Gold Poster – Akshay Kumar

The first look poster of yet another Akshay Kumar film is out and this time it’s the keenly awaited ‘Gold’ which was first planned for Independence Day weekend this year, but was later postponed.

Akshay shared the first look poster and said “Every cloud has a silver lining bt with ur love my clouds got a lining of Gold!As my age #TurnsGold,here’s the poster of a film close to my heart”

Gold is being directed by Reema Kagti, who last directed Aamir Khan in ‘Talaash’. The film is scheduled for theatrical release during what is turning out to be the Akshay Kumar weekend of the year – August 15, 2018.

The film also features television actress Mouni Roy.

Check out the poster and tell us what you think:

Gold Poster - Akshay Kumar

Gold Poster – Akshay Kumar



  • Akshay is choosing good movies…its better to do 3 movies every year than to do bang bang and a mohenjodaro in 3 years…I dont know bt I feel that hritik may soon loose out his fanbase due to his slow and bad choice

  • I’m really impressed by Akshay but she’ll shocked that his so called stardom is being exposed. With a positive WOM, government support, large number of holidays, tax rebates and popular movie theme his movie has just like conjured up 129crs.

    • Government support πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ except UP no state declared it tax free.. Large no of holidays πŸ˜‚ Abe gadhe assrkian one day holiday is a large no of Holiday for u πŸ˜‚

    • its because WOM of TEPK was not that good what everyone thought and Indicine said that in many post about TEPK. And please don’t forget industry is going through a all time low phase. So, to score a 130cr. with mixed WOM is commendable job. Not many can do this and especially when releasing 3 or 4 movies in a year consistently.

    • funny that even haters now have stopped calling him 60 crore star to a 100 crore star even for the movies which they don’t like…that is what true stardom is about..shutting the mouth of haters

    • This what your beloved salman’s films are 100 crores crap fest biggest example is tubelight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • He should release this patriotic crapfest on July 1st instead in honour of his home nations Independence Day- Canadas Independence Day…!

    • Instead of felt honored that an Indian actor is being honored with a Canadian citizenship you guys always try to abuse him about that. Akshay Kumar is Indian as well and he is doing all the good work for India only. Don’t forget about his donation in various occasions and Bharat Ke Veer app for martyrs.

    • Funny how u might be the only one who actually knows what Canada independence day is..not even Akshay might know this

  • The first look poster of yet another Akshay Kumar film is out and this time it’s the keenly awaited β€˜Gold’ which was first planned for Independence Day weekend this year, but was later postponed.

    Indicine on which planet you are living crack was suppose to release this year on independence day but it got postponed due to fear of jhms correct your article

    • Toilet Released this year and due to that JHMS preponed And bombed while toilet collected more than double of JHMS.
      Srkians truly live in their own world.

    • It was never Suppose to release this was Announced this year and was always Scheduled to Release on Independence Day Wknd 2018

      Check ur Sources..@indicine

      And Pls dont jump on anything just for d sake of it….i dnt wanna say more abt JHMS. Enough said

    • @Jabra Fan fear if jhms..?? Hahahahah
      The only reason it was not released was because it wasn’t ready in time…
      If he was scared to release his bigger film crack, then why would he release toilet, a relatively much smaller and more niche film..?? U srk fans are just too much
      Toilet collections double of jhms

    • Rassi jal gai par bul nhi Gaya …..fear of JHMS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Abe kon si duniya Mai rehte ho … ka first shot bhi shoot nhi hua aur darr k bhaag Gaya …..are bhai usne independence day par movie bhi lai …aur darr k kon bhaga ye sabko pata bhi chala ….aur bhagne ka reason bhi ….jaise last Eid par bhaga tha

  • Will he cross Rowdy collections with this movie atleast!!!!

    Even varun and other youngsters are making 100 crs movie, he should raise this bar now….

    But i dont think so!!!!!

    • Blore boy first tell ur idol srk to cross kangan’s tanu wed manu 150cr. forget over manupulative chennai express and happy new year no other srk movie have crossed 125 cr baat karta hai😜

      • Jab debate me haarne lagta hai to srk haters aise hi Bina logic ka baat bolta hai

        Manipulation kya bol rha tu ? Chennai express or HNY ke trade figure or producer figure me 2cr ka difference tha ..Kick or prdp ke trade figure or producer figure me bhi 20cr ka difference tha …Akshay ka baby brothers entertainment Singh is bling ka trade figure or producer figure me 15cr ma differce hai ..ab bol

        Agar srk manipulation krta na to fan ko 100cr phucha deta ka trade or producer figure dono same hai ..Or srk manipulation krta na agr to jhms 64cr sirf nahi krta .Srk chahta to produce figure manipulate kr ke 80 85cr kar ke izzat bcha leta

  • Again fake patriotism.Audience have become smart to not be cheated by such marketing gimmicks.I have to speak up against this Canadian superstar after seeing his fans create negativity available Baadshaho.Ab toh keh le lenge ADians Akki ki.He won’t be able to cross SR in his lifetime.Ajay was and has always been ahead of Akki except in early 2000s when Ajay sir was showing his versatility working in off beat films while Akki was running behind money doing nonsensical films that too in supporting roles.
    Countdown shuru Akkians.Last warning de raha hoon sudhar jao and apologise to us

  • Indicine: Crack was supposed to release this Independence not gold…Gold was announced for 2018 Independence weekend itself..Please correct it

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