Fresh trial in Salman’s hit-and-run case from March 26

Salman KhanA Mumbai sessions court has declared that a fresh trial of Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case will begin on March 26 2014.

On Tuesday’s hearing of the case, the prosecution submitted a list of 17 witnesses who will be examined and cross-examined again.

On July 24th 2013, a Mumbai sessions court had framed serious charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder against Salman, which entails a 10-year prison term.

In November last year, Salman had appealed to the sessions court seeking a fresh trial in the case as the magistrate’s court had not given him an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses in context of the new culpable homicide charge.

The superstar was earlier charged under the Indian Penal Code Section 304 (A) for a less stringent charge of rash and negligent driving.

After nearly 10 years, the magistrate had held that a case under IPC 304 (2) was made out against Salman and sent the case to a sessions court for trial, which he challenged.

Besides IPC Section 304(2), Salman also faces charges of causing death by negligence, causing hurt by an act, causing grievous hurt and damage or mischief to property.

Late night on September 28 2002, Salman was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser in an allegedly drunken state. The actor ran over the pavement near a bakery killing one and injuring four others in the accident.



  • When will this criminal Salman Khan go to jail???…He is a women beater…He deserves jail….WAITING FOR THE VERDICT

  • Tit for tat. .it might be unknowingly or knowingly.but salman has done a huge he deserves some punishment. On the other hand ,he is doing many noble work i still like him. humanity wise, salman is undoubtedly better than back stabber SRK and clever amir.

  • Yes Salman deserves punishment for his deeds.. the laws of India should not only be applied to the common man… the deeds of this bhai are far worse than SRK at Wankehede and SRK was punished for trying to protect his daughter so Salman shud also face serious jail time for his deeds.. this shows SRK (common man) does not use his power to go above the law but this bhai has paid so many bribes to postpone/destroy case… Salman and Sanjay Dutt shud stop being given special treatment! WHy shud the laws be bended and waived for them while the full justice of the law is slammed on the common man??

  • May Truth shall prevail, Justice be served and Guilty be punished….Since we haven’t witnessed the incident or don’t have any evidence with us, we can’t comment. Let the courts do their works…

  • @Sakhi, Most of us here argue about the stardom or the professions of respective actors. Hardly does anyone wish too ill personally against anyone. Neither SRK does himself against Salman.
    Since you seem to be more a Salman than a SRK lover, I will say “Salman will go to jail only when he can crash you to death under his car. So, be careful when you are road.”
    Why do you always rant, Sakhi? How do you know he beats women? Have you been with him? For how may days? If there is a problem, then, both parties are guilty. Coz one hand alone can’t produce clapping sound…
    Salman is not afraid of facing jail-terms as he himself has said he has reserved 5-10 years of his life.
    Don’t worry, the Verdict will be he will proven innocent or the verdict can never be announced…We are with him. Public are with him. No problems if some anti-social elements like you do not ever bother to see the humane side of his.

  • @Sakhi Salman khan will go to jail when your Leap year blockbuster star will give 5 back to back

  • @Indicine
    I seriously doubt your sincerity and impartiality. You every now and then post reports on SRK and scarcely do on Salman Khan. When you post one report here, it is like an attempt to portray Salman Khan in a negative light. Why don’t you post reports on his philanthropic work and help to others. Are you here to sabotage someone’s image. I want an explanation.

    Of course, thanks to you on behalf of Akki fans for posting some reports on him after their protests.

    If you believe in freedom of expression, then, please post this comment.

  • Lol, this case will not end atleast in next 10yr and so. I strongly feel if someone is guilty and if you have evidence for same than he should get punishment whether he is common man or a big star. But i loved the way Salman changed himself in last 10 years and i wish he will set free or get minimum punishment. Truly he is people’s man.Love you SK.

  • This incidence is not intentional but accidental, while SRK’s Crime in Drunken Mood at Wankedhe in public was 100% intentional no matter with what smokescreen he tries to cover up. Despite there are ample evidences of photographic and video graphic footage, he was able to escape facing a criminal case let alone getting punished for it being filthy rich and politically well-connected. To be fair, if Salman is facing a criminal charge, SRK should face the same. Implementation of law should be equal for all. This prolonged legal proceedings has done much damage to Salman’s personal and professional lives as well.

    According to, average 18.7 people of every 100,000 people in India die due to the road accidents every year. Are they all because of Salman Khan??? Why are those cases taken so lightly? It is Salman Khan. If we can put him in legal mess, we can squeeze a lot of money from him. In the end, who benefits??

    That’s why the son of the late accident victim’s son said he doesn’t want Salman Khan to be jailed but some monetary compensation. Besides, logically, pavements are neither for sleeping nor for driving cars on. The men who slept on the pavement, Indian govt that could not provide a proper house for its citizen and Salman Khan (if he was driving the car) are all guilty for the accident.

    He’s doing much work for society. If he’s imprisoned, many people will not benefit from him. In my opinion, the charges against him should be dropped on the condition that he doesn’t repeat same mistakes again and makes lives of some poor families (let’s say 1000 families). That’ll be better since he seems to have realized his mistakes.

    Above all, if Salman was found guilty, there is nothing wrong in punishing him. Similar proceedings should be carried against SRK as well. Law must be equal.

    I am writing this comment because someone else compared Salman’s Accident Case vs SRK Wankedhe Case.

  • SRKians, Go and Give some Congratulations to Gauri Khan for being part of Round Table India (RTI) instead of posting hatred comments here.

  • @sachin11 Ok sir, if we follow ur logic that a star is only worthy when he gives blockbusters, u say SRK is leap year performer, but using ur same logic Salman gave blockbuster in 1995 with Karan Arjun but didnt give another one until another 12 years Partner in 2007 that too with multistarrer cast, so if a leap yr comes every four yrs, Salman is a triple leap yr performer as he needs 12 yrs to give blockbusters whilst SRK needs just one leap yr!!!!!! Oh yeh u conviently forget that in just 2 yr SRK gave 3 consecutive blockbusters: Chak de, OSM and RNBDJ……………………………so yeh ur logic is bakwaas

  • @ sachin11 In addition, in those yrs 2007-2008 when King Khan gave 3 consecutive blockbusters as solo lead, ur bhai gave only one blockbuster as supporting role to Govinda plus flops upon flops and also disasters like marigold…………………when salman had his south remakes working from 2010-2012 SRK still gave hit movies in india and blockbusters oversees including one movie JTHJ which had a clash with a hit movie SOS…………………….

  • @Rkz Whatever u wrote means nothing as SRK did not kill anyone or cause people to lose their loved ones because of negligence and wild behaviour without any justice being done.. SRK faced adequate justice for what he did.. that ban was more than enough justice but Salman has actually killed someone which is far worse and has not faced any justice for it.. u bhai fans love him more than God and will support him in anything he does no matter how bad it is..

    oh yeh and what about the black buck shooting case which he did not face any justice for that.. ur comments have no logic as how can SRK face similar charges as Salman???? he never killed anyone or killed endangered species.. they committed different crimes and deserve different punishments.. Salman has yet to face any punishment for far worse crimes………this highlights biasness and corruptness of the courts and shamelessness of his fans to support him blindly no matter what he does…………

  • @Triniman the fake saint : Your reality is there to see. Accept that you are a Salman hater more than being a Srk fan. Still Salman leads in number of Blockbusters compare to Srk. Salman gave ATBB with his first movie as a lead. Salman have given highest number of top grossers including highest grosser of the decade twice. We talk about Blockbusters n you rant about mere hits. Grow up n expand your mentality. Now your logic is too much bakwas !!!!!

  • amir should do an episode of his reality show satyameve jayate on salman khan case of longesr prolongation produre in the world of an easy hit and run case

  • @rkz, dude, so according to u, slapping a person intentionally and killing a person and injuring 4 others, intentionally or accidentally amounts to the same degree of crime. If so, hats off to that brilliant thinking of yours. And I must say, our country is still backward when compared to other countries and even though there’s lots of potential for development, there’s still lots of tape, crime and killings. And most of these are because of idiots like you who cannot distinguish between slapping and killing. Even if srk, my favourite actor or aamir and hrithik, my other favourites did happen to kill someone, I would be rooting for their punishment because nobody is above the law. And please don’t say the indian judiciary is prolonging this case to get publicity. That’s just stupid. Why the heck does a judicial court need publicity? Please comment sensibly bro.

  • @Triniman again u started talking about 90’s and u will do the same in future bcoz your Leap year blockbuster star’s time has gone and he will struggle for blockbuster.But don’t worry he will surely give next blockbuster in 2017 or 2018 after RNBDJ(2008) and CE(2013).lol

  • @Triniman Salman gave 5 back to back blockbuster before Jai ho so presently he is not triple Leap year blockbuster star so talk about your Lungi days which is present not your half pant days which is

  • @jilu,charity doesn’t need publicity nor humanity doesn’t need to wear being human t-shirts.salman started charity after returned from jail while SRK started that noble work much before sallu did.clearly salman wants to hide all his sins by publicize such charities.what you said SRK a back stabber?when he back stabbed?salman has no dare to face SRK,which is FACT.

  • @hrithik,get a life you moron.SRK has 1more blockbuster than salman’s total blockbusters.your decade bb star should do movies with out south remake.we are always talking about no. of bbs but you’re talking about SRK’s hits,which is far out of reach of every star.also he has given least flops,but your decade performer is 2nd highest flop givving actor in sad.salman has no atbb since 2000,if CE will not consider as an ATBB,lol.SRK is the star who gave maximum collection to bollywood in I prepared this list to find out losers.


    SRK’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection

    CE :422cr
    JTHJ :251cr
    DON2 :220cr
    Ra One:240cr
    MNIK :201cr
    RNBDJ :158cr
    OSO :149cr
    CDI: 105cr
    DON :105cr
    KANK :115cr

    TOTAL :1954cr

    aamir khan’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection:



    salman khan’s last 10 film’s collection:

    jai ho:175cr
    london dreams:30.5cr


    rectify me if I’m losers said SRK is self proclaimed.but from every angle it seems SRK is THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.if we clearly analyze,then non of a SRK film’s collection is with in 100cr,while see the magical numbers of last 5films of other 2self proclaimed advised to haters to take medicine in proper time,because the other 2 khans couldn’t come closer to SRK’s collection in their lifetime because MEGASTAR KING KHAN SRK is always KING.

  • @sachin11 u cant just talk about 2010-2012 when comparing actors, u have to consider their entire career…………………Im not just referring to the 90’s, if I refer to 90’s then Salman was no 2 and SRK was no 1 so both of them did well in the 90’s……………however ur so called ‘flopbuster bhai’ was called Salman ‘flop’ khan by media from 2000-2010 for which he gave many back to back flops and disasters that wud make akshay and ajay proud……………………….yeh u conveniently forget this horrible phase in the RECENT PAST of ur star when he struggled to give semi-hit/hit…………………also since u like talking of present SRK last release was a record BB whilst Salman was above average/semi hit with losses to many distributers, so yeh the tide has turned again and ur bhai short glory days are over and he will now return to his ‘flopbuster’ days from RECENT PAST 2000-2010………………………….SRK has been consistent from 1992-2013………….u like to only highlight the phase when ur star is doing well but fail to consider the phases where he struggled, that logic is bakwas

  • Salman has been facing criminal prosecutions with respect to the alleged crimes of his Blackbuck Poaching and allegedly ‘Hit and Run’ Case. All prosecutions against him are justified if he has committed the crimes. However, we can only say he has actually committed the crimes only when the court proves him of being guilty. Meanwhile, if we respect the law or are not the witnesses to the alleged crimes, we should keep our mouths shut. For otherwise, the blantant statements by some people will be like they are trying to be above the law and influencing the judicial proceedings.

    On the other hand, SRK has also committed crimes in public. But SRK facing no criminal charges is criminal prsection is strikingly shocking. What can one call it, being a filthy rich person or politically-well-connected? Some people say the ban against him to Wankedhe Stadium balances out his crimes at the stadium.

    It is like saying ‘bans against Salman to the Rajasthan Forest (where the said rare animals inhabits) and banning him from driving cars in Mumbai will balance out the respective crimes that Salman has allegedly committed.” The ban against SRK to Wankedhe Stadium is just a precuationay step to prevent him from creating further havocs at the stadium and giving the public the required security and peace. Hence, it is by no means punishment on SRK for his crimes in public.

    To put it fair and square, for the havocs he created at the stadium and Bodily Hurt on Shirish Kunder combined, SRK should be prosecuted under the following criminal charges.

    1) IPC Section 351- Assault (Punishments: three months, or with fine which may extend to five hundred, or with both)
    2) IPC Section 353- Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty (Punishments: Two years, or with fine, or with both.)
    *According to IPC Section 14.1, the words” servant of Government” denote any officer or servant continued, appointed or employed in India by or under the authority of Government.
    3) IPC Section 355- Assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour person, otherwise than on grave provocation (Punishments: two years, or with fine, or with both. )
    4) IPC Section 290. Public Nuisance (Punishments: fine which may extend to two hundred rupees.)
    5) IPC Section 291. Continuance of nuisance after injunction to discontinue (Punishments:imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine, or with both.)
    6) IPC Section 321. Voluntarily causing hurt. (Punishments: one year, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both)
    7) IPC Section 332. Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty (Punishments:three years, or with fine, or with both.)
    8) IPC Section 503- Criminal Intimidation (Likely happened against Shrish Kunder. SRK attacked Shirish Kunder from behind at a party and left the place subsequently. Later, Shirish challenged SRK for an One-on-One fight. Few days afterwards, Shirish had to unwillingly patch up with SRK because of the pressures from SRK lobby groups. So, he along with Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiawala went to SRK’s house. This act desists Shirish from taking legal help and criminal prosections against SRK. Hence, this act amounts to Criminal Inmidation. *This is a possibility, not an established fact.)

    Now, just imagine how SRK was able to escape all these criminal charges despite the availability of ample photo-audio-video evidences against him, while Salman has to face the criminal charges what he might or might not have committed. It’s yet to be proven that Salman hunted the animals. It’s yet to be proven that Salman was driving the car under the influence of alchohol. On the other hand, SRK’s crimes are proven and witnessed by hundreds of people at the stadium.

    If Indian ruling system is fair and good enough, not only Salman but also SRK has to fac criminal charges. Why double standard!
    To some insane guys, I am talking in legal point of view now. No need to rant with your logics that ring hollow.

  • @sss : Again you are ranting same thing. Better take your medicines on time you STML patient. Salman ahead of Srk – BOI write this on your body n read it eveyday !!!!

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