Ghanta Awards 2013 Winners

Ghanta AwardsSalman Khan (Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger) and Sonakshi Sinha (Dabangg 2, Rowdy Rathore, Joker) won the Ghanta Awards 2013 for Worst Actor and Actress respectively. Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar was declared the worst film of 2012, while Ram Gopal Varma was chosen as the Worst Director.

The Ghanta Awards 2013 was held at the JW Marriott in Mumbai on 15th February 2013.

Ghanta Awards 2013 Winners

  • Worst Actor 2013 – Salman Khan (Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger)
  • Worst Actress – Sonakshi Sinha (Dabangg 2, Joker, Rowdy Rathore)
  • Worst Film – Son Of Sardaar
  • Worst Director – Ram Gopal Varma (Bhoot Returns, Department)
  • Worst Song – Paw Paw Paw Paw (Son Of Sardar)
  • Worst Sequel – Housefull 2
  • Worst Supporting Actor - Mithun Chakraborty
  • Worst Supporting Actress – Sonam Kapoor (Players)
  • Anything but Sexy - Tushaar Kapoor’s strip tease and man boobs in Kya Super Kool Hai Hum
  • Worst Couple - Rajneesh Duggal, Karishma Kapoor (Dangerous Ishq)
  • Worst Remake / Ripoff – Agent Vinod
  • Worst Breakthrough of the year – Sunny Leone (Jism 2)
  • WTF was that award - A love quadrangle with Jesus in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

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    Salman Khan scores almost twice second ranker Akshay Kumar, while Kareena Kapoor overtakes Katrina Kaif to regain the top slot in Times Celebex, India’s first, most definitive and scientific ranking system for Bollywood actors in the month of December.
    Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan edged their way back to the Top of Times Celebex powered by Zoom! In the month of December. Launched in September, the Times Celebex is a monthly rating index based on several measurable parameters, including the stars’ Box-Office performance, their ability to stay in the news across print, TV and online, their brand endorsement, and their popularity among fans on the internet and social media. These are taken cumulatively to assign the actors a final rank called the ‘T Score’.
    While SRK had the highest T Score in November, he slipped to the number 3 slot in December. Salman, with 89 points gained the top spot, and was just one point short of Akshay and SRK combined for the month of December.

    Times Celebex is a scientific and robust ranking system based on data collected from 200+ publications and 250+ TV channels, making it the first ever ranking system for Bollywood. We have put together the stars’ raking for the month of December. The rating for January will be announced on March 1.

    Rank Actor TScore
    1 Salman Khan 89.0
    2 Akshay Kumar 48.0
    3 Shah Rukh Khan 42.0
    4 Aamir Khan 39.0
    5 Saif Ali Khan 28.5
    6 Amitabh Bachchan 26.0
    7 Hrithik Roshan 18.0
    8 Ranbir Kapoor 15.3
    9 Ajay Devgn 15.0
    10 John Abraham 13.8

    After a short break , Pandeyji re-claimed his number one position thanks to Dabangg2’s box office performance. He is also the highest searched India actor on the Internet with 1 cr plus searches in December and his popularity as the host of Bigg Boss added to his total scrore.

    Tune in to the special show on zoom tonight at 8 p.m. Log on to for more details

  • No matter what ever says
    Hw media or haters try bring Salman Khan Down
    Salman Khan is just get more bigger & better
    As u ppl say he can’t act tht n this
    How his movies being Record braking Blockbusters..
    Normally if someone trying to remake a Tamil movie or telingu
    We have watch the originals, but when Salman dose
    The remake it becomes a blockbuster far far away than the original
    How is that, when we already know the movie n story..
    Coz Salman Khan is an actor who creates magic on movies
    His style very down to eirth & entertaining
    Dabangg 2 & Ek tha tiger was great and the top movies last years
    Stupid and jealous guys dose stupid comments, can’t help
    Salman Khan is the best ever

  • hahaha…look at the face of these loosers…”ghanta” awards…i can’t stop myself laugh…but these awards are not biased for salman fans ..i…..salman truely desrved these awards and thus, he got it…
    @navin…, salman won “ghanta” awards…

  • Navin sumtimes I think u r intelligent enough….
    But by posting such comments like shahrukh buys awards…..ur idiotic n impractical side gets visible…
    Atleast hav sum sense….arguing wid sum1 izz gud unless u hav pratical reazonsss…..just by barking a sentence 1000 times u cant convert a lie to reality

  • @to all salman fans…now u have any complaints that these awards are biased or unfair?? i think u guys are ecstatic with this news that salman has won an award (for that he was truely desrving)…hats off to the jury that they didn’t discriminete b/w actors and they made a fair judgement…

  • How many films were made this year?

    How come they are giving awards to only famous films?

    Guess what, if you give to some flop films that didn’t even run 2 days and with no superstar, who the heck will raise an eyebrow.

    So, awards whether filmfare or ghanta, these are just publicity seekers who are out to cash on the popularity of successful films and stars.

    Ghanta gets a bit GHANTA from real movie viewers.

  • ha ha ha ha nvs good joke man you are a true fan of salman, wow you cant beleive he has won worst actor award which he truly deserves it ha ha ha ha!! when ra one won kela awards you are the same people commenting and making merry now wat happened when salman won the worst actor award seriously you guys beleive the action salman delivers is really great ha ha ha ha ha

  • really,salman is most popular actor of this time…his all fans have voted for him…hopefully lallu bhai will also win Golden kela…haahahaa…

  • @NVS….hahaha…so much frstation…it is not good for ur health baby….y r u not accepting that salman truley desrved it and thus he got the same…it’s very tough to convince u guys…if salman doesn’t win an award , then u salman fans start barking simultaneously , that this award show is fixed bla bla bla..and if salman wins an award, in that case too, u start barking abt fixing and all that…wat is this yaar…calm down and enjoy this “ghanta award” won by ur salman…:P
    @indicine…plz stop this formality of “moderation”, bcoz nthng is working under ur “moderation”…

  • First of all, these award are non-sense as you can’t insult an actor publically, who has been working in this industry since last 20 yrs (even if he desrved it).But i think that they might honor any B-Grade actor or any junior artist for this award instead for making so much drama for cheap publicity.So for me, these awards are totally rubbish.

    @NVS.Dude.I am sorry to say, but had you checked your comment before posting???
    I think you typed all these words emotionally and posted this comment in your anger.But when you get calm, then read your comment, what have you written in your comment.
    Look, everybody knows that they established these awards and nominated top actors of industry just for the sake of cheap publicity.And it was totally their decision whom to honor with these awards and whom to not.But , why you dragged “SRK” in between.And what do you want to prove with your cheap creation (as you created all this conversation between RAJEEV and SRK).
    Dude, hating an person is another thing , but writing these cheap words just for letting him down is an unbearable and unacceptable talk.You can blame jury,concerned organization for any ups and downs, but blaming SRK in this cheap way without any evidence is not fair.
    We have communicated before in a decent way, so i thought to alert you about your silly mistake.
    So, i will request you to use your sensiblity (as i find you sensible) in different areas to defend your idol, but not to let other one down in a wrong way.Hope you will understand.

  • After dabangg2,
    Sachin11,tejas, NVS:- Salman delivers the best performence all time
    dabangg2 is the best movie
    total paisa vasool
    hollywood type action

    result:- Won ‘ Ghanta’ award
    truly deserve
    now enjoy ur award
    salman created a record here too,
    won award for two ‘ghanta’ films

  • Those Salman Fans who talks about money/collection:-
    ” Money is nt every thing, Respect is all …. Sunny Leone also have money :-p ”

  • What A Reply By SRK …
    A Journalist asked SRK : ”You and Salman come under a same it’s natural that ur and Salman’s fans will count the collection..wha ­ t u say about that?”
    SRK replied:”My fans..??my fans come from heart and support me from heart”

  • My fav. actor in bollywood is shahrukh and i wanna act with him- Kristen Stewart
    Ab salman ke fans ko ye ni pta ki kristen konh so plz ‘google’ karo

  • DEaR Salman khan,
    srk ko kai world level university se invitation aate hai aur bhai ko court ka bulawa aata hai…haha :D
    Ur fans call u “bhai”..
    nd we srkFan call SRK as “king”..
    Bhai rules on limited only in his own area..juz by some action movie same action type…
    But King Rules The world….By action,Emotion, romantic,Classi c moives etc..
    Hoga tu kisi ek do moHalle ka bhai….
    Lekin pura world king ka deewana hai….!!

  • @123@somebody. Hahahaha….. No, its not only me, but the entire country cant believe that srk did not get the much deserving ghanta award for his GHANTA+CRAP+GARBAGE+MENTAL TORTURING acting in the most boring crap movie ever made jthj. The whole country was damn sure that srk will be compulsorily winning both the ghanta awards & golden khela awards this time, and even bets worth as much as 125 crores (lol.. Which is less than jthj’s collections in india) were riding on srk but unfortunately for bookies, he cheated all of them. But i feel srk will not disappoint them more by winning the golden khela this time. After all he deserves those awards more than anyone else.

  • @quazar i.e bobby darling’s hubby, you may be a gay but i am not and definitely not a sick gay like your proven gaystar/crapstar srk. Lol….. And do you know that Your gaystar/crapstar srk is the world’s biggest gay icon and he has the most number of gay fans in india and may be in the whole world as well.

  • @xzone. Chill dude, i can understand the humiliation and insult of being a srk fan in india and i can only sympathise for that. And as far as srk not getting the much deserving ghanta award for his ghanta acting in jthj, its more to do with the jury members, You know that very well, the jury members are all close to srk and rajeev is his friend, so obviously they didnt include srk’s name in the list in the first place and then chose his biggest rival salman khan, the biggest megastar in the country. You also know that if there were some pro-salman jury members or even neutral jury instead of this jury, srk was the first choice and would have won it easily. Anyway i already said that except the national awards, i dont even care about other awards and the day srk wins a national award (lol.. or probably a oscar award), i may change my thoughts about his crap acting and regard him as an true actor.

  • @Damnnnn…!!! Jesus christ will read comments before harking on and on and on???
    As I commented already Im happy Bhai won Ghanta, its an award so wheres the problem guys.
    Difference is you and your evil soul xzone are not happy SRK got an award too for WTF was that Quadrangle love story involving son of god. To you guys that was great story telling and highly innovative to involve Jesus alongside SRK. It shows how King is a Man of the Heavens too etc and not just a mere mortal like all the rest of us. Praise be to King SRK.
    Accept Srk deserved his award too and then we can all be content and get on out of here onto another article.
    @xzone bhai won SRKs Ghanta Award- srk sad now….!!!!

  • These salman fans are abusing srk for nothing…….
    I don’t know when they grow up
    a selfmade actor who is giving every movie hit/superhit in india and blockbuster in overseas…

    Even salman respect srk a lot
    ‘watch biggboss’

    why these cheap salman fans hates srk i don’t know
    even srk doesn’t say against salman

  • Due to this award , gays gets so excited and happy because their dream comes true by another gay rajeev masand. All gays keep it.

  • Akshay Kumar Completes Staggering 2000 crore at Box Office in his Career.
    Akshay Kumar has become the first actor in Bollywood to complete a staggering 2000 crore in his entire career. Yes you have read it right. It is not Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan or even Amitabh Bachchan, but it is the king kumar who has set this unprecedented record.

  • @nvs
    why do you cling to such cheap comments
    and abuse like that you better see a doctor your situation is deteriorating day by day
    why dont you accept the fact that salman cant act and his performnce in dabbang2is just rubbish crap acting deserves all the worst awards there is
    you should know that rajeev masand is a critic for cnn so better change you opinion
    cause rajeev masand is american critic wake up baby

  • congrates me 4 ghanta awards.. i am thankful 2 my fans 4 choosing me 4 ghanta award… i rally deserve it…

    ur ghanta bhai with ghnta acting…….

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