A Gentleman is a box office disaster

‘A Gentleman’ is one of the biggest debacles of the year so far, because the film has had a significant drop in business on Monday after a poor weekend at the box office. The film has collected 13 crore in its first weekend, but given the weekend trend and the fall on Monday, it could wrap well under the 25 crore mark.

These are extremely poor numbers for a film that had a decent trailer and star cast, but the promos that followed the trailer gave it a ‘rom-com’ like vibe, a genre that had faced outright rejection at the box office in the last few months.

The first title of the film was ‘Reloaded’, which was then changed to ‘Reload’. Both those titles would’ve probably worked better than a title like ‘A Gentleman’. The poor decision on the title was followed by an ineffective marketing campaign, where a hit-song like ‘Bandook Meri Laila’ was the last song to be released.

The disastrous result of ‘A Gentleman’ is a major setback to Sidharth Malhotra’s career, that has seen highs like ‘Ek Villain’ which was preceded by a strong debut in ‘Student Of The Year’. ‘Kapoor & Sons’ did well at the box office, but his last two films have been rejected outright. ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ managed a decent initial due to hit music, but ‘A Gentleman’ was a disaster from Day 1 itself. There’s hope though as his next two films are low on budget and look interesting on paper.

A GentlemanCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)4.04 crore-
Day 2 (Saturday)4.36 crore+ 8%
Day 3 (Sunday)4.73 crore+ 8%
Day 4 (Monday)2.03 crore- 57%
Day 5 (Tuesday)1.60 crore- 21%
Day 6 (Wednesday)1.71 crore+ 7%
Day 7 (Thursday)1.35 crore- 21%
India Total Collections19.82 crore




  • People want to watch BAADSHAHO only as of now.. on 1st September.

    Post the songs of BAADSHAHO @indicine

    Even JUDWAA2 will be rejected.. looks outrageously pathetic..

      • You Tube hits dont matter..content does and Baadshaho is content….Judwaa is for road side public…

    • Yh baadshaho has created a good buzz with its songs and starcast it will be a hit or at least I can make sure it will collect minimum 80-90 crores but judwaa 2 will be another hit for varun dawan as the buzz surrounding the film is already high after chalti hai kya 9se 12 song Iam sure by the time of release it would generate more buzz and at least it will make sure not to lose money bcs of salman khan

  • Judwaa 2 will be a big Disaster…

    3rd FLOP for Varun after Dishoom and Dilwale…

    Don’t call Dilwale an abv avg or a hit.. distributors lost so its a Flop.. if it is q success , then srk is not in a bad phase

  • Feeling sad for Sid.
    He is good looking,cool.
    But talentless.
    He should improve himself instantly.
    He should show his mettle in Neeraj Pandey next.That will be his last chance

  • Film was good and had a superb trailer also. It hasnt worked due to the low buzz that came after the trailer.

  • I guess hit and flops are part of the journey. I am not a fan of Sid, but I guess, one should not write-off somebody because of one flop or two average runs. If you take the careers of all superstars, they have given back to back flops and disasters, but have somehow continued and reaped success.

    There are various factors that affect a movie. For example, a movie like Mom was appreciated but underperformed, because of the silly decision by the makers to release it with a Universal movie like Spiderman: Homecoming. There is no chance for any movie to stand along a huge and famous superhero character like Spiderman, which is loved the most the world over.

    Then there are reasons like bad songs, bad promotions, too niche, or the overall wrong timing of the movie……

    Hence, the benefit-of-doubt should be given to the actors for one or two failures……If it is continuous then there is a concern, because afterall film making is business and no one wants an actor/actress who continuously is part of loss making ventures.

  • 5 Straight Disasters or Huge Flops this year.
    Jagga Jasoos
    A Gentleman
    Bad Days for Distributors. Specially for Tubelight and JHMS, same person bought the All India Rights of these two movies at huge prices forgot his name.

  • The film industry truly is unpredictable.
    During the SOTY days I remember most people choosing him over Varun.
    Don’t know where his career goes

  • What if a huge budget movie like Padmavati won’t be a well made movie, distributors ki to lag Jayegi, Disaster year it is
    Two suoerhits ruined at the start of the year by clashing, Raees and Kaabil both were superhits in solo

  • IF u see the recent trend of continuous flops and disasters in Bollywood.There is some one/thing behind all these debacles??

    Guess who??

    That is none other than Telugu movie: Baahubali2. It will hunt Bollywood another year

  • a gentleman has collected even lower than munna michael siddhart is now in last position among youngsters

    • Do u really think
      tiger shroff deserbe to be actor.
      A gentleman was affected by many things like
      ram rahim verdict,mum and rajasthan rain.
      it was not released in punjab,haryana and few part of delhi.

    • do u really think
      tiger shroff deserve to be actor,
      A gentleman was affected by ramrahim verdict,mum and rajasthan rain and bad releasing date.
      movie was not released in haryana,punjab and few part of delhi

  • as per many It is around 12 cr after 3 days!! so Sid’s career is in ICU…but He is lucky to still have Neeraj Pandey’s Film in bag!!

  • Waiting only for TZH the first 300 crs movie of bollywood for this year…


  • Hopefully 2018 will be a better year for bollywood. My expectations

    2.O ( 200 cr, hindi)

    Race 3 (250 Cr) [If director is Remo]

    Gold (110-120 cr) [not expecting much from excel prod and talaash director hopefully will surprise]

    TOH (300 Cr) [Victor is a negative point tho it might underperform]

    Dwarf (250 Cr, if solo release) [Director is excellent but srk has lost the audience trust so it has to be a greeeeat Movie for doing 300 Cr]

    Hopefully there will be a Hrithik movie too – Super 30 (140-150 cr]

    Heard Akki will start crack from Nov, if it will release next year then its a potential 150cr for akshay

  • Indian movie goers are rejecting everything these days. Hope Padmavati won’t be rejected too coz I have waited for so long to enjoy seeing Deepika on the big screen.

  • Again, not such a bad movie (With one good twist in my opinion). The action was underwhelming, they should have stepped it up. Tone of the movie was that of a rom-com, which is why it felt like a rom-com.

  • @indicine, do you think the curfew in states like Haryana, Punjab, Delhi has anything to do with this? also should baadshaho postpone looking at current situation in those states?

  • I think rom coms should be made on controlled budget like Bareilly ki Barfi which will be plus at box office

  • Siddharth is not a solo star material…whatever hits he had was from multi starrers and truth to be told he was the weakest link in those films as well…

  • Cant believe this…. I think after the highly negative reviews from critics audience are not ready to take risk… Really sad……

    Mostly bcz its a good entertainer that have great action, (especially the hand to hand fight scenes)… and the comedy scenes are refreshing, situational and very funny.. Even though they r simple… Also the songs are well placed..

    The film is actually a no boring entertainer ..

    On the other hand its very funny to see some critics praising Vivegam as a masterpiece… Actually its avg /bel avg film..

  • Disappointing year for the industry continues. Ranbir, Ranveer & to an extent Varun have consolidated their positions in the industry. Other youngsters still have to be consistent enough to be taken seriously.

    Khans/Akshay/Ajay/Hrithik have set very high standards. Even in the early years of their career they were high achievers. The pressure remains on the youngsters as to who will be their true replacament. But such pressure doesn’t seem to be fair as these guys (Khans/Ajay/Hrithik/Akshay) are class apart and extremely difficult to be replaced.

    All eyes now on Baadshaho. Doesn’t matter if it opens big or small, if it has content it has full one month to perform. Quite excited about the movie. Hope it doesn’t disappoint. Industry needs this one to be a hit.

    #Only 4 days to Baadshaho

  • Even badshao even though looking gud is not going to work in multiplexes. With due respect to ajay his movies never worked in multiplexes apart from singham series n golmaal series.indicine team is spot on bcoz the buzz is pretty low in multiplexes but gud in ss.

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