Gunday First Day Box Office Collections : Early Estimate

Gunday has scored big on its opening day at the domestic box office with phenomenal business at both multiplexes and single screens. In fact, the occupancy at multiplexes was better than a big film like Jai Ho, which is outstanding considering the fact that Gunday had no bankable male superstar.

As per estimates based on collections from a few centers, Gunday has collected around Rs 14 – 15 cr on Day 1.

The first day business is comparable to Ranveer Singh’s last release Ram Leela, which managed to put up better numbers on Day 1 due to strong business in Gujarat / Saurashtra region.

The reports are mixed, so it remains to be seen if Gunday can sustain on Day 2. Most films that open to such high occupancy on Friday, especially at mass-centres, tend to show marginal drops on Saturday.

Stay tuned to Indicine for Gunday box office collections and updates.

Note: The above figures are early estimates only. Final figures will be published at around 2PM.



  • RIP Salman stardom………….

    Ranveer > Salman ..

    (1st day)

    Jai ho 4300 screens :- 17 Crore

    Gunday 2800 screens :- 15 Crore

  • Jai Ho fail to touch Ranveer’s Ram Leela, Ranveer singh’s Gunday will cross Jai Ho…! So now Ranveer Singh biggest star than Salman sir.

    Salman Khan decide he will retire soon after hear Gunday take flying start and could break Jai Ho lifetime with C grade star cast. Good decision sir, where others two khan record breaking mood & ur film…

  • @Max and overratedkhans:
    Let Ranveer give 5 blockbusters in a row (let him give one first, forget five in a row). Let him give 8 highest grossers of the year (let him give one first, forget eight). Let him have 4 movies out of top 5 highest grossers of all time like Salman did with ETT, Dabangg 2, Bodyguard and Dabangg (let him give 1 out of top 5, forget 4 out of top 5).
    Alright lets make it simple. Let him do any of these three things first:
    1. a blockbuster
    2. a highest grosser of the year (almost impossible so lets make it top 3 grosser of the year)
    3. a movie in the top 5 grosser of all time
    4. a single ATBB

  • But I hope Gunday crosses 100 crores. Ranveer Singh will definitely be a superstar in the future. Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh will go head to head.

  • some people are saying ranveer singh is bigger star than salman.. ok agreed if this is what makes u people happy.. why only ranveer singh, every actor is a bigger star than salman.. now happy!.. but do remember ur words!! a kick is coming to smash ur face!!!
    coming on to gunday i haven’t watched it yet but will certainly do this sunday.. i hope the movie rocks n as well as ranveer, arjun n irfan..

  • Why are you guys here comparing Salman with Ranveer.Do you think Ranveer is responsible for Ram leela and Gunday collections?He didn’t even contribute 1% to collections of Ram leela
    Ritesh>Ranveer + Shahid + Arjun + Imran
    Even Ritesh solo movie Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya attained HIT status and he has a superb comic timing only 2nd to Akshay.But the media gives more attention to these who even struggle to give a solo HIT

  • Gunday doesn’t have a good WOM .. its mostly mixed.
    So, Gunday : Verdict – Above Average.
    so only Yaariyan & Hasee Toh Phasee are the two Hits of the year so far.

  • @indicine
    Salman khan takes jai ho to cross 100 crores by his superstardom
    Otherwise it won’t cross 50 crores with any other actor like RANVEER SINGH OR RANBIR KAPOOR
    Ask SALMAN HATERS why they always jealous of him

  • I think these spineless people have nothing to do but compare every other film with Jai Ho. Compare Lootera with Jai Ho. Compare Ram Leela with Don 2, Gunday with Jab Tak Hai Jaan etc. Why do they alway single out Chennai Express which became BB because of Rohit Shetty’s Entertaining Sense and Talent?
    I still challenge no movie can cross the business of Jai Ho, which ran only on Salman’s shoulder despite all the odds against it, until April.
    Wish Gunday all the best!

  • @indicine,how pathetic you predicted that gunday would collect 10 cr,nw see what.i said it would collect min 15 cr yesterday,i m right yeah.i saw people gathered yesterday in a hall of our town.

  • @raj yadav. Dude u get what u sow . Rather than barking on all pages tell Sallu to introduce towel in his next film. Guess you would come back to see his next. Jthj even with clash and lesser screens was bigger compared to Jai ho.

    JAI HO 4500 screens with 2 weeks free. 112 CRORES. JTHJ 2800 screens with clash 122 CRORES.

    So stop whining.

  • bhai lok…. don’t see big production house of YRF.. see the story of film. Gunday same story of sholay and etc etc. Dont waste money and time. You can download movie then see gunday. After decided film good or not.. wait for HIGHWAY…. imtiaz ali very good director… wait and wait for highway……

  • Nice movie. Far better then Flop(Jai) Ho. True entertainer.

    Film will easily score 2nd biggest opening day of 2014 after ”Jai Ho” that too because of 1100 lesser screens.

    Gunday 2800 Screens collection opening day 15cr
    Jai Ho 4300+ screens collection opening day 17cr

    Lolz oh ho bhai jan

  • Wait karo
    Salman coming with big Bang
    like KICK,upcoming untittle with Prabhu deva,Bade Bhaiya,No entry pe Entry.etccccc
    Tiger Tiger Tiger,……
    I love u Salman khan
    U r my super hero,Ideal
    All …..

    But isnt mean that i m hater pf othrs,,
    isnt true…I likes All
    but Salman my Fav

    Nd Dont comparing SALMAN &Ranvir

  • Ranveer Singh is a bigger than SRK. Yeah, you heard it right!

    On its First day, Gunday (a normal release) did a similar business to what Don 2 (with Farhan Akhtar + SRK + More than 2850 Screens + Christmas Release + a Sequel of Don of Legendary Amitabh Bachchan + Some International Associations) and Jab Tak Hai Jaan (With Legendary Yash Chopra + SRK + Katrina Kaif + Anushka Sharma + A.R. Rahman + Gulzar + Similar Numbers of Screens + Diwali Release) did.

  • if gunday crosses 100 crore then priyanka chopra will become 1st actress to have 5 movies in 100 crore club. don 2, agneepath, barfii, krrish 3, and gunday

  • @anand Don 2 was a non holiday release + non masala movie + released in 2200 screens only ( get your facts. right ) & it was the HIGHEST non holiday opener back then in 2011.
    JTHJ again was a non masala drama romance saga + competition from an out an out masala flick. + 2600 screens only + long run time resulting in lesser shows.
    still Don 2 was an acclaimed ‘Hit’ & Don series reputation is ONLY because of the legendary SRK, Globally go & tell anyone that the Don series belongs to Amitji .. they’l have no clue what you’re talking.
    & JTHJ despite all odds which went against the film managed to rake in 122 crores in India & hit the 200 crs. mark Worldwide whereas your Bhaijaan’s Jai Ho despite 4300 screens + no competition + masala entertainer + less run time managed only 111 crs that too after 3 weeks of struggle .. remember CE ?? its 4 days collections were also more than Jai Ho’s lifetime.

  • @Indicine
    You have moderated my comment! ROFL! It looks like Indicine, either, doesn’t want SRK to be called Sarkar of Paglapur. You have replaced Sarkar of Paglapur with SRK. Funny thing is that Indicine has also come to know about this. Hahaha!
    I don’t mind you have done that. But you have to moderate the comments by SRK fans as well. Moderate some usages by them like Bhojpuri, Lallu etc…Only then, it will be a fair game!
    Having said that, there is nothing wrong to say that Ranveer Singh>>>SRK. The proof is mentioned in my comment above.
    Time for SRK packed up who can’t move without the help of a stick….

  • Gunday failed to break jai Ho
    opening day..collections bt break
    Srk many movies collection
    except..CE…..irony for srkians:-P

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