Ghanta Awards 2013 Winners

Ghanta AwardsSalman Khan (Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger) and Sonakshi Sinha (Dabangg 2, Rowdy Rathore, Joker) won the Ghanta Awards 2013 for Worst Actor and Actress respectively. Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar was declared the worst film of 2012, while Ram Gopal Varma was chosen as the Worst Director.

The Ghanta Awards 2013 was held at the JW Marriott in Mumbai on 15th February 2013.

Ghanta Awards 2013 Winners

  • Worst Actor 2013 – Salman Khan (Dabangg 2, Ek Tha Tiger)
  • Worst Actress – Sonakshi Sinha (Dabangg 2, Joker, Rowdy Rathore)
  • Worst Film – Son Of Sardaar
  • Worst Director – Ram Gopal Varma (Bhoot Returns, Department)
  • Worst Song – Paw Paw Paw Paw (Son Of Sardar)
  • Worst Sequel – Housefull 2
  • Worst Supporting Actor - Mithun Chakraborty
  • Worst Supporting Actress – Sonam Kapoor (Players)
  • Anything but Sexy - Tushaar Kapoor’s strip tease and man boobs in Kya Super Kool Hai Hum
  • Worst Couple - Rajneesh Duggal, Karishma Kapoor (Dangerous Ishq)
  • Worst Remake / Ripoff – Agent Vinod
  • Worst Breakthrough of the year – Sunny Leone (Jism 2)
  • WTF was that award - A love quadrangle with Jesus in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

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  • This shitty Ghanta Award doesnt make any sense.. even Salman, Srk, Akshay, Aamir, Ajay fans would agree on that..

  • I give importance…
    Now m thinking what navin wil write….
    Ghantaaa bhai roxxx….
    It has given full justice….salman atlast won an award n dat too on his ability n dat izzz ”ghantaaa acting”

  • Great news- Salman bhai has won the Ghanta Award- news of this has reached srks palace and king srk is in a state of shock… King SRK cant believe there was an Awards show which he wasnt informed about nor given the opportunity to perform his nautanki dabangg dance moves. King SRK is furious at his staff for not bribing the jury in order to get the award for himself. :-(
    @xzone bhai won Ghanta without buying it… :-P

  • Breaking News- srk is now happy people and has called a news conference for this afternoon where he will personally receive the WTF was this Award from organisers. King SRK is overjoyed at this news as he altered the script by suggesting to Yash Ji that a love triangle between 2 hot actresses and a King can only be bettered by also including the son of god. What a genius our King is.
    The presentation ceremony will be attended by many journalists including international media persons from Times magazine and Washington Post. King is truly a global superstar and international stars such as Tom Cruise and Leonardo Dicaprio will be so envious of our King.
    SRKs henchmen such as xzone and star can now breath normally as their king can win any award salman bhai does but do it with extraordinary splendour and style. All izz well within the srkian world.
    @damnnnn…!!! Srk roxXxXx

  • @indicine Plz reply

    This is a non-sense awards function which only find in India. This award has no value n respect by all the audience but also this site promoting this award function with high interest .why this is so indicine?
    I thought this site is one of the biggest site of Indian film industry but it’s not a true.

    I think it is better to promote rape cases in this site besides giving good/best solution of that through media. It is better to promote criminal besides preventing them
    It is better to murder cases besides to …….

    It is so sad to know that Indian media like this Indicine ..

  • i want to see the face of nvs sachin 11 navin teja and all the sallu fans wwho gave us headaches with their hype about dabbang 2
    i cant belieeve he has won an award at last cheers i mean go wash your face

  • i knew my above comments are not publish because i against srk. Only srk fans have permision to give abusive comments.

  • Hardly anyone cares about Ghanta Awards. BTW Salman Khan(Worst Actor – ETT, D2), Son of Sardar(Worst Movie) and RGV(Worst Director) honestly deserve Ghanta awards. Salman, Ajay and RGV should be sued for making such worst movies. LOL. Also I think it’s unfair to list Housefull 2 as worst sequel and Agent Vinod as worst remake. Agent Vinod is far better than ETT as an action-spy film.

  • @Ram…actually is not only in India…Hollywood has it, under the name “Golden Raspberry Award”! Even if I grow up with american movies, I don’t watch their shows, only the indian ones, so as far I’m concern like I said before, finally some good awards!

  • if agent vinod is better thn ETT…saif romantic movies humtum,cocktail,love aaj kal and salaam namasate is far better movies thn kuch kuch hot hai,dil pagal to hai,diwale dulhnia,chalte chalte and rab ne…saif movies are realistic thn over the top srk romantic films…

  • Breaking news!! headlines today channel have got hold of the audio recordings of some secret talk between shahrukh khan and rajeev masand regarding the fixing of ghanta awards. Here are the details:
    On 5th jan 2013 at 6:09 p.m :
    srk in phone to rajeev masand :”hai rajeev darling how are you, its been a long time since we slept with each other. Ok forget about it, i just came to know that you are one of the most important jury member to the ghanta awards panel this time. So my hot lover, please dont include my name in this list. I already have enough embarrassments, insults coming my way and i dont want to win this award. You very well know that i bought many awards in the past and i can buy any award i want, but i dont want this ghanta award at any cost. I also know that my crap, s#it, garbage, physical & mental torturing, faltu acting in jthj only deserves the ghanta award but i dont want it this time. Please i am begging You to include my archrivals salman, akshay & ajay’s name in the list”.
    Rajeev: ” but srk darling, how is it possible? Everyone in the industry and the whole of india are sure that you will be getting both the ghanta and golden khela awards this time and even the event organizers are preparing for that”
    srk:”but jaanu, the nominees list hasnt been prepared as of yet, so you have to do what i am saying”.
    Rajeev:”are you ordering me or requesting?”
    srk:”no my bed partner, i am not ordering you, please please please i am humbly requesting you”.
    Rajeev:”just for free?”
    srk:”ok, how much money you want?”
    rajeev:”if you want ajay you win then you have to pay 5 lakhs, for akshay it is 10 lakhs and for salman it is 60 lakhs!”
    srk: “what 60 lakhs for salman, are you joking? You know how big a kanjoos i am, i can only pay 20 lakhs”
    rajeev: “now you are joking, we are taking about salman khan, the biggest megastar in the country, so itna tho bantha hai”
    srk: ” darling, with such high amount i can buy 2 filmfare or stardust awards, then why should i pay such high amount for this ghanta awards?”
    rajeev: “mr.srk, now enough is enough, 50 lakhs and nothing less than that”
    srk: “rajeev darling, i can’t spend so much money on a single award, my final say is 30 lakhs, i will not give a rupee more”
    rajeev: “ok then f off, go and body massage your hubby’s body you a***e”
    srk: “sorry,sorry rajeev darling. Ok then i have an idea, i will sleep for 3 nights with you and some of your friends for free and then 30 lakhs, so that salman can win ghanta awards this time, is my deal ok? please accept this deal, i am even ready to touch your feet”
    rajeev”ok then deal done, you book 5 star hotel in musact, we will enjoy our muscat moon i.e honeymoon and when will you be paying me 30 lakhs?”
    srk :”oh yes we both will have great time together in bed. 30 lakhs will be paid within a month after salman wins the ghanta award”
    rajeev: “ok then”
    srk: “ok sweetheart it was great talking with you, darling i am so excited about sleeping with you. I am ready to sleep with you everyday, You are such a great ‘customer’. I can never ever forget the private moments we had in bed with each other, but hoping in muscat we will have the time of our life. Take care darling, i love you so much, oomama……..shall see you in muscat, in bed, without……….”

  • @remotecontrol. Lol… Ask anyone on indicine, all will unanimously agree that on screen srk gives the most head aches and heart attacks with his crap irritating acting and off the screen his fans with their crap comments on indicine irritate & torture the most. And for your kind information, last year salman has won more number of awards than the number of times your crapstar srk was even nominated for. Dont worry, the golden khela will be srk’s.

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