Dangal No 1 at China Box Office, beats Hollywood film GOTG Vol 2

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has beaten the collections of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2’ on Wednesday. The film has collected nearly 12% more than the Hollywood film – which is running on 70% more shows and has a higher average ticket price too.

The footfalls (number of tickets sold) of Dangal is now much higher than ‘GOTG Vol 2’. Dangal was watched by a little more than 9 lakh people on Wednesday, while ‘GOTG Vol 2’ was watched by 6.5 lakh people.

The exceptional trend suggests, Dangal could well be the No 1 film at the China box office for the next few days. The Wednesday collections are around 30% better than Monday and this ‘could’ mean the second weekend collections will be better than the first.

The China collections of Dangal has now beaten the entire overseas collections (all countries except India) of all Hindi films except PK, Dhoom 3, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dilwale, 3 Idiots and Sultan.

Today (Thursday), the China collections of Dangal will go past the lifetime overseas business of Dilwale, 3 Idiots and Sultan.

History is in the making here. The eventual achievement of Dangal in China could be as big or bigger than the incredible achievements of ‘Bahubali 2’ – because the S.S. Rajamouli film is performing in traditional markets, while the Aamir Khan film is topping a non-traditional market like China and beating Hollywood films too.

Collections comparison in US Dollar Million below:

 Guardians of the
Galaxy Vol 2
Day 115.132.33-12.8
Day 219.714.69-15.02
Day 314.635.55-9.08
Day 45.013.04-1.97
Day 54.223.52-0.7
Day 63.503.91+0.41


  • 300 crore Baahubali 2 earns 1400 crore Worldwide
    70 crore Dangal earns 1250 crore Worldwide
    Now, you tell which is bigger hit?


    DANGAL is Sholay of modern times, in Overseas especially.

  • aamir the only real mega star whose film are beating Hollywood films in China were their is not any Indians

  • China collections of Dangal has now beaten the entire overseas collections (all countries except India) of all Hindi films except PK, Dhoom 3, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Dilwale, 3 Idiots and Sultan!
    .-The line says it all! except India ? LOL !the country for which it was made !

  • #Dangal hasn’t got hos due from indian media & govt.
    First it was brutally ignored by the National Awards committee
    Second, It lost the biggest Indian grosser tag from #Baahubali2 which was nowhere near #Dangal ‘s quality
    Third, Dangal ‘s extraordinary run in a non traditional market like China is hardly drawing any media attention bcz of which public is largely unaware of the proud achievement

  • You are getting so biased nowadays. No articles regarding the collection of Baahubali for the last 4 days. Dangal is history now brother. No matter how much you try to point it out. It cannot surpass what Baahubali 2 has achieved without a holiday release and without any big Khans and that too in Hindi market. Accept it and embrace the defeat.
    As per BOI Baahubali 2 will cross Dangal today and can still go anywhere between 450-500 in Hindi. Accept it and embrace the defeat.

  • @ indicine , yes I agree Dangal has done exceptional buisness in China. But that’s not a reason to undermine what Baahubali 2 achieved in the last two weeks. You just showed you bias nature towards the Khan from the last paragraph of this article. Everyone knows that Baahubali 2 is the bigger achievement considering there was no superstar and no holiday release.

  • All these days indicine was like, a film is hit only if it does well in domestic market. worldwide doesnt matter. Now, when baahubali has thrashed dangal in india, all of a sudden non traditional market is more important than traditional market, and the achievement of dangal is bigger. Indicine, What about US where also baahubali thrashed dangal? Dangal had its fair share of praise and deservedly so. But it didnt take the international media by storm like bahubali has done. Give credit where its due and stop this biased reporting. Or change the name “Indicine” to “Bollycine” or “Aamircine”

  • I’m glad people are noticing how biased these indicine have become recently!! No articles related to Bahubali 2 only dangal.

  • U Cant make whole country believe dangal bigger hit than baahubali2..u get vry less or no profir frm china..secondly 80cr was the budget of dangal but aamir has had fair share in theatrical runs…bahubali2 has bigger theatrical shares for distributors indeed…lastly a non holiday dubbd film is thrashing every record in its own alien market(north)…and u hv no article on that ..silent clapps for ur changing face…now all of a sudden china box office has become more important for u than domestic!!! U mst b a non Indian resident i guess!!!

  • When salman khan films underperform in overseas u say domestic is importannt..now u say all abt overseas…typical bolly site…i thought u would cover indian films..so calld INDicine

  • @indicine Before undermining GOTG 2, analyse the fact that chinese taste of Hollywood movies are really bad. Pathetic movies like Warcraft, Resident Evil, XXX 3 are huge hits in china with box office numbers greater than anywhere in the world and Critically and commercially acclaimed movies of Hollywood have been washout in China. So please dont undermine the quality of Hollywood movies by comparing its collection in China. Yes Sure Aamir has cracked it in China but it doesnt mean he has defeated a hollywood biggie. Be Logical Dude…

  • “Domestic business is the most important for any film, that doesn’t change. If Dangal had flopped in India, China collections wouldn’t make it a success.”

    @indicine, then please tell us what is your reason for not posting any article regarding the domestic box office collection of Baahubali 2 for the past 4 days.
    If your explanation is that it is not a Hindi movie, then change the website name to Bollycine. you dont deserve the name Indicine

  • @nnibinn Hindi films industry is still known as major industry in India as well as out of India. So Indicine can use this name. Your advise is not needed. You are not one here to complain. Often it become Srkcine,Salmancine or now Aamircine by fans. When south industry website not louding the success of our Bollywood films than no need for Bollywood to gaga over for a south India movie. Daily articles is not needed. They will come up an article once it passed Dangal all India collection in Hindi as well as second week collection. Chill.
    Haven’t seen your comment by the way earlier on this site.

  • Box office India
    Dangal Chases 1000 Crore But…
    Thursday 11 May 2017 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Dangal is chasing the 1000 crore mark now with its business in China which should gross at least 300 crore to take it to the 1000 crore mark in all languages. This is a huge number but the problem is that Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion is making everything around it look small at the moment. Any other time Dangal regesering 1000 crore Worldwide would be seen as a mega achivement but its come in the Bahubali 2 wave which had surpassed 1000 crore in ten days. The business of Dangal and Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion till date end of business 10th May) in all languages is as follows.

    Dangal – 866 crore (China going strong and should comfortable cross 1000 crore and maybe go to 1100 crore)

    Bahubali 2 The Conclusion – 1179 crore ( Strong run in India and Overseas also holding well though not as well as India. Will cross 1400 crore for sure and maybe go up to 1500 crore)

    The more interesting battle will in the Hindi version where eventually Bahubali 2 is a dubbed film but could challenge the Dangal worldwide number just on its Hindi format. That would probably be the biggest achievement of Bahubali 2 if its get there as the Hindi contribution from Overseas is limited so it would mean its mainly all from India.

  • “Domestic business is the most important for any film, that doesn’t change.” So, Baahubali 2 has smashed and destroyed Dangal to pieces in India. Baahubali 2 has made the world took notice of Indian film industry like none other.

  • It beats a Tom hanks starrer in their homeland. Even The Guardian said regarding baahubali that, “The fantasy epic flexes the muscle of Indian film industry and says look what we can do with a fraction of budget compared to hollywood films”. Try as much as you can, that wont make dangal bigger than baahubali. Deal with it!

  • don’t support baahubali.its a south indian movie.the south indian audience cant be support hindi movies.they can support only ours masala flims.they have understand only our language

  • @Sky Nobody asking Indicine to post collections of regional versions of Baahubali.But it is doing extraordinary business in non-traditional markets which in this case is Hindi markets.If a Bollywood movie does record breaking business in South and breaks Robot’s record every single south website would post it.
    They won’t use lame excuses like it’s a North film which Indicine does.

  • This tym u r wrong indicine..No article on Baahubali is completely unfair as Baahubali has achieved more I m a Bollywood fan but def Baahubali is phenomenal so you got to applaud it..Eventually it’s indiAn cinema which is ruling..But Baahubali is anyday bigger than Dangal.Period.

  • Great achievement by Dangal…
    Now including such revenues from China
    India would be able to produce bigger films
    But u messed up a great article by mentioning Bahubali 2..

    But it’s certainly Unfair calling Bahubali 2 a lesser achievement

  • hahahaha…..

    Well done……

    Guardians is my favourite, but Dangal is our own……..

    This is the proudest moment for Indian film industry.

    Any movie maker in their right senses would not have clashed with such a mega movie, which is sequel to already a worldwise blockbuster………

    This shows the confidence Aamir has on his movie and how he understood the pulse of Chinese movie goers.

    This guy is a GENIUS with Capital “G”.

    Salute man !!!

  • Dear all, please kindly be apolegetic and unbiased. Indicine is doing the right thing I dont see them being biased towards south indian cinema but as its conceptually a bollywood site so more articles on that is obviously expected. Besides bollywood janta has lapped bahubali with open arms which shows their generosity towards quality cinema while its still long way to go vise versa for quality bollywood movies in southern movie diaspora. Please be real and accept this. As for as quality of movie goes dangal is any time better than bahubali 2. dangal is truely indian full of soul and relatable to human of today times, bring to UK US China or any other country and show it to non indian citizens still they will relate themselves to the movie while bahubali is basically a CGI larger than life magnum opus made in greater scale. I agree its alltogether in different league along side robot in visual scale but its no where comparable to hollywood bigies name it lord of the rings series or even oldies like troy or terminator. Yes by our standard its great. Coming to dangal its great in its story and presentation by any standard. So appreciate it. Box office numbers will be broken eventually though at this point of time it looks impossible but dangal will remain in hearts for years to go. And not to forget dangal will also be remembered for its box office performance both in indian and overseas specially in China.

  • I completely agree with @ Indicine.

    This is HISTORY in the making.

    What Bahubali 2 did is really big, but what Dangal is doing is out of this world, beating a Hollywood mega movie in a country where no one speaks Indian language..

    This is completely Insane.

    Let’s keep our love for Bahubali 2, but respect should be leaps and bounds for Dangal.


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