Gauri Shinde’s Alia Bhat, Shah Rukh Khan film: Exclusive Info

The announcement of Gauri Shinde’s next film starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan, has come as a surprise to a lot of people.

More often that not, when SRK does a film, rumours start doing the rounds 2 or 3 months before the official announcement. This time around, there were no rumours and even after the announcement Shah Rukh hasn’t spoken about the film.

Reliable sources have now informed us, that the untitled film will feature Alia Bhatt in the lead. SRK will have an important role to play, but will have limited screen time.

The film goes on floors mid-October and the shooting schedule will be wrapped up by the end of January 2016. We can also confirm that the Gauri Shinde directed film, which will be produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions and Hope Productions, will hit screens in 2016.

Red Chillies and Dharma join hands for the first time after the success of ‘Student Of The Year’ and their collaboration in a content-oriented film, will generate tremendous interest.

While SRK is yet to publicly talk about the film, sources close to him say, the superstar is very excited about the project and his role in the movie.

The final release date hasn’t been announced, but the film is likely to hit theatres after the release of ‘Raees’.

Lots to look forward to for Shahrukh and his fans in 2016. ‘Dilwale’ will be running in theatres at the beginning of next year, Maneesh Sharma’s ‘Fan’ in April, Rahul Dholakia’s ‘Raees’ in July and an interesting yet different role in Gauri Shinde’s untitled film.. all in 2016.

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  • if movie fails den srk fan will shout its just a SPL appearances nt in lead..but if successful den will bark its d presence of #hakla khan ……worst logic…

  • Hahaha so the writing is on the wall for srk , he is slowly but surely turning into a ‘supporting actor’ rather than as a main lead as he himself has realised that he alone can’t pull people to the theatres and needs the support of shetties, deepikas, dhawans , kajols & alia bhatts to complement his waning stardom , he appears like a pale shadow of his former self , at this juncture of his career he looks confused as what to choose , quality or quantity ? because on one hand the superstar alter ego that he has in plenty doesn’t allow him to compromise on his superstar standings among the khans as far as the BO collections are concerned and on the other hand he can’t keep on disappointing his fans by doing one crap after the other as they expect much better quality movies from him , he is trying to balance the both but the i don’t think the trick would work for long and just forget about the past , just for BO records he compromised on the quality by doing utter craps with directors like Rohit & Farah (and though CE & hny achieved the objective to some extent by scoring 200 crores at the domestic BO , his fall from the grace and his desperation were quite evident as he was increasingly getting under the hammer from aamir & salman ) and to please his fans and maintain them from overly getting pissed off by his craps he is doing the so called ‘content driven’ movies like fan & raees but even these movies seem to have an hidden element of commercialism in them, these movies may please his fans & the critics alike but i am sure that at the BO they wouldn’t become huge BBs and dilwale would become the biggest disappointment of this year and would embarrass srk & his fans much more .

    The distance between him and aamir & salman is increasing with each passing day and after few years hrithik will easily knock him out from his current 3rd position.

    we can say that srk’s days as a superstar are getting over and i am 100% sure that he is going to retire much earlier than salman & aamir , srk would be the 1st & aamir the last among the khan trio to take retirement from Bollywood.

  • Another content driven film….?

    Where do media get such info from…?

    Lol- I think jab tak hai mojo is still hailed as acontent rich film along with CON 2 n Ratoon is still Indias most experimental film so that too was content driven…!

  • If you look in to all SRK pas movies and do your R & D in how his performance in those movies, none of them will excite you, not even DDLJ…

  • @Dangal Pandey, don’t worry! It was me who has said this. I said “SRK will be playing the role of Alia’ father who sends his spoilt daughter to India to learn Sanskar and Hindi.” He will play that role, not any role else.

  • No matter, my icon will be four movies a year. We, Chameleone Population in Bhojpur, never becomes tired of his movies. He is the biggest superstar of all time. It doesn’r matter if his four films equal to one Khan film!! Joker boy roxxxx!!

  • SRK fans are as dull as their star. They r barking as if like they have seen all these movies. Plz kindly how do u people know these movies r content rich. Mindless dulls. Just a title n trailer cant suggest if its content rich. I can remember srkains saying BB a bhojpuri movie. Abe gadhe pahele movie dekh.fir comment karo abt its content. Right know we can just tell how good is the title

  • Dilwale 350cr plus beating Pk.
    Fan 200cr plus beating biggest non holiday grosser
    Raees 300cr plus beating sultan
    #SRKAliaInGauriShindeMovie xmas2016 250plus beating dangal
    2016 will be the year of SRK

  • @NVS don’t worry Dilwale will crush each n every record n srk will retire early than other khans as his son Aryan khan starting to beat salmir.

  • He Can’t release 3 films in a Year ..!
    Pairing iz good
    Just Srk need 2 hire a good make up artist .
    Seriously its good pairing ..!

  • @tiger supporting role by srk was far better than full fledge role of your bhaai and haa you forgot your bhaai bhaai sing a song in hero wid the help of techonology which was already sung by other Singer and comes to every t.v show even without supporting role

  • desperate hater are burning like hell
    even they came in comment section before srk fan good insecurity at his best
    what is the funny things about them that every buddy want to troll with such a old and bad sense of humour I thing they all are bigg fan of comedy night wid kapil but not match him 0.01% like there superstatars who is not know about abcd of acting still try to do so same goes for them keep it up

    and ha one of the bhaai illogical fan said that srk will retire earlier than bhaai ohh really you think so???
    that’s not your problem ab jitana dimag hoga utana hi na sochoge after all u r a bhaai fan
    I thing you have to know for long run in industry acting skill is needed not affaires, becholarhood topic, court cases topic and south action suits not going to work anymore for your bhaai bcoz when you grow old nobuddy interested in your fake controversies audience wanaa meture acting skill just like amitabh bachan so don’t worry about srk he have all the qualities better to worry abt your bhaai bcozz ale le lele….. ale… not going to suits him in his olden days by d way height of jeoulsy is a blind fan compare heighest number of award winning actor wid still wait for debut in award actor keep calm nd just do ale..left..le le…

  • Dilwale will become hit because of clash with bajirao mastani. Raees will becomes disaster if clash with sultan. Fanaa definitely cross 200 crores in bo

  • @bromance lungiwala faan

    idnt agree with u
    billiwale 400+
    khaitan fan 500+
    crapees 800+
    this film 1000+

  • Varunwaale will be his last saving grace. After that bhikharees and Broken fan will bring him back to his original aukaat in his Maya memsaab days. He is nothing in front of his 2 daddys AK and SK. Next year dangal and suultan will crush both broken fan and Bhilharees single handedly.

  • @Faan pk
    pk hai kya?
    Audience want mature acting and u think that audience wil pick ur artificial actor Shahcook

  • A lot of interesting things to look forwards to for Haklu fans. As Varunwaale will chase crappy nee year in overseas, Fan will chase Talaash in overseas, Bhojpuri Raees will chase Bang Bang in overseas and sultan and dangal will chase PK and BB in overseas and dangal will complete its chase and overtake PK in overseas. Media made star has no chance to come even close to 3 idiots in overseas. And India me to bhool hi jao.

  • @ indicine

    I asked you a question in question and answer section but didn’t get your reply.
    So I am posting it again.

    Indicine I have a very important and interesting question.

    Question — Every sites shows DDLJ collection is ae
    around 61 crore. If the film is running from last 20 years how it is possible to be remain on 61 crore. What is the real collection of DDLJ till now.

    Please reply on this

    Can you please do a favour on me by answer this question.


    I listen lallumoor fans are talking about special appearance?????

    @tiger-the real chuha,What about saawariya(bhai played side role in young ranbir,sonam’s movie)?????,lol.

    @rakesh lallu satapathydon’t bark much you idiot.before release of films like dhobi ghat,pruety zinta’s movie you said movie will be hit because of salmir.but after release you said it’s salmir in guest appearance.what can be more idiotic than get lost you #mc.

    salmir fans almost gone to coma,fun raises day by day for THE SRKIANS.

    1ST DILWALE make sent bhojpuris to coma.then FAN will come to shatter all non holiday records,then RAEES will finish the career of bhojpuri sallu then GOURI SHINDE’S NEXT will give shock to amir’s papa role in dangal pandey (oops sorry @lejhandu,amoor is playing young /old papa in dangal pandey?????),lol.

  • According to my analysis if bajrangi bhaijaan had 3 to 4 more holdiays and had bahubali been not released in that could have easily crossed 400 crore to become all time higher grosser in bollywood history…

  • @Romance ……….. at 5:17 p.m , so as a srk fan u too are accepting that srk will retire before the other khans salman & aamir and hahaha lol rahi Aryan khan ki baat tho uska baap he aab thak kuch kaas nai kar saka against salman & aamir tho uska beta kya kaas ukhadlega??? big Lol on ur stupidity :D :D :D

    ya u srk fans have been repeating the same thing with his every outing , u said the same thing about hny that it will crush each & every record but what happened ? fuszszsssszzzz………. u have being saying the same thing since Ra.1 but what happened , srk is without the highest grosser of year for the last 7-8 years or so and even this year also it’s not going to happen with dilwale, want to bet with me, chalo I dare u to bet with me on this , either BB or PRDP will finish up at the top and no way dilwale would beat them , hei kya dum bet lagane ki???

    If Dilwale collects more than BB then I will publicly accept that srk is the biggest superstar , I will leave indicine forever & will never ever make fun of srk again but if dilwale fails to do so (I don’t care about whatever excuses u give for its failure) then u have to accept srk is just a fake media made superstar , that his stardom & success are too overrated & over hyped and finally the universal fact that salman & aamir are much much bigger superstars than him in every sense , so bet manzoor hei kya, bol???

    I know that srk & his dilwale will fail to do so and u srk fans will give all the silly stupid dumb reasons & excuses for its failure and I also know that even after accepting my bet and loosing to me u will never ever agree on the truth & facts , the truth that srk is just a fake media made overrated & over hyped superstar who is nothing in front of both salman & aamir, srk fans can never ever digest this saachai, unne sachai hazam nai hothi .

    Day dreams dekna baand karo and try to be realistic & practical in life, forget breaking records even if it does 200 crores at BO with the clash wohi sabse badi baat hogi srk fans ke liye , learn to live with reality and try to get the maximum satisfaction out of it , don’t have over- expectations from this theesra khan or teesmaar khan (Farah actually went to srk first with TMK’s script but unfortunately he rejected it and unfortunately for akki fans akki accepted it and that was the real death blow to akki’s stardom from which he seems to have not recovered till now , so akki fans now u exactly know whom to blame for the akki’s current ‘critically endangered’ stardom state, kaash srk TMK kar liya hotha and aaj akki ke place pe woh hotha ….kaash……) he is not salman or aamir to have real expectations indeed nothing should be expected of the teesra khan and only then he will be able to give once-in-a-bluemoon type of BBs like CE otherwise agar too many expectations laga lia tho Ra.1, jthj and hny jaisa movies niklega ..

  • indicine,if u permit me,let me try a bit to answer these questions. @atif slb feels bm is better than sos and dilwale’s rohit shetty is not as great as jthj’s yash chopra. Many producers feel there is a chance to make some collection along with srk.@rajnish when an akki film releases another film’s trailer comes.there must be a gap of 3weeks.@kumar rahul akki’s audience has not been increased as it was expected. Besides during 2007 the benchmark was srk’s superhits but post2008 dec it is aamir & salman’s atbb. @hamid,first i tell u the music of prdp is going to the best himesh has given so far like tere naam/pyar kiya toh darna kiya.the music will be melodious after it has the best chance to become the highest grosser. @ankit, dangal will be aamir’s chak de india. He will train his five daughters to win a great competition. It may not have the repeat value because the songs in a sport film are different. Hardly any director can make a sport film worth watching repeatedly. Still aamir can make it the highest grosser. @aashu de rock if khans do 3films per year,that is,6films in 2y,their films will collect around 200cr(170-240)at best.2-3films out of 6 will underperform like talash,jai ho,raone. @omer makers of raees want to release on eid if sultan does not release because they said they want to avoid clash. @faruk srk will always be king because most of his limited releases every year does around superhit business. If aamir & salman continue this way till 2020,media may call them emperors. @saurabh,when fees of actress go up after 3-4years,a new actress is cast opposite akki.thus in 2003-2006 priyanka, in 2007-2010 katrina,in 2011-2014 sonakshi,now jackeline. The producers dont want the cost of an akki film go up too much because the box office collection of his film dont grow rapidly.

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