Ae Dil Hai Mushkil vs Housefull 3 on June 3 2016

Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Sajid Nadiadwala’s Housefull 3 will clash at the box office soon after the IPL next year. The co-producers of ‘2 States’ have announced their films for the same day, setting up a clash between Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.

Interestingly, if the two films release on the same day, it would also be a clash between Abhishek Bachchan (who has been signed to play a important role in Housefull 3) and his wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (who plays the lead in the Karan Johar directed film).

Both films will go on floors later this year.

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai



  • Definately houseful 3 ….. Ae dil mushkil will be doomed because of flop performance of roy,velvet, jagga jasoos…. Evrybody know that ranbir is media created star..

  • I am least bothered because ranbir might pop link-up media news with ash to gain hype for his film… But after flop roy, jaaga, velvet….nobody will least bother for this film…
    Houseful 3 all the way!

  • Another example to prove that how greedy and selfish bollywood is. But in other way its always a good newd for us to get chance to see some quality movies at the same day for which we have to wait for long in bollywood. Anyway best of luck akki and kjo.

  • 1st now jagga jasoos is releasing on 27th Nov 2015 now definitely tamasha will not release this year and now I don’t think so ae dil hai mushkil will release on 3rd june 2016
    housefull 3 deserve this date
    when AIRLIFT will release I think in Feb or Apr 2016…

  • Finally I watched baby
    my baby short review even I will not
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    review…I m gonna called it my baby
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    totally Paisa vasool movie…
    baby is best, outstanding,
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    1st holiday, ek the tiger is totally
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    then baby will definitely give u
    answer of all this question…
    hats off to neeraj pandey n akshay kumar
    last word baby is must must must
    watch movie…
    raiting — 5/5
    this movie deserve blockbuster

  • No it won’t. Both have casually announced the release dates.
    Most probably Tamasha will release on that day. I am saying so bcoz Sajid and Karan have both booked the slot but will never clash their movies.
    And since Tamasha is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, he’ll give 1st preference to it.

  • That will be an interesting clash . But is too early to say this . Because one year time is left . Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is a Romantic movie and Housefull 3 is a Comedy movie . Both are different genres . Housefull Brand is successful on the other hand Karan Johar has a 100 % success ratio . The cast of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil looks interesting and different . I am not a fan of Housefull Series but they were atleast entertaining . But the current trend of Comedy movies is pathetic to say the least . Some comedy movies of 7 – 8 years back are still enjoyable and are miles better than today’s comedy movies .

    • Ya that’s true.Some of the earlier comedy movies like Garam masala,Awara paagal deewana,HP,Golmaal,Dholare still far more funnier than the current ones.

  • housefull 3 awesome awesome awesome
    finally Akki sir is back in comedy…
    but release is not looking so good Akki sir deserve christmas or diwali release date

  • baby review

    baby is the latest offering from writer director Neeraj Pandey,a man behind 2 higly entertaining realistic thrillers-a Wednesday and Special 26.Thus the expectations were high on the day film was announced that too with a versatile but underachieving superstar akki in lead role.

    baby is basically the name of a secret convert counter intelligennt unit formed by the best officers from our forces whose rask is to secretly counter all the terrorism threat to our country.this group has been assembled by danny denzongpa and has akki,tapsee,rana and few others in their group. while on a mission to counter a terrorism group akki realises that there is a very dreadful attack being planned by a maniacal terrorism mastermind played by maulana.His big idea is to spread fear among the mankind on their very existence and question everyones survival.His network spreads all over the world in places like kathmandu,istanbul,abu dhabi,new delhi and mumbai.After lot of hardwork team baby finally manages to know the big plan which is to do larger scale aerial attack in mumbai/delhi.

    So will our unsung protectors-Team Baby manage to save us from this dreadful attack and if our heroes do succeed in their mission will they get their due recognition???

    Now in last 2 decades v hv seen several anti terrorism film but wat sets baby appart from everyone is the handling of the subject by the genius called Neeraj Pandey.Also hats off to him for not including any needless melodrama,romantic track,songs or a jingoistic treatment to the subject of terrorism.

    This movie is filled with several power packed scenes but watch out for the scene where tapsee pannu has well choreographed fight with sushanth or all the undertone humour in several scenes.

    The dialogues r excellent and the locations,production design,cinematography,costume design,make up r all world class

    In terms of performances everyone does a solid job especially the Pakistani actor playing the main villain in the film is a treat to watch

    But the most satisfying thing for me about this film was to see the highly talented akki give a power packed performance in a solid film.

    Having said that one has to criticize the films uneven pace and the overstretched climax.there r several scenes in the 2nd half which could hv easily been trimmed but despite all of them being good the film does tire u in certain moments.the final scene also should hv been more power packed after the huge build up

    But overall baby is a satisfying watch and definitely among the top3 anti terrorism films made in india


  • No chance of clash.But Ae dil hai mushkil will be a great film.KJO KANK is most favorite movie of mine…I have watched it several several times….My love ,my passion for SRK is because of this movie….I hope KJO repeat the magic..

  • Ae dil hai mushkil = 350cr …
    Jagga jasoos= 300cr.
    Tamasha= 350cr…
    Bombay velvet = 250cr ..
    Prdp= 225cr, bb = 225cr ..
    Fan=175cr .. Raees =175cr.
    Ranbir is undisputed ruler.. Srk sallu r bakwaas…

  • This is possibly my first comment in 2015. Or after the change of the web design of Indicine! congrats @Indicine It looks amazing!!

    I will watch Houseful 3 over Ae Dil Besharm Hai. It will flop along with naanga jaasoos I think!

  • @indicine
    i have seen baby..
    Here is my take…
    Action – perfect
    cinematography- perfect
    screenplay- perfect
    script- perfect
    story- perfect
    acting – perfect
    ratings – 5/5
    believe me guyzzz,,, watch this perfect film only for akshay kumar…… Don’t be typical audience only to watch films which r hyped due to link-ups…

    My rating 5/5 ..
    Patriotic, sharp, intelligent thriller…
    Plz plz go for it… Baby rocks, akki rocks,, !!!

  • Caste or religion ke column mein ham likthe hai india.patriotic movie ever.salute to all soldiers who lives for our country.
    baby-great filim.

  • OMG ..i dint know that housefull 3 exists in first place ..tell me the release date..i’m gonna book tickets for jupiter :)

  • @Ajinkya who the hell are u to decide Ranbir’s all upcoming movies will be flops… look everybody knows Akshay is a flopstar nt Rk & Baby opening told everything abt Akshay’s Star power. Ranbir’s every films takes huge openig on the other hand Akshay’s film takes only 20-30% opening in spite of huge promotion. Chhiiiiii shame on u n u predict bad abt Ranbir’s movie…..this is called jealousy

  • BABAJI’s BABY Review:: Thoroughly Engaging but won’t blow you off!!
    **** This Review contains SPOILERS,move ahead at your own risk****
    Finally watched my most anticipated film of the year: BABY directed by Neeraj Pandey.And it was my most awaited film for a reason as the same director had given us two exceptional films in A Wednesday and Special 26.Both these films were engaging,thrilling and had a gripping narrative that will hook you through the entire duration.So does BABY succeeds in doing so? Let’s find out!

    BABY starts off with a bang with few brilliantly choreographed action scenes and never loses pace throughout the first half or I should say the entire length.Baddies make a menacing introduction through some brilliant dialogues.Akshay’s scenes with Madhurima are well shot and adequately timed,will not make you impatient for the main story.First half has some kickass dialogues but the story wavers and is’nt clear as to what’s going with the intoduction of so many characters.However there are some scenes that standout such as Akshay interrogating Taufeeq,Maulana’s intro.
    Second half begins briskly with Tapsee and Akki in nepal,Tapsee shines in her limted role.Definitely one of the best moments of the film.The pace is never down,the thrills are there in almost every single frame.Anupam Kher enters the film in the second half and provides much needed comic relief.Akshay delivers one of his best performances,right from the first scene his absolutely brilliant but what let me down is the climax,though most critics have liked it.It seem rushed and things went too easily their way.If you have watched Argo,you will be left a tad disappointed with the climax.It is weaker in comparison and has every chances to leave you upset.It will be predictable for you.SPOILER***:I could’nt understand why the Saudi Police officer let them fly off when he was shown inspecting so seriously!
    Overall a must watch as these kind of films are not made everyday in bollywood,it will keep you engaged and hooked at the edge of your seat throughout but a better climax would have made it a great film.Sometimes keeping too high expectations results in you leaving a bit disappointed something that happened with indicine at the time of PK.Definitely it is’nt Neeraj’s best work.I will rate it less than A wednesday and Special 26.

    I am going with 3.50/5

    Akshay is fantastic of his best performances.
    Great support cast in Danny,Tapsee,Anupam and Rana.
    Villains does geat job.
    Action scenes are realistic,one of the best in a bollywood film.
    Beautiful locales and great cinematography.

    Story is unidirectional and is’nt multilayered.
    Climax is a letdown if you have seen Argo.
    No major twists,it’s quite predictable.

  • @hitesh baby is not promoted at all.. Even holiday is not promoted…… Akki does not need deepika affair to make yjhd hit… Nor does hypes affair with katrina to make naanga jasoos hit ..
    Bitter truth for rk fans is rk is media created star.. Take out KAPOOR surname , and he is spotboy for akki films..

  • Not interested any of them.Houseful series is not kind of film which I liked or want to watch and KJO knowns to made huge budget over the top melodrama which is far from reality most of time.
    @ajinkya seriously when akki was young he had most no of linkup with various heroine,he was always in news for his linkup whether his film success or not.Ranbir in his young age and being a charming personality he always been surrounding with his co stars and linkup news and it not new.Regarding talent only a foolish guy can say Ranbir is bad actor. Want to see just watch Wake up did,Barfi,Rocket Singh of Rock star.

  • @Ajinkya Akshay was a waiter that doesn’t mean Rk would have a spot boy if he is nt a kapoor. When a boy like Akshay cn be a actor who neither good looking nor a great actor like Rk thn why nt Rk……Ranbir has everything to be successful hero & and u will hv to accept tht fact. Ur jealousy can’t destroy his career and here u r talking abt Ranbir’s link up n break up……but wht abt Akshay who had affair with Rekha………..ur Akki is more characterless thn Rk…….Ranbir ladkiyon ke piche nhi, ladkiyan Ranbir ke piche bhagti hai.

    • “When a boy like Akshay who neither has looks nor a great actor like RK.”

      Your argument is creepy. Akshay had to struggle for years, even after Khiladi he worked with many awful directors/producers and he rose to fame all by himself. Now compare Ranbir. 1st film with a superhit director like SLB with 3 back to back successes (HDDCS, Black, Devdas) second film with a huge banner like YRF, third film with another huge banner like Dharma (Wake up Sid)

      Yes, Ranbir is a terrific actor but Akshay has come up on his own. And watch Baby if you think Rk is better than AK. Apart from Barfi and Rocket Singh I havent found anything outstanding in him so far.

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