Akshay Kumar turns 50!

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, one of the biggest success-stories the industry has ever produced, turns 50 today. Born as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, his journey from Amritsar and Chandni Chowk to establishing himself as a film-industry legend in Mumbai, has inspired millions of strugglers who arrive in the ‘city of dreams’ with hope of making it big in the industry.

The biggest lesson or takeaway from Akshay’s glorious career is the way in which he has handled failure. For an actor with limitations and back-to-back flops in the first half of his career, Akshay has become one of the most consistent and versatile actors in the country today.

The last couple of years beginning with ‘Airlift’ last year to ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ this year, have been glorious for the actor. The post ‘Bahubali 2’ phase has seen many actors and big films fall, the only exception being Akshay’s ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ which is the only big success in the last 6 months.

The actor has also showed all-round improvement in the last two to three years. His choice of films have changed for the better, he is as fit as ever, critics like his films and the audience trust is now second only to Aamir Khan, even though he does six to eight times more films!

2018 could well be the best year of his career. The superstar has the north-south biggie ‘Robot 2.0’, followed by films like ‘Padman’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Mogul’. That’s one release every 3-4 months.

Here’s wishing Akshay Kumar a very happy 50th birthday. We hope he remains in the best of health and continues to entertain his fans for many more years.

P.S: Given the natural way he has led his life and his level of fitness, we wouldn’t be surprised if he doubles the numbers that he tweeted on his 50th birthday.



  • He is not just a superstar. He is the heartbeat of akkians and many more. The man keeps inspiring millions. Hope he remains as fit as ever and give memorable movies.

  • @Indicine…thanks for awesome article on box office king, all rounder, versatile superstar Akshay Kumar. Happy Birthday to my role model & inspiration for people.

  • Happy Birthday my superstar
    From childhood to now
    You are the only one whom I admire.
    How to get up from failures you are the biggest example.
    So humble and polite person.
    Wish you sweet birthday and evergreen success In your life. ?????

  • got a “superstar” tag with
    HGOTY -0
    2.2cr+ ffs-0
    Blockbusters-2 with only 2cr footfalls-lol
    record opening-1 in 26 years.

    if robot 2.0 is akki film then krishh3 is vivek oberoi film.
    who cares btw? robot 2.0 will be huge and he will return back to his 120cr club……

  • Some people say Akki is bigger than SRK now. Maybe but he was always bigger than Salman Khan until Eid 2010. Let me justify my claimwith stats
    Let see OPENING-That justifies stardom
    “Solo lead” films opening day collection of Akki that “solo lead film” of Salman chased:
    1994-1996: Salman chased Mohra
    1997-1999 Salman chased Khiladiyo ka khiladi
    2001-2005: Salman chased Ajnabee
    2005-2007: Salman chased Garam Masala
    2008-2010: Salman chased Singh Is Kingg

    Salman Lost 4 clashes against akki in both opening and lifetime
    1994. Sangdil sanam vs Hum hai Bemisaal
    1994 Andaaz apna apna vs Suhaag
    2005 Garam masala vs Kyu ki
    2009 Blue vs MAMK

    P.S. Ajnabee and Singhh is King were record openers. Sans SRK/Anil Salman had no record opener till 2010. Funny?

    • @sayara

      Lol…Kuch bhi bakega chhamiya? Even before 2010 Salman was way ahead of the so called global king, forget others. Let’s have a comparasion between Salman and Srk till 2010 (major BO records)….

      Highest Grosser Of The Century
      Salman – 1
      Srk – 0 (infact whole bollywood – 0)

      All Time Highest Grosser
      Salman – 1
      Srk – 0

      Highest Grosser Of The Decade
      Salman – 2
      Srk – 0

      Biggest Hit Of The Decade
      Salman – 2
      Srk – 0

      Highest Grosser Of The Decade
      Salman – 5
      Srk – 5 (finally matches Salman in something)

      All Time Blockbuster
      Salman – 2
      Srk – 2
      P.S : Salman’s ATBBs were much bigger in terms of footfalls.

      5cr/6cr/7cr Footfalls
      Salman – Yesss
      Srk – again ZERO.

      Statistics clearly say that Salman>>>srk, even before 2010.
      And according to your clash winner logic Ranveer Singh>>>srk… Akki is also light years ahead of Srk in terms of stardom Cz SRK runs from clashes in fear of Akki starrers (eg – JHMS).. So think hundred times before bringing such idiotic logic.

    • Arre siyar bhaiya..phir tum sasta ganja maar ke yahan comment karne aa gaye…kitni baar kaha hai acchi quality ka ganja khareedo..why does salman need to ‘chase’ akshay’s record of all people who ‘s never ever been in the same league as salman for last 26 yrs..he has always played second fiddle to salman whether its “mujhse shadi karogi” or “jaaneman”. Bhaiya Salman Khan is the only “megastar” of bollywood and akshay kumar is one of the many superstars. Btw, akshay is still “chasing” lifetime total of dabangg released 7yrs back and during this time salman has already more than doubled that total twice…hahaha…apples n oranges..there’s no comparision. Next time use good quality ganja ok.

      • @Neutralite
        I am talking about opening here.
        And in 1992 and 1993 too Khiladi and Waqt humara hai opened more than Sallu films that year

  • Second next to aamir? Where’s salman? Most trusted site making rubbish statements… why getting carried away? Nonsense

  • Happy bday akki paaji keeping fanwar aside I wish for your good health and may you continue to give successful films in future and hope your winning streak never ends once again wishing you from bottom of my heart

  • flop doesnt matter to a star when he has fans and talent to bounce back to have a long career.for example some stars have hit movies in his initial career but dissappears after 5-7 years lyk imran khan,sanjay kaapor,akhay khanna etc.

  • Happy Birthday Akshay Kumar.
    Who keeps reinventing himself from a so called wooden actor to one of the greatest entertainer of bollywood.
    Once an action hero, then a comedy king and now doing brilliant films with social input as well as some patriotic one. With 2.0 he will showcase his talent in a zoner he never tested year. Great 2016 & 2017 with biggies of them 2018 is awating. Its look like in 2018 he will replace either Salman or Aamir in top2 race. Best of luck. Stay healthy and inspiring, entertain fans and audience, stay away from controveries. Awaiting 2.0 probably biggest pan india movie of 2018 and second most awaited after TOH so far. Gold and Moghul will be great too.
    Happy Golden Jublee day.

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