Funny: Young Arjun Kapoor in awe of Hrithik Roshan

Arjun Kapoor, a young-fatso turned Bollywood heart-throb, is seen staring in awe at Hrithik Roshan, in a old picture that was posted by Farah Khan.

The Happy New Year director tweeted “Talking of weight loss, Arjun Kapoor at my Sangeet 10 yrs ago!! Take a bow”

It was Salman Khan who inspired Arjun to shed the extra kilos and get in shape to become an actor. Arjun has said in several interviews that he wouldn’t have entered the industry as an actor if not for Salman.

Check out the photo!

Farah Khan reveals Arjun Kapoor's pre-weight loss picture on Twitter

Farah Khan reveals Arjun Kapoor’s pre-weight loss picture on Twitter



  • hrithik also took help from salman. He called salman asked if he remembered hrithik. salman helped hrithik with body building and stammering problem

  • Lol Imagine If he Wasn’t Star Kid Than Today He Would Have Been Selling Golgappas on the Street Of Mumbai Bcoz Rickshwaale & Pan waale looks better than this Fatty Guy Called Arjun Kapoor

  • Not Much Difference He Used to Look Shit Earlier & Today also he Looks Shit He Should Thank Boney Kapoor Bcoz Without Forget Bollywood Actor He don’t deserve to be TV Actor Also

  • Look at these pic …. Arjun Kappr is so yuckkkkkkk ……..! ..
    He is a star-kid… Thatswhy is gettin film of yrf banner ….! ..Take out KAPOOR surname .. He is big ZERO …

  • I just exclaimed ‘ewwww’ ” thuuuuu”!!! ..’ … He is in awe of hrithik … That does not mean i should appreciate him .. Don’t know ‘HOW’ n ‘WHAT’ is he doing in bollywood ..!

  • yes salman bhaijaan is pillar of this industry he inspires infact all younger actors whether it is arjun,varun,ranveer or ranbir even hrithik was fat in his early age but bhaijaan trained him he is the reason of gym phenomena in the nation he is truly a biggest trendsetter in india.

  • Our Bhai also helped Arnold to get in shape n build abs. Whatever Arnold is today is only because of our Bhai. #BhaiRoxx

  • When I saw this pic yesterday, I couldn’t stop laughing. hahahah
    just look Arjun’s face, he is drooling……but couldn’t understand one thing, was he drooling over Hrithik or over her?? .

  • Arjun Kapoor said on CWK that he had a male crush on Hrithik after watching Dhoom 2 but looks like this fatso was having a male crush even before Dhoom 2 released..

  • After looking this pic I am sure Karan(Johar) and Arjun(Kapoor) belong to the same category…
    These are 21st century

  • @ Abanfarooqui I agree with you that Hrithik asked for Salman’s help and Salman trained Hrithik . When Hrithik got the Best Actor Filmfare Award for KNPH he thanked Salman for his contribution . But Salman did not helped Hrithik to overcome his Stammering . He underwent Speech Therapy and he always used to read newspapers loudly while standing on the terrace . He always practised difficult words and he used to imitate other actors by speaking their dialogues . Once he said in an interview to Farah Khan that he was bullied as a kid and always practice Barakhadi and Varnmala even today . This man is an inspiration and a phenomenon . The way he has overcome his problems and succeeded is an inspiration for everybody . I am very much impressed and inspired by him, his Wonderful Personality and His Simplicity . Whenever i see an article of Hrithik on Indicine i feel really happy . Thank You @ Indicine for making my day . Arjun Kapoor was really fat and i am happy to see that he has lost so much weight . He is not so much handsome but i hope he can improve his acting and make a strong comeback . The AIB Controversy has affected him in a huge manner and let’s hope that he will not be part of such shows in future .

  • Someone said that Salman helped for stammering problem? ? ? Lol. .tell me some more. . Also say that he Helped Hro for acting and dancing too.

  • most easiest things in this world is that giving tips to other but if you are not hard working people then you can’t be successful in this planet.




  • Ha ha…..arjun, that time,he was thinking if he could have worked out like hr trained by bhai,then Farah could have danced with him.finally arjun trained by salman as both of their perfectly matches,lol.but I don’t think so hr trained by salman as neither his body completely different from salman and arjun kind fat packs nor he did photoshoped body like our bhai in jai ho.

  • @Rajveer : There is no doubt about Hrithik Roshan’s dedication & hardwork but even a free advise from Salman regarding body building is worth a million !!!!!!

  • @babaji ka thullu just search hrithik roshan fat to sexy u will get, yeah in his childhood he was not fat but he accepted that due to salman he started body building and also salman inspired him to become actor he said this even in bigg boss8.

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