sos become too hard for jthj otherwise jthj could gross 225cr as you think” why you roam here and there kiddo, Just see the clash of Dil vs ghayal,lagaan vs gadar and welcome vs tzp, fact is all time both film got success and huge success, but overking missed 200cr as you think once it get a movie which liked by people. Great improvement buddy.

  • @sss:moron,k3’s collection is 245 crs n that of ce is 227 crs. .srk himself told that ce did 227 crores. So you must follow producer figure.

  • @sss
    I am not underestimating HNY,i have predicted a huge 200crs(max) for it.
    Krrish 3 collected 244crs it was manipulated by boi to 180crs,which got huge amount by a bollywood superstar,sorry MEGAstar so that he could preserve his records.K3 could’nt earn much bcoz of Ramleela…
    And lets see how much hny collects?
    Btw what does sss stand for?

  • You are talking about looks,lol
    As if SRK is the most handsome actor of bollywood,Akshay is taller,fitter,good looking than srk…
    HR is the most handsome actor of bollywood,and SRK’s chemistry best matches with raakhi gulzar..lol,
    If you take the same actress(DP or Kajol) 1000times in your films,one of the times it will match.

  • to all srk haters @bulli,Gunday hain hum,Sachin11
    dont you guys have something better to do in life other than posting dumb comments that doesn’t even makes sense.
    I have observed many times that whenever an article on srk is posted,you guys come storm onto his page and start expressing your hatred towards srk, i mean common at least make some sense with your statement, IS SRk your personal enemy:Does he have harm you guys in any way.
    And you sss can you keep your excitement towards srk in yourself,even i am a srk fan and i dont bark at every page that srk is king,etc.
    the people i respect is @sky and to some extent @baba ji ka thullu,most of the time they speak truth and appreciate others for what they really are.
    I Have to say i visits many sites but this site have have most haters posting their stupid and dumb comments that doesn’t even make any sense.It also includes some of srk fans like @sss and @sakhi.

  • Last year, Deepika Padukone carried SRK and made Chennai Express a huge blockbuster. This year, Deepika and Sonu Sood are going to carry SRK and make HNY a blockbuster. Deepika is a huge star now. Ram-Leela collected more than 100 crore but Gunday only managed to collect 70 crore……which means Deepika carried Ranveer Singh in Ram-Leela..SRK is a has been. Fact!

  • Yeah, but Aamir Khan the Mr. Perfectionist will come on 25th December and break all the records just like he did with Ghajni, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3…It doesn’t matter if Bombay Velvet releases with Aamir’s movie. Besharam was a huge flop anyway..

  • @bulli Wasnt Chak De, OSM and RNBDJ back to back blockbusters????? Ur such a hater that u write blatant lies!

    @sachin11 SRK is the best actor in bollywood by far, Aamir is good but just becuz he acts seriously most of the time doesnt mean hes a gr8 actor, and who are u to talk, ur bhai is one of the worst actors ever in bollywood, how can u put down the acting skills of SRK when Salman himself is known as a non actor/bad actor!

    @JC yes it will beat players but it will also beat flop ho, dabanng 1 and 2,itchguard, ek tha stunt double!

    @nipun No it wont be masterpiece becuz farah’s films are pure masala entertainment but it will NOT be a bore fest and disaster like guzzarish for sure!

  • @sachin11 Yes it will be magical and truly astounding if KICK just earns ‘hit’ tag as ur bhojpuri last release was a debacle that cause many distributor losses! haha!

  • hahaha haterz burning like hell here, they saw what SRK can do in masala genre which even Salman cudnt surpass 3idiots and now they are afraid that the Baadshah will get to 300 crores so they are barking!!! If u all have nothing to worry about why are u barking????? I know its becuz u know all records are going to topple as SRK-Farah is a blockbuster combo, OSO was highest grosser in 2007 and MHN was 2nd highest grosser in 2004(after SRK Veer Zaara) so u all are trembling,frigtened and barking!!!!!!!

  • @babaji ka thullu,so anxious to know what is sss stands for!!!whether you predicted huge or not it will predict in Deewali,if CE could be the biggest bb of year than HNY can…no more to say about,because I can feel what’ll happen,300cr looks very little for us now so don’t cry.akki,hr are handsome?are you from planet outside earth?akki,arjun,hr could be good models,not good looking,good looks have 3KHANS and shahid,ranbir kapoor.I know truth always bitter,akki/ajay will be well paired with rakhi,yeah that’s good choice.1st look closely them,it’s become miracle if they’ll look better than rajpal yadav.SRK is everyone’s favourite and gave maximum never failure Love stories,got you ullus. and it could only be possible if you have good looks,I mean handsome otherwise sallu,amir,hr also tried but failed,and yours never tried because they know very well how they look,lol.definitely you’ll see how many crores it will earn above 300cr+,lol.k3 couldn’t earn due to ram leela after 15days,lol.what it did in 15 days?what about overseas,you couldn’t answer and I don’t expect this type of comments from a genius.

    @gunda hai tu,you’ll remain non sense always.because you got angry too early like your ajay.made patience it’ll help you during HNY release as you have to tolerate much more.hardly @indicine,posted about losers,then what could you do besides comes to every SRK article and rant like child.1st make you star’s look,then also improve acting,otherwise next time they couldn’t compete with ranveer/ranbir lol.mind it.make at least hit 24th april’s film if you couldn’t then shame on akki/ajay/hr/salman/amir’s fans and their stardom,as you all hate SRK so much,ha ha ha…hope you’ll not jump like a buffon kid next time,lol.back stabbing is the trademark of amir in twitter,salman-ajay jodi in 2012,lol.you’re wrong bufoon kid,look how much response are there for my comments,lol.go and tell your ajay for another clash after losing 2 times,you losers,lol.

    @nipun,everybody’s figure differ from BO at least 10-20cr,but never differ more than 65+cr,that’s why I said besides roshans and their fans,lol,read comment clearly.

    @sky,know it’s the status of my comment after seen you comment.thank you for liking KING KHAN’s film being a hater.yes uncle,SRK only lost that time in early 2000 that also from sunny not amir/sallu.also SRK overshadowed sunny in DARR,that much insult is enough for a senior actor that he remembered it for lifetime.also sunny is not ready for another clash,lol.also amir lost dil,lagaan from sunny as you whatever’ll be the verdict but they lost.also you failed to give rply after got your answer in IE’s article.1st make list of amir apart from those puny 2-3 hits,4-5 averages.atbb so what,SRK has 3 ATBB and 7BBS.who is bigger?so don’t cry.face the facts.that’s why I said complan could enhance growth but not career.I’m so happy you and @hrithik lost and proved your stars wrong comparing with SRK.because the fact is SRK is having highest success%,highr hits/bbs.so my advise not to much put much stress on mind kido,let’s see amir’s clash with ranbir or john this time.your perfaketionist’s potency’ll predicted this time.

  • @ sss : If you really value your own words you will
    stick to 400 cr (domestic) & 650 cr (worldwide). I
    will speak to you about HNY only after Diwali n I
    hope you remain (a)live on Indicine after its
    verdict !!!!!!

  • @gunda hai tu,what’s this english-take an Engilsh first?what does it mean?lol,biggest oxy moron I had ever watched,better take english class who give mistakes even in a small comments,lol.

  • @Satyameva jayate If SRK is a goat and his fans are goats then Amir is a spoon fed industry brat poodle and his fans are also poodles i.e. all bark but no bite! haha Ok so ur loser star took 2 decades b4 he started to do relly well at box office and all of a sudden he is such a gr8 thing, of course 3 idiots will do well with any big star it was a gr8 movie, and of course D3 was expected to break records with any big star……………………lets see ur actor with few hits take bad movies like Ra One and Ready over 100 crore, he cudnt even take a decent movie like Talaash(with 2 big heriones) over 95 crore, his stardom is so small even he admits he has less fan following than SRK/Bhojpuri and needs SJ to gave publicity and improve fan following and also has used the bhojpuri to improve his stardom, even tho he admitted he did not like Salman during filming of AAA, so he is just using Salman……………………..

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