Ghajini Box Office Collections – Predict

Ghajini is all set to storm the Indian box office, when the movie releases all over India on Wednesday 24th December at 7 PM IST.

The hype and curiosity for the movie is something that hasn’t been witnessed for any release this year. Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om was probably the last film which almost everyone wanted to catch, first day first show. There are several reasons why Ghajini could shatter every box office record in India

1) Its a good 2 weeks since Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi released, and the audience could lap up Ghajini as it belongs to a completely different genre. Provided it meets the high expectations.

2) Ghajini is Aamir Khan’s first release since Taare Zameen Par, which is India’s official entry to the Oscars!

3) The trailers have created immense curiosity. The Ghajini hair style has clicked big time with the youth of India.

4) The smart promotion which also involved the infamous theatre-workers-ghajini-haircut in Multiplexes all over India, was a master stroke by Aamir Khan.

5) The SRK – Aamir war of words has in some way further increased the hype around Ghajini. Almost everyone that we have spoken to – kids, teenagers, adults – all are curiously awaiting the release of the film.

Its a foregone conclusion, Ghajini will open HUGE. But how big? Will it sustain from the crucial Monday onwards? It will depend on the word of mouth. The concern for the trade is the blood, gore and violence in Ghajini, although the makers say the movie isnt very violent, as its made out to be. Will the Indian family audience accept such a flick? One other problem could be the length. Ghajini is about 3 hours long. But then, a good film works, irrespective of its length. Jodha Akbar which was more than 3 and a half hours long was a superhit in India and a blockbuster overseas.

Finally, here is our box office first week and final (nett gross) prediction for Ghajini in India

Note – The figures below is purely for the box office collections in India.

First week – 51 crores.
Final nett gross if its accepted – 100 crores +
Final nett gross if its rejected – 75 crores

Some of the biggest first week grossers of the year so far in India. Can Ghajini break those records?

Singh Is King – 44 crores
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 44.5 crores
Golmaal Returns – 39 crores.

What’s your box-office prediction for Ghajini? In its first week and overall total? Do submit your figures below in the comments section.



  • I guess the 1st week Box Offfice Collectionwill cross 50 Crores.
    Coz this is the Most awaited Movie of the Year.
    Good Luck…Aamir

  • what is a crore? cant u people just rate in millions of rupees? the international audience is lost as to what a crore really is, or at least I am.

  • U all know what happens when a bird tries to fly too high with it weak feathers?
    It certainly falls down the earth n suffers at last…same is to happen wit Ghajini & Co.

  • yes prince khan is right.

    indicine team please correction it,

    rab ne bana di jori 1st week collection is 44.50 (

  • Thanks Prince. Updated the article.

    The last figures of BOI on Saturday was 41 crores.. They usually come out with the right figures on Saturday.. But this time it has taken them a good 3 days more. Wonder why..

  • srk vs amir

    Yash Raj Films’ “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” does “Extraordinary” Business over the Second Weekend!
    24 December 2008

    Shahrukh Khan & Anushka Sharma in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi After grossing a record breaking Rs.90 crores in its first week worldwide, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has crossed beyond a phenomenal Rs.30 crores gross in its second weekend. This is by far the highest collection, even surpassing Dhoom:2 and Chak De India, both of which did outstanding business in their second weekend.

    The total collections for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in India over the second weekend are around Rs.15 crores net (i.e. gross collections of Rs.24 crores). The total gross collections for all overseas markets, where it continues with its tremendous opening week performance, during the same period are over $1.5 Million (i.e. around Rs.7.5 crores).

    In fact, the gross figures for the first 10 days are a staggering Rs.120 crores and more, making Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi by far the biggest hit of 2008. With the long Christmas and New Year weekend ahead, the message of “extraordinary love”, togetherness and harmony of the film should drive the collections to making Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi the biggest blockbuster of all time.

  • ghajini has ALREADY had the BIGGEST opening of ALL TIME in crap shit india and their even more shitty movies!!!! AAMIR KHAN ROCKS, SRK SUCKS!!!

  • hey people are u sleeping or u live in some othre world…..coz this this time aamir will make a history………….

  • ghajini is superb film ………
    it will approxly do a buisnes of 60-70 crores in first week all over world.




  • Aamir at its best In Ghajini ,truly a superb actor , God had witnessed his hard work nd so d public will .awesome perfomance ,nobody in Bollywood stands even next 2 him.A dedicated perfomance by a perfectionist , by observing such a great perfomance By Aamir in Ghajini ,it motivates us to do each nd every work given to us in our field nd do it with perfection like AAmir did in Ghajini . Thanks AAmir for such wonderful expressions in Ghajini

  • i feel the top superstars of the country ,thieir supporters and film-analysts are more concerned with the
    trade of the films .We find srk,akshay and hrithik to use their stardom in promotion and turn crap movies
    like OSO,SIK,Krissh into blockbusters. Despite Ghajini being better than these three , it is an outright
    bollywood potboiler like them using Aamir’s stardom and supreme acting skills .What is desired though is
    not a megahit film but a touching film like chak de or TZP,DCH.

  • its Fact that Amir Khan is superb actor and no doubt he is perfectionist.

    Srk is Famous bcoz of Overseas Stage performances Where as Amir Don’t

    He Never Waste time in Parties and make money through Stage shows.

    SRK always say that he is No 1. Where Amir Khan Never Said.

    This is the Differnce between the two Personalities

  • well, Rizwan, u r completely wrong there, seems like u r not aware of what is happening in bollywood, this Amir Khan is constantly attacking King Khan whenever he gets a chance to come in media. The guy is just too cunning and too jealous of King Khan’s status. Aamir knows he will never be able to be at par with Khan, u can just compare their achievements, now, the SRK-haters will say, that he buys all the filmfare awards that’s why he wins so many awards every year, stop whining!!! Ghajini despite its excessive gimmickry, it’s going to flop big time, Noone can ever beat the Datuk SRK

  • rizvan 100 % right
    aamir is best all said it watch coffee with karan more than 75 % people said aamir better than srk … ghajini 1st day collection in worldwide 33 crores… …. unbelievable rnbdj only 18 crores…. singh is kinng 19 crores.. ghajini 2 day collection 21 crores.. rnbdj only 16 crores.. singh is kinng 18.5 crores..

  • one min guys n gals who r fan of srk let me tel u it is d bollywood who gave king khan title to srk so u all just shut ur mouth up bcoz it will take a lot f time for aamir to stand near srk .why industry top producer n director wants to wrk with him b coz they know that dis guy is just a superb y don was given to him why devdas was given to him guys der is some reason for dat. n just luk at d expression of ammir he is lukin lik a freak wid 8 pack abs hahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Aamir you are simply great…And SRK is no where close to your sensible movies…The movies of SRK are hit because Indian girls and Housewives taking him as an ideal man…But when it comes really to compare about movies choice and stories, it is Aamir who breaks the record…This time he making it clear to SRK that stop claming yourself as number one..I was really happy when his team lost in IPL and this time when Ghajini will break all records things will be clear to SRK…

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