Ghajini Movie Review

Ahh.. The biggest movie of the year is finally here. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini brings with it the huge amount of expectations that people usually carry with them to the theatre while watching an Aamir Khan film. The full house go crazy while Aamir first appears on screen, the craze is mind boggling something that I haven’t witnessed since I started watching movies a decade and a half ago.

Sanjay Singhania is a business tycoon, who has very recently come down to India. Due to certain weird circumstances, he falls in love with Kalpana (Asin), a sweet lovable girl with a heart of gold. While Sanjay is on a business trip, Kalpana in an attempt to save girls from some dreaded criminals puts her life at risk. On the day of Sanjay’s return, Kalpana is killed by Ghajini while Sanjay is injured on his head. This leads to a mental disorder called anterograde amnesia. Sanjay suffers from short term memory loss; he forgets everything in 15 mins! His only goal though is to kill Ghajini, how he battles against all odds is what forms the rest of the tale.

Ghajini Hindi Review

Your first reaction after watching Ghajini is WOW What a movie!! You look at your watch to realize 3 hours have breezed through. You catch hold of your breathe and come to terms with a movie that has just managed to blow you away. It aint a movie that you would remember and want to watch 5 years from now, in fact it lacks repeat value as the thrill would be missing the second time. But what Aamir Khan and the Ghajini team have served is a fulto masala entertainer. It has comedy, romance, action, a typical 90s villian, great music, emotions.. Ghajini has got it all.

There are so many memorable moments and scenes in Ghajini. To describe a few..

1) When Aamir is chasing the cop and Jiah, he suddenly loses his memory. Yet tries to recognise Jiah by her rapid breathe rate.

2) The Aamir – Asin love story. He’s a business tycoon; she’s a pretty ordinary girl. The way their love story begins is sweet and extremely funny!

3) The villian! Neck and fingers filled with gold jewellery, a silver tooth, menacing look et al. Ghajini is a typical 90s villian. Almost perfect for a revenge movie. The most surprising thing was, the movie has been named after the villian, which usually isnt the case with Bollywood movies. Has a movie ever been titled, inspired by the character of a non-star villian?

4) The climax! Scintillating stuff. It seems quite easy to predict, what could happen next. But the short term memory loss makes the movie quite unpredictable.

A.R. Murugadoss directing his first Bollywood film deserves credit for his brilliant execution of the script. The climax of the Hindi version is different, if compared to the original in Tamil. The brilliant camera work and fantastic background score is one of the many other positives.

So is it too violent? The answer is No, it isn’t a very violent movie. Apart from certain scenes like the tattoos being scratched off from Aamir’s chest – abdomen and a few physical fights resulting in twisting of necks, the violence is limited to about 15 mins. Far less brutal than the CCTV captures of the Mumbai terrorist attacks that was aired on almost all news channels.

Any flaws? Yes, the songs. About 2 songs too many in the first half; Behka Main and Aye Bachchu were unnecessary.

The performances were top notch. Asin proves to be a very good actress, quite unexpected as I wasn’t expecting much from her, after those promos. Good screen presence, bubbly and charismatic.

Aamir Khan is brilliant! An actor who can never disappoint, neither with his performances nor the overall quality of his movies. He is by far the best star-actor of the decade. What with a different variety of movies like Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and now Ghajini! All very different, but brilliant nonetheless!

Overall, Ghajini is a must watch, a complete paisa vasool entertainer. A movie that should be experienced only on the big screen. Lastly, watch it for Aamir Khan and his sheer brilliance on screen. He is to Bollywood, what Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket. A legend!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Other Notes – The atmosphere in the movie hall was electrifying, something that I have never witnessed. Going by the audience reaction, the movie seems to have lived upto the expectations. People were glued to their seats till the very end.

Hope you all enjoy Ghajini. Post your Ghajini reviews below. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from the Indicine Team!

Update – What Aamir Khan expected actually happened. In an interview, he mentioned that if people walk out with his physique and 8 pack abs in mind, then the movie has failed to connect. So yeah, the movie did connect and Aamir’s looked great in Ghajini. In all the excitement, I missed Jiah Khan too, it was a forgettable performance. Her most important scene was when Aamir gets down from the scooter to fight the goons, Jiah’s expressions while trying to stop Aamir was hard to digest!




    Don’t u people know how to communicate?!! Why are u using these slang languages.. try to respect your biggest bollywood stars, Shaharukh, Aamir & Akshay.

    Each one of them has his millions of fans.. and it’d never work this way.. really it’d never work to let someone down or quit bollywood.. or loses his fans by saying the word (F…..) I can’t even allow myself to write it.

    Behave people, Punjabi sher and others who love Akshay.. love him, worship him, consider him as a God but don’t disrespect other big actors.. actors which we admire!

    Shahrukh’s fans: Love Shahrukh but also respect Aamir & Akshay

    Aamir’s fans: Love Aamir and his movies, but be poilte, respect Akshay & Shahrukh’s fans too.

    This way we would be unable to communicate.. Ghaajini is a new movie, after reading the review on this page, I’m eager to watch it even if I didn’t like the trailer of the movie, but sounds a good movie.

    So please clear your mind before posting your comments, judge the movie and the performance, but don’t judge the actor and say the worst just because YOU DON’T LIKE HIM!

  • I am not fan of aamir but this movie is too great that i will tell it again and again.Aamir giving his career best perfomance. Aamir is tha actor who delevier what we ascape from him.he is always brilliant.It might be one of the biggest hit of all time…Asin is surely get award of debutant actress surely ….She is very funny and she is brilliant.THe love story between aamir and asin was great.THe action was nice too..Overall this film is totally paisa vasul not only paisa vasul but also give more than we have though it..4.5/5 .must watch

  • The atmosphere was great in the hall.I was in the edge of my chair while watching it. It thrills.Must to watch movie.Amir was suparb as allaways. Dissapointed with jia’s performence.

  • aamir,sharukh,akshay n others r gems of our industry.we must all respect them n love them all.God has blessed our country with such talented actors.So folks plese maintain the HUSTLE,ROYALTY AND RESPECT!!!

  • ghajini comes nowhere near memento, but is definitely better than the tamil version which is full of B.S. asin is such a babe, srk fans are totally gay that they didnt like the movie. at the least you get to watch asin, who is sooooooooo damn HOT!!! so its proof srk and his fans are gay, esp since srk called the movie too violent. action is a guy’s thing.

    since we already know about memento, and there has been so many amnesia movies. its really nothing new, apart how the movie is packaged. WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, its the BEST INDIAN MOVIE i have EVER seen, and the BEST EASILY OF THE YEAR. while its predictable, since we already know so many amnesia movies, is STILL WORTH the watch compared to other movies that keep coming up with in india.

    if you’re a stupid, go watch that rab ne crap. if you’re a man, go watch ghajini. the movie is inane at times due to the song routines, and the predicatability hurts the movie a bit since memento is a 10000000000000 times better and nolan a far BETTER director. the action sequences are STILL good and aamir has developed an unbelievable rugged look and action physique noone can match.

  • fathiya…what you said is good…….these people should learn how to respect actors first!
    All those actors are talented! …..i’ve watched the tamil version and i’m eager to watch amir’s ghajini too.

  • Faathiya, cheers for ur positive advice…
    To all regular Indicine visitors, u may not be fan of either Aamir or SRK but control ur slang languages which r used by mostly barbarians or wild minded people. If any1 blame ur father, whom u love, will u digest? Same is the case with superstars who have numerous fans all over the world, whom u r hurting jus with a single slang comment.
    Once again mind ur language, n if u dnt like the actor dnt use slang words to show ur dislikeness.

    I wish Ghajini to be a blockbuster though I dnt like remake…

  • Viewers should get one thing clear. Memento and Ghajini are not the same. Ghajini is the Indian version of Memento. For Memento and Ghajini roots are the same. Majority of the Inidan viewer would not like Memento.
    This is almost like Bourne Identity and the Tamil film Vetri Vizha. Root of both the films are the same.
    Ghajini – The base story has been fully modified with added Indian flavor and spiced us as Ghajini. Catering Bollywood market is an amazing thing. Especially modifying the Tamil version to suit the Hindi audience is the biggest challenge. This is where the director A R Murugadoss stands apart. I don’t know who chose who. But A R Murugadoss is a star maker. He picked somebody like Vijaya kanth and gave a big hit like Ramana. With Amir’s fame and name the true talent of the director is getting hidden. The true hero of the movie is it’s Director A R Murugadoss. Asin hasn’t given enough variety in Tamil. She is new to Hindi and she best suits the ‘Kalpana’ character so she might look good to the Hindi viewers. But she can’t even come close to “Black” Rani Mukarji or “Baazigar” Kajol or even what Aishwarya Rai has done. She can’t stand in the Hindi industry for a long time. Lot of South Indian Directors are migrating to Bollywood now a day, as their dreams are big but the market is small or end of they what they get in their hands is small. Money matters. If few other Box Office Hit directors like Goutham Menon and Selvaragavan migrate Bollywood, the day Bollywood beating Hong Kong film Industry won’t be too long.

  • I watched this movie. It is simply awesome. Grips you throughout the length of the movie, except perhaps a couple of songs. But, I must say, the Tamil movie was better. Surya is Surya after all! But Aamir brings in his own style to the role and easily proves he’s the best there is. I don’t like anyone underestimating South Indian talent. People had a problem because the pre-judged actresses such as Genelia and Asin as being poor because they’re from the South. I’ve seen this over the years from most websites catering to Bollywood. And about that fellow from NY, I think that’s the reaction of an immature prick. These kinda idiots will always be there folks. Don’t pay any attention. I am a man. A man with emotion. And the utmost emotion for all men is love, not hate, brotherhood, not enmity, joy, not fear. Every movie caters to a different emotion. Every actor evokes a different response. I guess this person is insecure about his manhood so he is trying to portray himself and male by alluding to his love for action. This was a great movie, but even Rab Ne.. wasn’t that bad. It was fun. It was different. Let that dude rot. He’s got air in his head. He could be whatever he calls others. On a different note, its nice to know Christmas brings good mother. Taare Zameen par last time. Ghajini now. Merry Christmas. Cheers.

  • Forgive the spelling mistakes! I’m browsing and typing from my cell phone.. So the dictionary can be misleading ! Its Christmas brings good movies. And a few the’s and they’s got misspelt there.. Oh yeah, about Memento. Its only the basic idea that’s the same. Otherwise, the story is very much different. Who asked that nut to compare English with Indian movies? Poor dude. Absolutely no common sense.

  • Shotgun: Oh.. welcome back Shotgun!! where in this world did u disapear?!! You stopped spreading your poison on this website since a while ( so I thanked my God that u vanished) but I’m sure you were doing it somewhere else.. on some other webs…and why did u come back?! I will not swear as u always used to do.. and still doing so.. now that you’re back.. i/o of saying “Hello everyone” and start a good day by posting some good comments.. u started with: “you’re still a trash Fathiya.. Go and die” !!

    Shotgun: I respect a moskitto even more than you!

    Indicine Team: why don’t u ban these abusive people who visit the web just to swear and use some bad languages?! Some people never agree and never satisfy whether we say good or bad.. they’re always negative.. abusive.. even good words they spell it as bad words! I can’t take it anymore.. tried to do peace with Punajbi Sher.. and he attacked again for no reason!! and this stupid Shotgun also came back to the site with his shit!

    Jakie Flown & Skal: Thank you.

  • Hey People. Please watch the south tamil version of the film. It ist 1000 times better than hindi version.

    Amir does not look better than Surya. Have you seen the body of Surya.

  • I just saw the movie last in New Jersey, USA. It was 10:30 pm show on a Christmas Eve and the house was packed.

    Storyline is simple. A man seeking revenge but has to fight with himself and his short term memory loss.
    Execution – Aamir is brilliant. In first 15 minutes, he doesn’t speak a word. All he does is look into mirror and his tattoos. His face expressions are awesome. Now that’s a sign of good acting when you convey a message without diaglogue or background sound effects. Particularly in the climax when he gives such a beastly expression with his face and eyes, the villain is scared. You can immediately feel he is scared. No need for background sound effects to convey the message.

    Aamir – Asin love story has resemblance of Rab ne Bana di Jodi where Aamir pretends to be someone else and tries to woo Asin as a common man. Seems like a short movie within a movie. Some good humor and good acting by Asin and Aamir keeps it going.

    Some scenes had Ram Gopal Verma feel like when the police inspector chases Aamir and runs so fast that he actually catches the bus, some fight scenes gave a feeling of watching a movie like “Shiva” in early 1990s.

    I feel Jiah Khan was pathetic, poor expressions and lack of spontaniety in acting. One or 2 songs too many in the movie.

    This movie will not disappoint. Its good. It might be a superhit because of awesome marketing.

    Its not in the class of Tare Zameen pe or Lagaan or Rang De Basanti, but its different. And it will be a Hit for sure. Go watch it, its worth it.

  • Ajay, NY: well Ajay.. sorry to tell u that u r wrong.. Shahrukh’s fans aren’t gay.. shahrukh’s fans are (human) they use their brain, but not their body.. always ppl who love action and violence are tough & big ppl.. got big body but small brain!!

    And let me tell u one thing Ajay: Gay ppl sometimes are much better than straight ppl.. I know lots of ppl who are gay but they are so good as humen, helpful, loveable, and are very smat guys ( and one of them is Karan Johar who’s is so good as a humen being and smart) so sharukh is known that he’s very intelligent, smart.. so to be smart & gay is much better than to be straight with violence, with big body but a dumbo!!

    And.. can u prove that Shahrukh is really gay?! If u said yes.. u got a prove which no one have yet.. so this means that you (Ajay) r a gay too for sure! probably you dragged shahrukh into your bed therefore u r saying that he is.. a gay!!

  • When will people realize that the concept can be the same for 100 different movies and yet all could be interesting and different to watch. Its the treatment thats the key guys.

    Arent all love stories same in some way? Arent most superhero’s same in some way? Its all about the treatment rather than the concept isnt it?

    Momento.. wouldnt work in India even if it stars Aamir Khan..

    The rights of Munnabhai has been purchased by Hollywood.. Will the treatment be the same as that of Rajkumar Hirani? If it is, will it work there with the US audience?

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