Ghai offers a crore for brilliant script

If on the first hearing by Mukta Arts Selection Committee a script is acquired, then the screenwriter will be paid Rs. 1 Crore. Subhash Ghai feels its fair enough to pay 1 crore for a complete, bound brilliant script.

?If we say we are perpetually on the lookout for good scripts, why can?t we put our money where our mouth is and pay 1 crore for a brilliant script — which, according to me, is a fair price, especially when we are going to spend 25 to 50 crores to produce the film,? Ghai states.

The Showman adds in the same breath, ?Screenwriting is going to be the highest paid profession in the near future. Now is the time for the youth of today to understand the importance of this profession and consider it seriously. The writer is the real creator of media — be it Films, TV or Animation.?

Source: indiafm


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