Happy Birthday Hrithik: Unknown facts about the superstar!

Hrithik Roshan celebrates his 40th birthday today and the year that has gone by, hasn’t been great for the superstar. On the professional front, it’s been great, what with Krrish 3 going on to be the highest grosser of all time. But his personal life hit an all-time low with the actor injuring his head while shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’. Even as he was struggling with headaches, news broke out that Hrithik had split with the love of his life Sussanne.

Hrithik celebrates his birthday with his son

Hrithik celebrates his birthday with his son

From the entire Indicine Team, we wish Hrithik a very happy birthday and hope that the new year brings him peace, happiness and good health.

To celebrate his 40th birthday, we have 25 unknown facts about the superstar.

  • Hrithik’s first pay check was Rs 100 which his grandfather J Om Prakash gifted for dancing in the 1980 film Aasha
  • Hrithik is known for his perfect dialogue delivery in films, but did you know he had a speech disorder as a child? He used to stammer so badly that he would bunk school during oral tests
  • In his own words, the name Hrithik refers to “the purity of the soul that is attained by all those who perform havan. It has a spiritual connotation.”
  • Hrithik was the first actor to win both the Filmfare Best Debut and Best Actor award in the same year for his performance in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
  • He was also the first actor to win the Filmfare Best Actor Popular and Critics award for the same film – Koi Mil Gaya in 2003.
  • In the year that he made his debut, Hrithik received 30,000 marriage proposals. However, he married Sussanne in the same year.
  • At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with scoliosis, a curvature of the back. Doctors had told him that he’d never be able to dance or perform action scenes. Half a decade later, when Kaho Na Pyaar Hai released, he was hailed as the best dancer, actor and action hero of the country!!
  • Hrithik loves photography!
  • He made his debut in the same year as Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor. The hype in 2000 was clearly with the Kapoor and Bachchan scions, but they were completely out shined by Hrithik’s spectacular debut.
  • Hrithik’s best friend in the industry is Uday Chopra.
  • Rakesh Roshan had initially approached Shahrukh Khan to play the lead in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, but later decided to cast his son Hrithik. The rest is history.
  • Hrithik has lent his voice to songs in two films – Kites and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.
  • He was the first choice to play Akshaye Khanna’s role in Dil Chahta Hai.
  • He was also the first choice for the Don remake (later went to Shahrukh), play Sidharth’s character in Rang De Basanti and Shahrukh’s role in Swades.
  • Hrithik quit smoking after reading Allen Carr’s Easy way to Stop Smoking – a book that he gifted to quite a few of his friends in the industry
  • Hrithik is actively involved in charity. In fact, he has gifted several school buses and funded surgeries for heart patients.
  • He has launched his own fashion brand called HRx
  • Hrithik’s debut film KNPH entered the Limca Book of Records for winning the most number of awards won by any Bollywood film – a total of 102 awards.
  • His nickname Duggu was given to him by his grandmother.
  • He appeared in the remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s Agneepath, which was a failure when it released in 1990. However, the remake was a super hit at the box office.
  • Hrithik’s leading lady in KNPH was supposed to be Kareena Kapoor! However, things didn’t work out and Ameesha Patel was signed.
  • Hrithik has co-starred with Kareena in the most number of films – total of 4. None of them worked, except Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. The duo will return more than 12 years later in 2015’s Shuddhi.
  • He was the assistant director in films like Karan Arjun and Koyla.
  • The title of Yash Chopra’s Darr starring Shahrukh Khan was suggested by Hrithik – Read Full Story
  • Hrithik was the 5th Indian celebrity to be immortalised at the Madame Tussauds – after Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Once again, Happy Birthday Hrithik. Hope you have a great year ahead.



  • I was waiting for this article until yesterday’s evening. Anyways, I hope this new year brings him a lot of happiness and good health.

    Great work by the way, didn’t know about some facts like SRK and him were the first choice for KNPH and Don respectively. And, the name ‘Darr’ being suggested by him. He would make a great stylish Don if he ever got a chance again.

  • Great article Indicine ….but was very late it should have been published on Jan 9th…so that all can read it on 10th…Anyways Hrithik rocks and hope he will no.1 in 2015 as he should comeback with 2 movies that year..

  • There are also some more facts about HR…

    1) Only actor to become Superstar in his debut….(his 3rd movie Mission Kashmir had better opening then Mohabbatein (SRK’s movie) …
    2) Only actor whose periodic movie was Hit (Jodha Akbar) unlike flops of srk (asoka) , sallu(veer) & Aamir (Mp)…
    3) Only actor to star in all movies of single big brand franchise (KMG, Krish & Krish 3) – with all 3 movies being blockbuster…Golmaal (Ajay ) only G-3 was blockbuster…Dhoom had different actors…Munnabhai -only lagey raho was BB… Don..are only hits…
    4) From 2000…he shares with SRK of more no of Filmfare Best Actor Awards…( 4 each)…
    5) Only non – khan actor to break many records…so on…

  • @indicine pls give update on suddhi.someone says the filmmakers planning it’s release on 24 Dec 2014.is it right so?

  • @nipun,I’m not double faced.I really respect HR.but if you will comment against SRK,then I’ll also comment against you.by the way why you have said he has connection with zee awards and not deserve to get any award?DON’T YOU RESPECT HIM A BIT?we are not saying he will get the best actor rather than best popular actor,as he got in big star entertainment.all awards now a days giving according to people’s votes.popularity doesn’t means highest earned film’s actor.he entertained more than k3 and d3.so he deserves it.

  • @hrithik, nice to know that. but i think you should miss hrithiklover,velocity etc more as they are more sincere as fans.

    Happy Birthday Hrithik,the most complete indian superstar, the future is yours, keep shinning and keep bringing new things :)

  • @G.One, its of no use to argue with you because you are gonna criticise hrithik in any way. so its better to concentrate on hrithik rather than reply to your foolish comments.

  • Hrithik’s had more hits in just first decade of his career than Aamir Khan in his entire life. That speaks for what a huge star he is.

  • what is this nonsesnse abt GREEK GOD OF BOLLYWOOD
    well guys take from me and I am talking abt my country the only known actor here is SRK and he is known as KING OF BOLLYWOOD and he woth it because he is extremly popular
    so logically he should be the only one to have the title , well this man is handsome and cute
    but who the hell is he ?? wait I saw him once with SHAH is KKKG and did cameo in DON2
    apart that I really don’t know him and I am quite sure no one outside india does LOLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZ
    Love u SRK , u re really ahread of them
    Plzzzz come to US , I want my SHAH

  • @USfan : You collosally worthless SRK fan! Who gives a damn about you and the place that u live in? Bollywood films are made for INDIAN audiences and its the verdict of the DOMESTIC audiences that matters(since they form 98% of the viewers). Moronic dumb low IQ nri’s are of no purpose to bollywood,esp with you idiots idolizing idiots doing “karva chauth” cinema like DTPH and KKHH! Fyi,Dhoom-3 is the highest grosser overseas beating the record of 3 Idiots and as far as i know,none of these films star your favourite gay icon :D

    @sss : Oh! U mean online voting done by about 5000 people is of more significance in judging popularity than theatrical collections based of viewership numbering into crores? Brilliant logic,exactly the kinda stuff i expect from dumb Srk fanboys! Dhoom3 is the highest grosser overseas breaking the record of 3 Idiots and both films star Aamir Khan. Face the facts,Aamir is as popular as Srk overseas…whining and weeping on public discussion forums or voting repeatedly in online polls like retards ain’t gonna change the facts!

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