Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 vs Dangal in China

Hollywood films have a huge market in China, but Hindi films haven’t yet reached out to a vast majority of the population. But Aamir Khan is changing all that and how!

His latest release ‘Dangal’ is all set to surpass a major Hollywood film like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, which has received critical acclaim across the world – but isn’t showing good trends in China.

In the next few days, Dangal is expected to do the unthinkable. On a day-to-day level, the film featuring the exceptional Aamir Khan will surpass Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 – which is running on many more shows and the average ticket price of the Hollywood film is also much higher.

Dangal has already beaten the footfalls (number of tickets sold) of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and could also beat its collections on Thursday.

While the mainstream media and even trade websites are deservingly hailing the success of ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’, we have a Hindi film that is setting benchmarks and beating Hollywood in the world’s most populous country – China.

Note: All figures below in million US dollars.

 Guardians of the
Galaxy Vol 2
Day 115.132.33-12.8
Day 219.714.69-15.02
Day 314.635.55-9.08
Day 45.013.04-1.97
Day 54.223.52-0.7
Day 63.503.91+0.41


  • Agree Indicine. The footfalls of Dangal is the best thing come from China. Movie have been watched by 50lac people in 6 days. You have to go through tweets of trade analytics like Girish johar, Joginder tuteja and BOI who don’t even consider this achievement. Bahubali success is exceptional, it deserves all the accolades. But why we can’t appreciate our another film which is not only a film but also based on the sports person’s lives who brought Gold and prestige to our country. Mainstream media not even talking about this. I am happy that websites like Indicine and other at least giving daily updates about the same.

  • Aamir khan is now the biggest indian global star…with each new movie ge brings something new …. eagerly waiting for thugs of hindostan…

  • I am waiting for such article which talk about bahubali 2 in terms of language and South Indian movie….every one should think before saying anything Bahubali 2 is a Indian film which showing tha mirror to hypocrit… Technology wise story wise presentation wise bahubali set a benchmark for others… I am a proud Indian on bahubali 2…others still thinking about dubbed South movie. SHAME

  • Honestly too many articles on Dangal in China. If thats so surprising, then Baahubali which is a south indian film will be collecting 400 cr in hindi version which is more impressive.

  • How much did Aamir Khan team pay u @indicine? At the start of the article, I even thought that Dangal has surpassed Guardians of the Galaxy 2. See box office difference is still massive, there is no surpass yet, and Indicine is still dreaming. Lol

  • Difference is 39mill? What is there to compare? Come on seriously we shud be proud it’s doing well and now u muppets have a stiffy it’s catching a Hollywood movie? This is a site which cannot tolerate the huge success of bahubali 2. U guys are the biggest dickheads!!!

  • Also how about bahubali 2 made 112 crore in 5 days and beat dangals 2nd week collections? Or how bahubali 2 is performing overseas?

  • For the last 2days u r nt giving collection of bahubali2. That film is doing unthinkable .film which has more than 700 crore net in India is unimaginable .instead of giving article on bahubali2 u r giving dangal collection in unthinkable. We r Indian film industry not Chinese film industry.

  • Change ur name to hindicine…though im a bollywood fan..i hv to agree u r biasd…no coverage on bb2??…. ok coming to!!!Yess its terrific..aamir is the biggst bollywood star now…dangal u beauty!!!


    DANGAL is Sholay of modern times, in Overseas especially.

  • Wtf indicine..
    U r not posting domestic collections of baahubali 2 and posting China collections of dangal and comparing with shit movies..
    Kindly post baahubali 2 collections

  • @indicine. Pls do some updates on bahubali 2! U r only focusing on bollywood movies while u took the name indicine not bollycine.

  • Your information is wrong on Wednesday collection 27million yuan/25 million yuan approx which come about near 4million /3.6 million

  • What is your problem with Bahuballi. It seems u dont appreciate regional movies and this is one bigger than any hindi movies released recently. Bahubali is a masterpiece and being a movie info site you should not favours few movies. Dangal is good and we all know that. Nothing to over advertise it.

  • @Indicine Nw m 100% sure dat ur avoiding bahubali2 n trying to put Bollywood on top but u know u can’t hide the truth.u keep promoting tingu n Bollywood n u don’t need to post anything about bahubali2.whole India n overseas audience r loving it n no article.ur a insane site,u don’t post my comments but u posts others shit comments about stars.some morons keep on bashing the stars they hate n u post their comments but not mine.rule fr one is rule fr all n this is wat i learnt in school@Incidine

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