Ghanta Awards 2015 Nominations

And the nominations for the Ghanta Awards 2015 are..

Ghanta Awards 2015 Worst Film

  • Humshakals
  • Kick
  • Gunday

Ghanta Awards 2015 Worst Director

  • Sajid Khan (Humshakals)
  • Kabir Sadanand (Fugly)
  • Sohail Khan (Jai Ho)

Ghanta Awards 2015  Worst Actor

  • Saif Ali Khan (Humshakals, Happy Ending)
  • Salman Khan (Jai Ho, Kick)
  • Ajay Devgn (Singham Returns, Action Jackson)

Ghanta Awards 2015  Worst Actress

  • Sonakshi Sinha (Holiday, Action Jackson, Lingaa)
  • Bipasha Basu (Humshakals, Creature 3D)
  • Saif Ali Khan/Ram Kapoor/Riteish Deshmukh (Humshakals)

Worst Rip-Off/Remake

  • Ek Villain from I Saw The Devil
  • Fugly from Rang De Basanti+Fukrey+Dil Chahta Hai+Shaitaan
  • Bang Bang! from Knight And Day

Worst Breakthrough/Launch

  • Mannara a.k.a Barbie Handa (Zid)
  • Shekhar Suman as director (Heartless)
  • Yo Yo Honey Singh (The Xpose)

Worst Song

  • Photocopy (Jai Ho)
  • Ice Cream khaungi (The Xpose)
  • Caller Tune (Humshakals)

Worst Couple

  • Salman Khan and Daisy Shah in Jai Ho
  • Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in Gunday
  • Ajay Devgn and Yami Gautam/Sonakshi Sinha/Manasvi Mamgai in Action Jackson

That’s Anything But Sexy

  • Sonakshi Sinha boxing/playing rugby/basketball/volleyball in Holiday
  • Everything and everyone in Bang Bang!
  • Manasvi Mamgai seducing Ajay Devgn and kissing Kunaal Roy Kapoor in Action Jackson

WTF Was That

  • Suneil Shetty in Army tank saving Salman’s rickshaw on city streets in Jai Ho
  • Sonakshi Sinha trying to see Ajay Devgn’s genitals for good luck in Action Jackson
  • Jackky Bhagnani ‘inheriting’ PMship from dead father in Youngistaan

Shit Nobody Saw

  • Subhash Ghai ki Aag: Kaanchi
  • Suneil Shetty’s wronged cop acts in Koyelaanchal and Desi Kattey
  • B-grade horror movies: Machli Jal ki Rani Hai, Mumbai 125 KMS 3D, 6-5=2, 3 A.M.

Most Controversial Controversy

  • Abhay Deol against Music industry (Getting punched in time for ‘One By Two’)
  • Actors of Humshakals later dissing Humshakals
  • Kapil Sharma not promoting Hate Story 2 because it’s of sexual nature

Worst Case Of Miscasting

  • Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom
  • Tiger Shroff as a Hero
  • Sonam Kapoor as an IPL physiotherapist in Khoobsurat

Special Sajid Khan Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Sajid Khan


    • @babaji
      As Srk buy awards every year and got nomination every year according to his haters then why BHAI remain behind??Bhai and ghanta are made for each other….6 nominations for bhai movies ,6 for humshakal but actually 7 as Sajid Khan got lifetime achievement..

    • Yes, Kick in the list has really pissed me off!! Worst couple, Salman-Daisy, acceptable. Actually, these awards show go only to those that care for award statues. Salman doesnt like any award, be it Ghanta or Fakecare!!

  • Looks like Our Bhai is their Fav Actor! Every year he gets some nomination.

    But, Honestly, Kick shouldn’t have been there! As they have decided to include 3 candidates only,
    it should have been

    Action Jackson

  • Caller tune was not a bad song. Ata Majhi Satakli/Baki Sab First class/Non-sense ki night were terribly composed and too irritating

    • Tu Meri was itritating as hearing tu meri sung 200 times does t make it a song…. No chorus just verse after verse of tu meri…,

    • i think u’are trying to say Bang Bang deserves Sexy award …and i agree wth u ..but ur actual statement here grammatically means bang bang deserves anything but “not the” Sexy award..and that is why the word “but” is there to imply the meaning..

  • Ghanta award admin gonna mad becoz kick not worst movie.
    Anybody can answer me….
    Kick, bang bang and hny, three of them which movie worst?

  • ghanta awards sponsored by happy new year….so there is no nominations for dat film….all these awards deserved by HNY ….

  • All the nominations are exactly and truly deserving!!
    And the launch one is just perfect, mannara is just headache and irritating whenever on the screen

  • This list incomplete without our king srk. This time srk wouldn’t buy this award just like he buy other award.

    • if he buy awards why he wasnt nominated fot FilmFare ? or you think he will get it even he is not nominated…? what a stuped idiot you has to be someone like you :D

  • Where worst patriotic film??? HNY should get that award.

    Worst actor should go to Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor .
    Worst Actress should definitely go to Sonakshi Singh
    While our worst support actor should to Arjun KApoor and Worst Couple or jodi should go to Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer ( they were pathetic in Gunday).

  • Film-humshakals,
    Drector-sohail khan,
    Actor-salman khan,
    Actress-bhipasa basu,
    Rip-off/remake-bang bang,
    Breakthrough launch-shekhar sumar,
    Couple-salman khan,
    Sexy-sonakshi sinha,
    WTF-suniel shetty
    Noboday show-shubhash,

  • Where is worst patriotic film??? HNY should get that award.

    Worst actor should go to Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor .
    Worst Actress should definitely go to Sonakshi Singh
    While our worst support actor should to Arjun KApoor and Worst Couple or jodi should go to Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer ( they were pathetic in Gunday).

  • Our king every time paid for get award but this time he paid for not get award.
    Sajid khan toh badsaah hai iss award ka.Lol

  • wtf moment for salman fan… btw kick doesn’t deserve though the story of movie has been copied from too many movie like dhoom 1,2 don and krish but it wasn’t crap it all.
    and also he didn’t derserve worst actor for jai ho either.

  • Kick was good and Salman was superb as devil but in the beginning he acted very badly when he was doing useless things for his kick

  • My Middle finger salute to the jury.Seriously Salman for kick and jai ho.Yes jai Jo has some terrible thing but Salman wasn’t bad.They haven’t include CE last year and now hny and there were seriously many wtf point them too.Ghanta awards sucks.

    • so you think salman is better actor than KING KHAN!!!!!!!!if you think so you’re also a ghajini like your perfaketionist you complan boy.

  • Baby Review: A predictable story with lots of thrills and solid performances.

    To be honest, over expectations killed a lot of joy for me. Baby was getting extra-ordinary reviews from all critics and I went into the theater expecting a mind-blowing film. It’s a really good film, but Neeraj Pandey, who had mastered the art of conning his audience with unexpected twists plays it rather predictably this time.

    So what is Baby? Baby is a 5-year trial program where undercover agents are trained to fight terrorism freely with a clause that Indian Government would never claim their identity as an Indian in worst case scenario. We have interesting actors like Danny, Neeraj regular – Anupam Kher, Rana and the terrific Tapsee to support Akshay in their mission.

    The first half of the film was a bumpy ride where time was taken to give us all the characters. I got the feeling that Neeraj has lost it completely, but the second half of the film with it’s extremely well edited scenes is so high on thrills, they take your breath away more than twice!

    Another impressive thing about Baby is, it more than once turns a cliche on it’s head. So here we don’t have the hero successfully defusing bombs at the last minute nor any overtly sentimental melodrama. What we get is SOLID ENTERTAINMENT!

    Akshay plays his part exceptionally well. Easily one of his strongest performance. Danny and Anupam Kher lend good support. Tapsee in a small yet powerful scene leaves a lasting impression. The editing is terrific and the direction is quite good. The screenplay however is strictly above average. A scene where we see no traffic on Marine Drives is absolutely outrageous and annoying.

    Neeraj however manages to get the required tension and intensity so well that I’m more than willing to ignore some of it’s flaws. He sets the mood, gives you clap worthy moments, extracts riveting performance from his cast and gives you an entertainer which is incredibly engaging.

    Though muddled with logical loopholes, Baby is still a clear winner, thanks to it’s brisk pacing, sharp dialogues and terrific performances. Akshay and Neeraj have done it twice in a row.

    Final Words: Go watch it. What are you waiting for?

    Rating: 7.5/10

    • Though you guys were arguing with each other but One thing is similarly between you and sambudhha that you both rated movie with scale of 10 instead of 5.

    • @sky

      I always love rating on scale of 10. But I don’t give any movie above 8 unless and until it is outstanding. The last time I rated a film 9 (On IMDB it was Taare Zameen Par) Rang De, Chak De, Lagaan, Munna Bhai all are 8-8.5 for me. Only Bollywood film I gave 10 is Anand which simply blew my mind.

      So unlike him (2 states 8.5 lol) I’m quite strict with my ratings.

  • I haven’t seen AJ yet but I don’t know how come Ajay Devgn agree to do these kind of scenes where lead heroine want to see his organ.Seriously what were they thinking and wasted crore of rs.

  • Jai ho surely deserved a nomination in the worst movies category.I don’t know why Salman chose to do a movie which was more of a cartoon as said by a critic

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