Awarapan – full-fledged release in Pakistan

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan has been cleared by the Pakistani censorboard and is expected to release in Pakistan theatres either on Friday 6th of July or 13th July.

It was revealed last week that the Censor Board of Pakistan was to view Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan on Wednesday 27th June for a release in Pakistan.

On late Tuesday evening, news has it that Awarapan has been cleared by the Pakistani censors. If true, the film will create history, making it the first mainstream Bollywood release to have a full-fledged theatrical release in Pakistan, either on Friday 6th or 13th July.

Incidentally, Awarapan was the first film from the Bhatt camp to have a wide overseas release only last week, courtesy of Studio 18 International.

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