Gauri Shinde’s Alia Bhat, Shah Rukh Khan film: Exclusive Info

The announcement of Gauri Shinde’s next film starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan, has come as a surprise to a lot of people.

More often that not, when SRK does a film, rumours start doing the rounds 2 or 3 months before the official announcement. This time around, there were no rumours and even after the announcement Shah Rukh hasn’t spoken about the film.

Reliable sources have now informed us, that the untitled film will feature Alia Bhatt in the lead. SRK will have an important role to play, but will have limited screen time.

The film goes on floors mid-October and the shooting schedule will be wrapped up by the end of January 2016. We can also confirm that the Gauri Shinde directed film, which will be produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions and Hope Productions, will hit screens in 2016.

Red Chillies and Dharma join hands for the first time after the success of ‘Student Of The Year’ and their collaboration in a content-oriented film, will generate tremendous interest.

While SRK is yet to publicly talk about the film, sources close to him say, the superstar is very excited about the project and his role in the movie.

The final release date hasn’t been announced, but the film is likely to hit theatres after the release of ‘Raees’.

Lots to look forward to for Shahrukh and his fans in 2016. ‘Dilwale’ will be running in theatres at the beginning of next year, Maneesh Sharma’s ‘Fan’ in April, Rahul Dholakia’s ‘Raees’ in July and an interesting yet different role in Gauri Shinde’s untitled film.. all in 2016.

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  • Aap maza ayega….!!!
    we want it to release on 18 December of 2016 ….. yo yo honey singh !!!!
    we want clashes next year …!!!
    Raees vs sultan
    Shivaay vs adhm
    srk next with dangal too much excitement lolllllllll !!!

  • So srk is set to do an akki-4 films in 12 months

    Akki fans always say that if khans do 4 films in 12months then there collection won’t b as much as akki gets.

    Ok akki fans.lets just wait and watch how a khan beats akki in his own game

  • Shahrukh is trying to get back his no.1 spot frm Salman…but he is going to fail…..Shahrukh you have failed bollywood. :)

  • 22 nd August 1988 the biggest and the proudest day in the history of Bollywood when THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR OF INDIAN CINEMA KING SALMAN KHAN ARRIVED. HE CAME , SAW AND CONQUERED BILLIONS HEARTS



  • He will play her father’s who will send his spoilt daughter to India to learn Hindi , grneral knowledge about India and Achche Sanskar because she finds Hindi confusing and also speaks double meaning words

  • Making a statement. He’s done allowing Aamir and Salman to make so much noise for the past 5 years. King is back. Move aside Aamir & Salman.

  • SRK is wasting his time doing cameo role.

    Once over 50 yrs, time for getting right roles becomes more and more difficult. Just look how much Amitabh struggled in his 50s. Same can be SRKs fate if he does not chose RAEES, FAN kind of roles.

    They have to be uniquely tailored to SRKs acting skills, personality and charisma. I would rather see SRK work out details on DON-3 with Excel entertainment than sign these cameos.

  • Some body here recently has said like this. But I now come to learn SRK will play a role like a teacher or guide to her like in Mohabbattein. The character will really suit him. Looking forward……

  • Everybody’s praising Srk’s choices of movies.So nice to see him experimenting at this stage of his career

  • wow srk is back on the track doing
    content rich movie
    look he is not behind box office
    record he wants to some good movie
    and that what we srk fans want we
    don’t watnt box office records but good movies.

    Good movies like HNY,RA.1,JTHJ & CE.

    So now we have our own Khatte Angoor Ki Kheti.

  • RCE may target xmas 2016 for the film, very good year for srkians 4films releasing with in 1year

  • Looks like aamir fans who are alive are more interested in SRK films , Waise bhi Aamir dont give importance to his fans that’s why They Roam around Barking on Other Actors Projects !

  • I Really dont Know Why Are Aamir fans Commenting here with there ugly faces , Jao Yaar apna kaam karo !

  • It will be blockbuster,i have no doubts at all. 2016 is well and truly Srk’s year.
    Best films of 2016 –
    Gauri Shinde’s next
    Azhar Biopic

  • Excitement overload…
    SRK is doing Akshay Kumar + Aamir Khan + Salman Khan COMBO !!!

    Proud to be his fan.. 4 movies in span of 1 year… Each one of them will be atleast 250 cr +.

  • Please read my first comment and second comment on this page!! I accidentally pressed ‘Post comment” without completing my comment. so, one part of the comment was posted earlier.

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