Ghayal Once Again Hit or Flop: Business Economics

Sunny Deol returns with his second directorial venture, nearly 17 years after his last film Dillagi (1999). As an actor, he was last seen in the 2015 dud I Love New York.

His latest film faces an uphill task of recovering costs at the box office, as the film has been made on a budget of 32-35 crore and an additional 12 crore has been spent on print and marketing.

Recovery is going to be tough unless the film does extraordinarily well at mass centres. Ghayal Once Again could prove to be a non-starter at the all-important multiplexes, which generates more than 80% of business for majority of films these days.

There have been reports that the satellite rights of Ghayal Once Again has been sold for Rs 20 crore to Colors, but Viacom refused to confirm the figure.

Ghayal Once Again needs to collect around Rs 55 crore to recover costs, upwards of 65 crore to emerge a clean box office hit and 90 crore plus to be a super hit.



  • I saw Damini the other day…….and wow Sunny acts so brilliantly when he is restrained and helpless in the court scene……..for me, of all his act, the role in “Border” was the best………it was like he was the Major himself…..brilliant. !!!

  • those who want the film to be a hit only just want it to be.. they will not go and see the film a nd waste their money for sure.. how and who will watch an old 90s story!!

  • The prob with sunny is he never could reinvent himself that’s the result of his downfall. Salman reinvented from romantic comedy hero to action hero, Akki has done it many times from action hero to comic hero to ptatriotic hero.toos too late for sunny ji, he’s almost 60 and he should done it longtime back.

  • Given the word of mouth about this film. It will pass over 60 crore in 2 weeks and Sunny will be smilling . Sunny is a real hero who has not given up and even did the direction himself. We pray for him even in Kabul , Afghanistan becuase such humanity is rare to be found on earth now a days!

    best wishes from Afghan people to sunny !

  • Sunny is Super and a living legend , Mr. challa, whatever he said in aapki adalat is true and I know that story since 1993. He made a good and decent movie and wish him success for his film. Remember Sunny was a superstar long ago before this khan’s joined the Bollywood. He have a great screen presence and none of the other actor meets his potential.

  • Ha ha …Sunny has the last laugh. The movie is on its way to making 90+ coror! Yeh kamai ki taqat hai muje kisi ki pegda awi tukde ki reane ki zarorat nai!

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