Ghajini Box Office Collections – Predict

Ghajini is all set to storm the Indian box office, when the movie releases all over India on Wednesday 24th December at 7 PM IST.

The hype and curiosity for the movie is something that hasn’t been witnessed for any release this year. Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om was probably the last film which almost everyone wanted to catch, first day first show. There are several reasons why Ghajini could shatter every box office record in India

1) Its a good 2 weeks since Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi released, and the audience could lap up Ghajini as it belongs to a completely different genre. Provided it meets the high expectations.

2) Ghajini is Aamir Khan’s first release since Taare Zameen Par, which is India’s official entry to the Oscars!

3) The trailers have created immense curiosity. The Ghajini hair style has clicked big time with the youth of India.

4) The smart promotion which also involved the infamous theatre-workers-ghajini-haircut in Multiplexes all over India, was a master stroke by Aamir Khan.

5) The SRK – Aamir war of words has in some way further increased the hype around Ghajini. Almost everyone that we have spoken to – kids, teenagers, adults – all are curiously awaiting the release of the film.

Its a foregone conclusion, Ghajini will open HUGE. But how big? Will it sustain from the crucial Monday onwards? It will depend on the word of mouth. The concern for the trade is the blood, gore and violence in Ghajini, although the makers say the movie isnt very violent, as its made out to be. Will the Indian family audience accept such a flick? One other problem could be the length. Ghajini is about 3 hours long. But then, a good film works, irrespective of its length. Jodha Akbar which was more than 3 and a half hours long was a superhit in India and a blockbuster overseas.

Finally, here is our box office first week and final (nett gross) prediction for Ghajini in India

Note – The figures below is purely for the box office collections in India.

First week – 51 crores.
Final nett gross if its accepted – 100 crores +
Final nett gross if its rejected – 75 crores

Some of the biggest first week grossers of the year so far in India. Can Ghajini break those records?

Singh Is King – 44 crores
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 44.5 crores
Golmaal Returns – 39 crores.

What’s your box-office prediction for Ghajini? In its first week and overall total? Do submit your figures below in the comments section.



  • Ghajini is awesome movie to watch. The background talent of south indians is extra ordinary and the presenetation of Amir is outstanding…

  • what is srk compare to aamir ,srk only do goody goody roles, hamesha wahi heroine ke peeche aakhri reel tak bhagna wahi same raj kind of role, kabhie heroine ki maa ko impress karo kabhie baap ko kabhie behan ko…,
    Look aamir as MUNNA,AMAR DAM JI,SANJU,RAGHU JAITELY,SIDHU,BHUVAN,OUR D.J.,AKASh,nikumbhsir.srk is not in inch compare to him as he has after playing sanjay singhania so guys ‘& plz specially
    Gals dont ever dare now compare him by the legend of acting AAMIR, THIS YEAR GET ALL AWARD AGAR SRK KHARIDE NAHIN TO , AAMIR ROCK BAAKI SABHIE SHOK.
    Ga ,UmbAnNIKHUMBHqi SQ

  • Aamir is really gr8. He always work with new and average Directors. If SRK stop movies of family of Yash chopra or yash raj he will nothing and not even compare to any Khan.

  • GHAJINI is smashing all previous records. The film is emerging the biggest opener of all times, grossing a whopping approx. Rs. 20 cr. nett in its first two days. The film collected approx. Rs. 1.6 cr. nett in paid previews [on Wednesday], approx. Rs. 8.25 cr. nett on limited screens and shows [on Thursday] and approx. Rs. 10.15 cr. nett [on Friday], according to its all-India distributors Studio 18. The collections are simply earth-shattering.

    “At the rate the film is performing, the film is expected to smash all previous opening weekend records in India by unheard of, unimaginable, never dreamt of margins,” Studio 18’s Aman Gill says, “The nett collections by the end of Sunday night should be in the range of Rs. 42 cr. to Rs. 45 cr., which is 75% higher than the biggest opener of this year, SINGH IS KINNG.”

    RNBDJ 2nd week collection is reduced by 52% (minus). Ghajini is eating up RNBDJ business completely across the globe.

  • AAMIR is the greatest craftsman of the art called “ACTING”. He was so effortless even in a intense scene. SRK is no way near to AAMIR’s acting talent. SRK is just a BIG BRAND who still can’t differentiate between acting and over acting as it is evident from Om Shanti Om and Rab NE. Its now that AAMIR is getting credit of fine work he has done over a decade. And the whole nation is saying is chorus “AAMIR ROCKS” and ofcourse SRK Sucks.

  • hello every one
    happy new year to all
    concerning aamir khan’s ghajini, it is a grate film, and it’s broke all the records,
    and compare to aamir and srk, there is no comparison between this two, aamir is always aamir,
    he is the real king of bollywood,

  • Hi everybody,

    According to box office india Ghajini has already collected 50 crore in 5 days, I will give 15 – 18 crore for the next three days so

    1st week should go arround – 65 – 68 crores
    Total should be arround – 115 – 120 crores

    Happy New Year…
    ~ Gaurav…

  • ghajini ghajini and ghaini every were u go only ghajini
    real king the one and only aaaaaaaaaamir khan
    1st week collection will rock around 65 crores
    for the first time in indian history this kind of craze only for ghajini
    unheard- unbelivable
    srk reel king, aamir real king, akshay singh is king

    I was big fan of SRK till RNBDJ release. What he has done in RNBDJ is simply called OVERACTING and nothing else. Rubbish & Crap movie…

    Its hard to make remake and even after making it, its hard to be success! Aamir & team knows this thing well. Still they dared to make it happen. I had watched Ghajini (Tamil) also and I must say – only aamir in bollywood can do the role of Sanjay in Ghajini.

    Just imagine SRK in lead role of Ghajini and u will get your answer :P He will spend tht 15min memory by just saying… “Ggggggggggggggggghajini…” I think, if Aamir would have done lead role in RNBDJ, It would collect even more that what it collected with SRK.

  • Ghajini Continues Like A Hurricane All Over

    Wednesday 31st December 2008 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ghajini continues like a hurricane at the box office and is smashing all records. The film was expected to open to record numbers but the sort of margins that it surpassed the previous records has surprised one and all.

    The trade still had a few doubters who kept on talking about the huge price and felt that the film would see collections fall on Monday but what has happened over Monday and Tuesday is just phenomenal. Both days have seen records continue to fall and the film is heading for a 65-70 crore nett gross for its 8 day first week. After five days it had a new record in every circuit apart from Delhi/UP and East Punjab. In Delhi/UP it will cross the Singh Is Kinng record by the end of business today while East Punjab it will fall short of Singh Is Kinng record by a small margin.

  • Hi all i seriously think the shahrukh fans cant digest the overwhelming sucess of aamir’s ghajini. grow up guys,plz accept the fact that ghajini n aamir have thrashed rnbdj or srk. i know that the srk fans r deeply hurt. But fact is fact. aamir khan was,is n will always b the boss of bollywood.

  • SRK is the best
    41 world powerful personality
    RNBDJ and ghajini both are good movies
    Lekin RNBDJ bar bar dekhne ko dil karta hai jab k ghajini nahin

  • surely more than 100 crores totally ..running very successfully in tamil nadu too equivalent to its tamil version

  • It is now high time that people snatch that title given to SRK “King Khan” and give it to Aamir Khan…Aamir is versatile and he has proved time and again…..with Ghajini he is just on top of this industry now..

  • aamir khan is the king and always will remain,ghajini has just proved that all stupid sharukh fans
    admit that that sharukh cant act,he is media made star,thats all.

    shahrukh will never be able to match the openings of ghajini or anyone for that matter,if anyone can break it,it will have to be aamir khan,himself.

    whatever aamir says he justifies,so aamir is the best and always will be.

  • ghajini breaks all boxoffice records in indian film history……..Collects 170 crore worlwide in 10 days……..OSO did 165( in its complete run……..aamir is a bigger superstar than srk………now its time for srk to prove he is bigger than aamir..

  • Gajini is a superb movie delivered by Aamir. He is the real king. Now SRK time has gone so better Srk Transfer his title “Badshah ” to Mr. Perfectionist. By the way the king is always a perfectionist.

  • Gajini is one of the best movie ever made. Aamir rocks. Asin did well(Better than Anushka). Shahrukh should learn from Aamir otherwise……….Very Bad

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