Ghajini Movie Review

Ahh.. The biggest movie of the year is finally here. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini brings with it the huge amount of expectations that people usually carry with them to the theatre while watching an Aamir Khan film. The full house go crazy while Aamir first appears on screen, the craze is mind boggling something that I haven’t witnessed since I started watching movies a decade and a half ago.

Sanjay Singhania is a business tycoon, who has very recently come down to India. Due to certain weird circumstances, he falls in love with Kalpana (Asin), a sweet lovable girl with a heart of gold. While Sanjay is on a business trip, Kalpana in an attempt to save girls from some dreaded criminals puts her life at risk. On the day of Sanjay’s return, Kalpana is killed by Ghajini while Sanjay is injured on his head. This leads to a mental disorder called anterograde amnesia. Sanjay suffers from short term memory loss; he forgets everything in 15 mins! His only goal though is to kill Ghajini, how he battles against all odds is what forms the rest of the tale.

Ghajini Hindi Review

Your first reaction after watching Ghajini is WOW What a movie!! You look at your watch to realize 3 hours have breezed through. You catch hold of your breathe and come to terms with a movie that has just managed to blow you away. It aint a movie that you would remember and want to watch 5 years from now, in fact it lacks repeat value as the thrill would be missing the second time. But what Aamir Khan and the Ghajini team have served is a fulto masala entertainer. It has comedy, romance, action, a typical 90s villian, great music, emotions.. Ghajini has got it all.

There are so many memorable moments and scenes in Ghajini. To describe a few..

1) When Aamir is chasing the cop and Jiah, he suddenly loses his memory. Yet tries to recognise Jiah by her rapid breathe rate.

2) The Aamir – Asin love story. He’s a business tycoon; she’s a pretty ordinary girl. The way their love story begins is sweet and extremely funny!

3) The villian! Neck and fingers filled with gold jewellery, a silver tooth, menacing look et al. Ghajini is a typical 90s villian. Almost perfect for a revenge movie. The most surprising thing was, the movie has been named after the villian, which usually isnt the case with Bollywood movies. Has a movie ever been titled, inspired by the character of a non-star villian?

4) The climax! Scintillating stuff. It seems quite easy to predict, what could happen next. But the short term memory loss makes the movie quite unpredictable.

A.R. Murugadoss directing his first Bollywood film deserves credit for his brilliant execution of the script. The climax of the Hindi version is different, if compared to the original in Tamil. The brilliant camera work and fantastic background score is one of the many other positives.

So is it too violent? The answer is No, it isn’t a very violent movie. Apart from certain scenes like the tattoos being scratched off from Aamir’s chest – abdomen and a few physical fights resulting in twisting of necks, the violence is limited to about 15 mins. Far less brutal than the CCTV captures of the Mumbai terrorist attacks that was aired on almost all news channels.

Any flaws? Yes, the songs. About 2 songs too many in the first half; Behka Main and Aye Bachchu were unnecessary.

The performances were top notch. Asin proves to be a very good actress, quite unexpected as I wasn’t expecting much from her, after those promos. Good screen presence, bubbly and charismatic.

Aamir Khan is brilliant! An actor who can never disappoint, neither with his performances nor the overall quality of his movies. He is by far the best star-actor of the decade. What with a different variety of movies like Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and now Ghajini! All very different, but brilliant nonetheless!

Overall, Ghajini is a must watch, a complete paisa vasool entertainer. A movie that should be experienced only on the big screen. Lastly, watch it for Aamir Khan and his sheer brilliance on screen. He is to Bollywood, what Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket. A legend!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Other Notes – The atmosphere in the movie hall was electrifying, something that I have never witnessed. Going by the audience reaction, the movie seems to have lived upto the expectations. People were glued to their seats till the very end.

Hope you all enjoy Ghajini. Post your Ghajini reviews below. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from the Indicine Team!

Update – What Aamir Khan expected actually happened. In an interview, he mentioned that if people walk out with his physique and 8 pack abs in mind, then the movie has failed to connect. So yeah, the movie did connect and Aamir’s looked great in Ghajini. In all the excitement, I missed Jiah Khan too, it was a forgettable performance. Her most important scene was when Aamir gets down from the scooter to fight the goons, Jiah’s expressions while trying to stop Aamir was hard to digest!



  • I see the movie last week and trust me it was awesome , i did,nt realize how fast the time was running during the movie, I love aamir once again for his brilliant work and what would i say i don,t know but this is the experience i got in the movie the feelings and anger(for the villian) i love that movie toooooo much and if someone says that this film is a waste i doubt that they don,t like these genere movie they only like only VEERZARA like crap movie.
    and regarding any violence scene i dont think theres any violence scene or nudity or any type of vugarity this is a guy film that,s why i think some girls dont like it.

  • There is no denying that Amir Khan is one of the best & most methodical actors in our country and some of his movies could easily win oscars…however once in a while he acts in movies with hack-eyed, meaningless plots…

    At such times you really wonder what on earth could be the reasons that an actor, who is nothing short of a genius (if his masterpieces are any indication) wastes his time with such tripe? Even though this disappointments only add to our realisation that he is only a human and has his own reasons for indulging in such projects, it is still a major let down though…

    Ghajini is such a movie, which had me wondering what has possessed an actor of such calibre to act in a movie, whose script is so weak and mediocre…the storyline is quite interesting & in the right hands, it could have been crafted in a slick masterpiece…however much of what I saw was undigestible & unpalatable..

    The plot is full of holes…

    1) How are we supposed to believe that a man whose memory spans only 15 minutes not only lives alone, but also plans & executes multiples murders without anybody wising up to that fact? How can he be motivated enough to kill people so ruthlessly & cunningly, if he cannot remember beyond a quarter of an hour? I mean, come on, that would mean that just to sustain his murderous rage, someone would need to be continually reminding him of what has happened to him & the love of his life…by the time, he comprehends enough to erupt with anger, he would have again forgotten everything! Atleast this should have been addressed sufficiently, but the audience is just expected to accept it without question

    2) Yeah if you watch this movie thinking that the protagonist has a memory span of atleast a day & he forgets what has happened to him every single day and wakes up every day in the morning only remembering that he has been brutally beaten up & his lover ruthlessly killed, that would have made much more sense in my opinion…that would also motivate him to train himself into a killing machine and he just needs to remember how many he has killed & how nearer he is to his ultimate goal..

    3) The flashback story of his love relationship with a struggling model asin was dull, uninspired & too predictable…I found it difficult to digest that the heroine with a heart of gold gets enough time from her struggle to establish a career to go out of her way helping people and somehow our hero happens to be just there to witness her overflowing with the milk of human goodness…very, very filmy & melodramatic…
    4) When our loverboy proposes to the love of his life and she accepts, their chemistry is as dry & cold as when they were merely friends…in fact even after both accept that they love each other, they behave exactly the way they did all along…no terms of endearment, no passionate moments (except for a couple of songs which looked completely out of place)…& we are supposed to accept that this is the love which causes amir to turn into a raging monster inspite of his memory loss
    5) Finally the villian…I had expected the villian of a movie, which is named after him to spend chills along our spines with his mere presence…what we see instead is a uncouth, loud buffoon who does not do justice to his reputation…the way the movie is named after the villian, I had expected him either to be an enigmatic presence or maybe the protagonist himself, which will be revealed at the end of the movie…no chance of any such subtlety…in fact he is the weakest villian I have seen in recent movies
    6) Strange, but he seems to be running a ragtag gang of hooligans who do not have things like guns & other weapons to stop the maruading aamir khan…the villian himself is hiding in adda with only a couple of his men to protect him, that too without weapons of any kind…also which self-respecting villian would leave his enemy (who wants to kill him, already has done away with couple of his henchmen & is extremely dangerous) alive after erasing all tatoos from his body?
    Sadly this could have been a much better movie if handled properly…I know that when I go to watch a movie, I am supposed to leave my brains at home, but that I do only for movies which don’t take themselves too seriously…you cant have everything & some things are simply too much to digest..

    All said & done, strictly a one-time watch…that too, on a dvd borrowed from somebody…

  • Hi Mohan,

    Your comments on Ghajini were completely unrealistic. You should be either die- hard fan of SRK or a

    person who hates Amir Khan for no reason. I strongly belive that no one who had seen the movie will

    agree with all of your 6 points. Please for god sake, watch a movie and think about the art, hard work,

    skills, etc presented by the actors, actress and the Director. Don’t get involved too much about logistic of

    the story, whether it can happen in real life. After all, you cannot present a movie in the same way as it in

    real life. To elabore more, you cannot see any couples or lovers singing nor dancing behind the trees…..

    But we still need songs, dance in the film for sheer entertainment… Hence all of us love it……

    At last, I want to make a point wherein all of us have every right to critize any film/movie and can have

    his/her own thoughts. I totally agree with any negative comments since all films have good and bad

    scenes. But please watch a movie from netural prespective and put your comments without any bias…….

    Finally, Ghajini had crossed more than 200 crores in 2 weeks which itself a clear indication of how

    successful the movie is….. It clearly states that all section of audiance across the spectrum (either in India

    or aboard) liked the movie….. People are the best judges and everyone should respect it………


  • satishkumar,

    no, you are wrong my friend and a little ignorant if i may say so….

    yes, ghajini did cross 200 crores in two weeks. but that figure is the GROSS figure, and it is the worldwide figure.

    the figure i was refferring to was the NETT figure, and just the all india figure NETT, not worldwide.

    so please do your research and make sure you get it right before making willy nilly comments.

    based on the NETT figures, ghajini has broken all box office records. you ask any box office pandit and they will confirm this. so please dont make comments just because you ‘think’ something to be right. please be rational and do your research properly.

    chandni chowk to china – just like i predicted in my last comment on this page, the film apparently is terrible and has no substance. the critics are all panning it. i expected this film to be awful, coming from a director (nikhil advani) who made that really boring film salam-e-ishq. i knew this director would spoil chandni chowk to china. and he has by the looks of things. poor akshay…..really really poor akshay…look for his career graph to slide after this. he deserves much better than that.

    so far, my predictions have been 99% correct. i also have this funny feeling akshays next film ‘kambakht ishq’ is going to dissapoint also. it will be a boring film.

  • Hi Raj,

    Thanks for your comments…. But let me make it clear….

    1) I want to know why do you want to segregate collections earned aboard against collections earned in

    2) Why do you want to differentiate so called CROSS FIGURE aganist NET FIGURE? What is the purpose?

    3) What senese does it make? By doing so, what exactly you are looking for?

    4) If a film makes a huge profit aborad and does badly in India, you will not accept it as successful film?

    5) What criteria do you follow to ensure a film is successful or not? Just go by Indian collections and ignore
    collections earned abroad? Do you feel this is right approach?

    6) Finally, I totally disagree with your comments for the following reasons:

    a) Any film is judge by overall world wide collections not just based on Indian collections. After all, All

    producer wants to make profit…. Hence they don’t care where they get money from…. They are just

    interested in making money…..

    b) To elaborate more on point a, Producer gets more profit within less time Abroad rather than in India.

    c) As everyone knows, Collections earned abroad are always higher since if you convert it to Indian

    Rupees. Also collections made in 1 week abroad will be equivalent to 2 weeks collections thorughtout

    India just because of converting it to Indian Rupee…..

    Finally, my frined, please restraint from posting negative comments…. Comments like ‘little ignorant’, ‘willy

    nilly comments’ will hurt others feeling…. Please respect others views and comments…. Everyone has

    every right to agree and disagree on others comments/views…. But no one has any right to critize, make

    unlawful, unenthic, unrealistic comments on others views….. Hence from now on, if you don’t agree with

    anybody’s comments, please say you disagree and state your facts/stat which willl provide an oppurtunity

    for the viewer to change his comments if proven correct….. But instead if you present negative comments

    as you are doing it now, it will always reflect your negative attitude, impartical, dishonest, disgraceful


    I hope you will take in right sprit and show professionalism hence forth…….


  • satish kumar,

    well indeed it seems you are yourself a disgraceful , dishonest and ignorant person. i was right. otherwise why would you make comments about me being impractical, dishonest etc ? when clearly iam nothing like that.
    it is obvious you are indeed ignorant and unintelligent, you comments definately are.
    i neither swore at you, or made bad comments about you. so why did you swear at me ? the fact that you have made bad comments about me shows your true personality which is shallow and ignorant and disgraceful.

    the comments i made were constructive criticism. no swear words were used. ‘ignorant’ and ‘willy nilly’ are not bad words. you should read it in the context and not assume they are rude words. you obviously are not man enough to take constructive criticism – it shows your true self.

    the reason why i used the all india NETT collections is because the bollywood box office results are still judged by the all india NETT collections, by the film industry. that is the only figure that matters to them.

    but it is true, they should take the nett worldwide collections into account to decide the films success, and not just all india collections.
    the NETT figure should always be used, because that is what the film earns after all the deductions.

  • My dear friend satishkumar,

    For the record let me make some things clear –

    1) No I am not a fan of SRK…I am in fact a bigger fan of AK (that’s Aamir Khan for you) and have enjoyed his movies like DCH, RDB, TZP etc…I still maintain that his Lagaan is one of the best movies made in India & for acting, direction, script & sheer handling of the movie, it is unsurpassed…
    2) If you don’t agree with my points, please give a logical reason…I have logically stated what I cannot accept in the movie…I am sure if you don’t agree with my logic, that’s because you have some very good reasons…which I would like to know…
    3) I would also like you to justify why you don’t feel that I have not watched the movie from a neutral perspective
    4) I agree that movie making involves hard work by all involved including actors, directors etc…it is not all for nothing…these people are some of the best-paid in the world…it is a career choice for them, that they prefer to use their creative talents & artistic skills to earn money & fame …all of us put a lot of effort in earning a livelihood & furthering our careers…that does not mean that we should watch any half-baked tripe which is sold in the name of movie…
    5) If that were the case, you need to go out & watch all the movies ever made in the world, so that the hard work by actors & directors is not wasted (LOL)…
    6) Think & tell me about a single movie by stars such as Akshay, SRK or Aamir in the recent past which has done below average business…the reason for the same is becoz these people are at the height of their careers & popularity…they have earned these by their hard work & talent…they are basically crowd-pullers…if such actors star in even mediocre movies, lots of people flock to see them & the movies earn revenue…
    7) After RDB & TZP, everybody was expecting another mind-boggling masterpiece from AK…it is well known that he is a perfectionist & acts only in carefully selected movies, choosing quality over quantity…that coupled with the fact that Ghajini has been a hit in south & the hindi version was over-hyped & promoted caused it to be such a huge hit…
    8) However people in south go in for very different fare, which is not digestible to people in metros…they like over the top action, exaggerated gestures, loud song & dance sequences and theatric acting, which (even though I am a southindian), I cannot appreciate…just becoz a movie is a hit in one part of the world does not necessarily mean that it is excellent…

    Lastly even though I am a fan of AK, he has disappointed me (& thousands of others) by acting in this tripe…I am a discerning viewer & have voiced my opinion (which is what blog sites are for)…being a fan does not mean I am blind & accept everything…

  • Hi Raj,

    Thanks for accepting that fact that NET FIGURE should be taken into account rather than CROSS FIGURE

    (nor the Indian collection alone). Iam glad to hear that from you…..

    Coming back to your personal comments on me……

    The comments which you mentioned about me like “little ignorant, willy nilly, rational and do

    your research properly,ignorant and unintelligent ” definitely hurts me since these are all

    personal comments which should be avoided…..

    I could like to reitreate once again, please restrain posting personal comments since no one

    has any right to criticize anybody personally…. As I said earilier, anyone can agree and disagree on

    anybody’s comments…. I do accept/welcome/respect constructive criticism but it should hurt the

    feeling of others…..

    Finally, I could like to inform you that the comments which I made where to bring to your notice

    what other readers/viewers think about you, when they read about your irresponisble personally comments.

    Iam not trying to pin point your character but rather want to show what others will think of you….

    I want to make sure that you learn from your mistake and should not commit in future…..

    Remember, People will judge/respect you depending upon the comment you make about others…..

    It is up to you to take it or not….. It is a good practice to accept mistake and all of them will

    respect a person who acknowledge it. Not many in the world, will accept their mistake and openly declare

    they are willing to corrrect it… Any one who accepts the mistake and tries to rectify in future

    will always succeed….. If you look at anybody who had been successful in life have always committed

    several mistake and learnt lessons from it…. It is up to you whether you want to be a successful person or



  • mohan,

    i agree. lagaan is one of the best films ever made. i too have said that many times in the past.
    i dont think there are many films in bollywood that are as perfect as lagaan.

    it is a lesson in filmmaking itself.

    with CCTC, the director ruined it. it could have been a great film, the storyline was quite good.
    lets hope akshay kumar bounces back and delivers a good well made film, with a different style of acting from him. perhaps a more intense serious type of acting, which i dont think he has done so far.

    i think nagesh kukunoors ‘eight by ten’, could be the film to resurrect akshay. i have a feeling it will be a well made film.

  • Anyone who thinks Ghajini is a great movie must be on drugs. I think the average hindi cinema goer is loosing their marbles. the bloody movie just plain sucked! I don’t see what was so great about it. The story was so flat with no details and at the end of the movie you get left wondering “that’s it”. A guy with short term memory goes after a bunch of thugs and kills everyone in sight without ever being legally held repsonsible and what love story there was NO love story the girl never even came to know who amir khan really was and how can you not know who the freaking ceo is of whatever the stupid company amir khan was ceo of. Hello its common for these people to appear on tv and newspapers not convincing at all. And why the hell did amir khan have to tattoo his entire body to remember everything. Couldn’t he have written everything down on paper (I guess he wasn’t trying to be enviornmentally friendly or something and didn’t want to waste paper.) What ever little comedy asin was tring to do was so cheesy didn’t laugh even once or thought to myself (ooh that is so cute! NOT!).

    Well one thing is for sure after watching this crappy movie that peoples standards for watching movies is really coming down and they will just watch any crap because of smart publicity on the part of the actors and most people are dumb enough to fall for it. I also hated his nephew Imran khan’s movie janne… whatever the hell it was stupid acting stupid story and stupid everything. Someone said something about respecting actors, what the hell have they done to be respected just cuz their talented, yeah well their are people of all professions out there who are good at what they do so does that mean you all respect them?? These actors are so fake they pretend to love all their fans and all that but in reality they don’t give a damn about anyone. I’m not anyone’s fan I’ll just watch a movie and forget about it and I don’t just watch any crapy thank god I watched the pirated version not worth watching in the theatre.

  • “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is the highest grossing film of all-time for both Yash Raj Films & Shahrukh Khan!
    16 January 2009

    Shahrukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, which released worldwide five weeks ago on December 12th 2008, has grossed a phenomenal Rs. 180 crores worldwide till date and has broken all previous box office records for Yash Raj Films, as well as become the highest-grossing Shahrukh Khan film till date. The film was released at an extremely precarious time, just after the terror attacks in Mumbai on 26th November 2008. Amidst uncertain consumer sentiments and apprehensions from the trade regarding market conditions at the time, the film has achieved an unparalleled box office run against all odds. Moreover, the film had to further contend with the record-breaking onslaught of Ghajini on December 26th 2008, despite which it has continued unabated and endured a hugely successful run in its third, fourth and fifth weeks, and promises to carry on in the same vein going forward.

    The total collections of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi for the first five weeks in India are Rs. 83 crores net (i.e. gross collections of close to Rs. 140 crores). The film has thus surpassed Yash Raj Films’ previous highest grosser, Dhoom: 2, which collected Rs. 80.6 crores net across its entire run in India and is considered as one of the highest grossing films of all-time. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has also comfortably surpassed the collections of two of the biggest hits of the last 2 years, Singh is King and Om Shanti Om, and is now second only to Ghajini as regards all-time India net collections.


    The total gross collections for all overseas markets are $8 Million (i.e. around Rs. 40 crores), making Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi the highest grossing film of the year in the overseas, ahead of both Ghajini and Singh is King. In the UK, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has grossed close to £1.5 million till date, which makes it the biggest hit of the last 2 years in this market. In the Middle East, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has grossed a staggering $2.25 million till date, making it the highest grossing film of all-time in this region by a huge margin. The film has also achieved a fabulous box office gross of $2.1 million till date in the USA. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has also enjoyed a grand box office performance across all other overseas markets, such as Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and ranks as the highest grosser of the year across these regions.

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has evoked a sensational response from audiences all over the world, which is clearly reflected in its record-breaking collections, and continues to win hearts across the globe as it goes forward from strength to strength.

  • overseas Chandni Chowk To China Opens To An Average Response

    Tuesday 21st January 2009 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Chandni Chowk To China has grossed 8.50 crore over its first weekend. 2 crore has come from United Kingdom, 3 crore from North America nad 3.50 crore from the rest of the world.

    Ghajini will finish with around 29 crore business with United Kingdom contributing 5 crore, North America giving 12 crore and the rest of the world adding 12 crore. SUPER HIT

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is likely to finish with 37 crore because business in UAE is mind boggling and much higher than estimated earlier with 11 crore business. United Kingdom and North America have contributed 10.50 crore each and 5 crore comes from the rest of the world. BLOCKBUSTER

  • mahmud,

    you are giving the wrong idea to people …..

    rab ne bana di jodi is not the highest grossing film of all times. it is only the highest grossing film for the yash raj banner. thats it. not the highest grossing film of india.

    that privilege goes to ‘ghajini’ which is the highest grossing film of all times.

  • satish kumar

    iam already a successful person in real life. so what you say does not matter to me.

    as for what others think of me, well, if i stand up for myself and feel strongly about my views then if others dont like that, then its too bad. they are just frustrated crybabys who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.


  • kiran

    hmmmm……that explains why you didn’t like the film.

    you watched a pirated copy !!

    btw do you know it is illegal to watch pirated copies ?? so why are you watching pirated copies, if it is illegal and you can go to jail for that ????

    no wonder people like yourself cannot understand a good film like ghajini !!

  • Raj

    First of all if amir khan ever has a job opening in his house and needs someone to scrup toilets and clean his floors, then I think you will be the perfect person for it, since you got so emotional just because I watched a pirated dvd of his stupid movie. I don’t think the poor guy’s (not literally of course) box office collections will suffer just because of one person. As for box office collections, well to me box office collections are not a good indicator of whether a movie was good or bad, I mean the job of most actors and the publicists these days is to just get the people into the theatres and voila! the have accomplished their mission. Whether the audience like the movie or not they don’t care, these days movies are not meant to entertain as much as they are just to make quick big bucks. I personally will only go to watch a movie in theatre if I’m sure it will be good and almost 100% of the time I can judge correctly whether it will be good or not from the trailers on tv. For your information I went to see rab ne bana di jodi in the theatre and I loved it, I like more down to earth realistic simple story lines, and not a bunch of crap crammed into 2 1/2 hours. If you wouldn’t mind explaining to me how does a movie change if I watch on dvd or the big screen. I guess to someone like you it does make a big difference, since you must be low on brain cells or something that until you watch the movie on the big screen your brain won’t register it. I guess if I was talking to you face to face I would have to scream at the top of my lungs since my voice might get into your ears but it won’t reach your brain. I ‘m going to get the dvd of rab ne bana di jodi when it comes out so how is it going to change the movie uh? And one more thing raj, don’t try to act like a perfect saint and all that okay, I’m sure you must have also broken many rules in your lifetime here and there, everyone does, and if you were to say “no” I wouldn’t believe it not even for a second, and yes I know about illegal dvd’s and all that but you know what that’s not my problem, the person who should be worried about that is the person selling them. If you’re so concerned go and tell these actors to make good movies and then I’ll go and watch in the theatre. It’s like copyright laws, I mean if you want its not illegal to photocopy one page from a book or anything, now if I was to make whole copies of the original book and then sell them that would be too much. I’m not stupid enough to fall for any crappy movie these actors make these days and get duped by going and watching it on the big screen, maybe you are. One last thing even you can’t deny these actors are so fake they wouldn’t give a shit about you in real life, if they love their fans so much why don’t they don’t some of their earnings to the first 100 fans by a raffle ticket for every movie they make. Don’t you know even for people who work for big multi national companies when the make a profit they give all their employees something called profit sharing and if they don’t make profit they don’ give. What are some of the standard diologues of these actors “if it wasn’t for our fans we wouldn’t be here and who we are today, they made us blah blah…” why don’t they put their money where their mouth is, because of us “their so called audience whom they love so much” they made so much money yet the don’t want to even give us a penny and they made all because of us. Their are alot of illegal things in this world but I’m sure you’re not bothered by all of that (didn’t you learn anything from asin), sounds like you’re a really shallow person who likes to live in an artificial world, so my man get a life! that is if you are really one.

  • Kiran: Hi.. I read your reply to Raj, but I just wanted to comment on one para which u mentioned about the movie watching on a pirated copy. You’ve repeated what I already mentioned in my previous comments.. it’s not our fault or our crime to buy a pirated disk, it’s the seller’s crime.. I do agree with you on this, but it’s really different when u watch a movie on a big screen than watching it on a small one, it’s not different on the script ofcourse.. it’s the same, but the difference is that you (enjoy) more by watching any movie on a big screen specially if the cinematography was so good for any movie, or if the special effects and the shooting for songs, and by watching on a pirated copy ( and some pirated aren’t so good prints) so u won’t be able to judge it properly. You liked Rabne and you watched it in cinema, just imagine that u watched it online, or on a cheap disk, don’t u agree with me that it’d so different? I watched Singh is Kinng online and couldn’t judge it or say whether it’s good or bad, therefore I decided to watch it in cinema, and I liked it except some scenes which I already mentioned in my review.

    Ghajini is a movie which u could watch online or on any dvd, a full masala movie with a minimum 20 mistakes which make u laugh ( even kids laughed while watching it!) but it was an interesting movie, not a boring one.

  • kiran

    YOU are the one that watches pirated dvds, not me.

    YOU are the one that has broken the law, not me.

    YOU are the one that needs to be put in jail, not me.

    YOU are the one that should have realised what you are doing is against the law, not me.

    YOU are the one that does not appear to have a brain and breaks the law, not me.

    so you see, YOU are in fact what is wrong with society today. its idiots like you that encourage piracy and commit crimes all the time. YOU are without a doubt the trash in society, the proof – you said it yourself.

    not only have you commited an illegal act by watching pirated dvds, which you should have the common sense not to do, but you now get angry at me for pointing this out to you.
    now then, who is the problem ?? YOU are the problem, not me. YOU are indeed the trash of society and it is clear if anybody deserves to be cleaning peoples toilet, it is YOU.
    YOU are the underbelly scum of society.

    iam a very wealthy person. why dont you come and clean my toilets for me instead ? i will pay you $500 a day. that is more than what you will ever earn in your lifetime !!!

  • Oh poor baby getting all mad, are we , you bloody perfect saint that you haven’t ever bent any rules. I know desi craps like you very well, I’m not the one who started it and as for being wealthy then I can say the same thing to you I happen to come from a rajput family, I at least come from a family with a good background unlike you which is why a movie like ghajini disgusts me, my grandfather was high ranking army officer and my dad a wealthy business man,and my mother was the daughter of an actual maharaja, and we still have our ancestral property which are now luxury hotels. So you freaking scum bag and also I might add a bloody hipocrit, why don’t you just shut your trap, before I take my talwar and cut your balls off, oops you aint got any. So you street dog why don’t you come and work for us. And if you’re so wealthy why don’t you get a home theatre, I know guys like you really well, actually you know what you’re not even fit to scrub our floors and my dog wouldn’t even piss at your face. And i never said anything about you going to jail,looks like asin’s stupid role of being all righteous got to you good at least you learned something good from that crap movie. It’s a free world and people can say whatever they want, so just screw off. In real life guys like you end up with all the loser girls,and you’re the who is going to get trash, and not me. You just proved you’re the scum and not me you don’t even know who to talk to woman, you’re so lucky you aint in front of me, and as for movies I’m not the only one who watches them millions do so go and stop them if you can.

  • rajput my arse !! you are trash, underbelly scum of society. i have more balls than all your brothers and fathers combined !! so you see, you wont even have the chance to cut them off !!
    if you were in front of me i would superkick you into space, even though you are a women (and a trashy one at that).
    so shut your mouth and know your role you silly little women.

    you are the criminal underbelly of society and YOU should be banned from here for breaking the law. and you have the nerve to have a go at me ?? when YOU commited a criminal act, not me.
    this shows you are indeed the low life scum of society. typical criminal – committs a crime then gets angry at people who point it out. trash indeed.
    now, dont email me again, remember i have better things to do than you. like counting my money.

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