Four Animated Krrish movies to be made

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan’s Filmkraft Productions has partnered with Turner International India and Kerala-headquartered Toonz Animation to create four animated movies based on the Bollywood movie “Krrish”.

The movies will be created between 2013 and 2014, the first of which titled “Kid Krrish” will be aired on Turner International India-owned Cartoon Network July 14 this year, said an official release from Toonz Animation.

The official announcement of the project will be made in Mumbai Monday, it added.

These movies follow the childhood adventures of Krishna (a character in the Filmkraft Productions’ “Krrish”), who discovers that he can help people and save the world with the special powers bestowed upon him by ‘Jadoo’ (another character from the movie “Koi Mil Gaya”).

“The animated ‘Krrish’ franchises are fun films that are guaranteed to be a visual treat with mass appeal. It is not every day that 11-year-olds get to be superheroes. We are thrilled about partnering with Rakesh Roshan and Cartoon Network. This is a huge milestone as far as Toonz Animation is concerned,” said P. Jayakumar, chief executive of Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd.

Roshan said he has always pushed the limits by making different kinds of films and planning new strategies to promote them.

“Since ‘Krrish 3’ will be ready for release this Diwali. I wanted to revive the memory of ‘Krrish’ among children who may have not seen ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ or ‘Krrish’,” Roshan said.

“I am happy to have collaborated with Turner, the oldest and most popular children’s channel in Asia and Toonz Animation, who are the best in creating animated content in Asia, to make this first-of-its-kind animated film series for television,” he added.

“Cartoon Network will now be home to Bollywood’s biggest superhero in a whole new animated avatar. We are certain that they will be enthralled and excited to watch this adaptation of their superhero on Cartoon Network,” said Siddharth Jain, managing director (south Asia), Turner International India Pvt. Ltd.



  • Krrish will always updates children fans

    Lucky Hrithik to have done that role with mere perfection

    Otherwise it would have become a comedy craper if any useless actor have done it

    For our surprise we will see other characters such as

    ANT MAN, Frog-man, Rhino-man, Scorpion-girl and Cheetah-girl

    it would be like a treat to indian audience to experience the first time these characters

    Hatsoff to Roshan Family for your guts to introduce such a great neverbeforeseen experience on the silverscreen

    Really days are nearer to listen worshipping hrithik roshan as a god
    Demigod status is on the way
    Bolo God Allah Bhagwan Hrithik roshan ki jai


  • @sumeet: Hum krissh ko hawa mein uda ka phenkdenge n he will be lost in universe forever !!!!
    Dont take seriously, i like hrithik too…. ;)

  • @Gewone troupant: I haven’t seen a PHEKO like you in my life. Please list those 15 overseas Blockbusters of SRK and 6 Blockbusters of Hrithik (only overseas not domestic/India or worldwide) with the source. could you please? If you are a real SRK fan please prove me wrong n reply it!!!!

  • @sumeeth, hrithik is nobody infront of salma, shahrukh and aamir. Chennai express and Mental will do weekend business more krissh 3 even though those films release in non-holidays.

  • here’s one thing i wanna say about krissh is that i believe both roshans will try to give it classy intro like dhoom 2. there’s goona be a intro of a short action sequence where krrish will save someone and than afterward he dance in some song like dhoom again although the action i believe is going much better than dhoom 2. this is my prediction and if this happens it will be a rocking intro and will set the tone for a movie and i guess that is what was missing in raone plus rakesh roshan is much much beter director than abhinav sinha.

  • @khan kapoor, don’t give a damn about your useless comment, you just hate him , thats it.
    @hrithik, O.o huh?

  • Hats off rakesh ji for your marketing stratergy credit for both roshans to be shared

    More info on krrish series
    The first Kid Krrish film will air on JULY 14th!

    Kid Krrish will show Krrish discovering his powers and he will be seen with his mom, dad and granny, and even Jaadu. We wanted to keep all the characters from the films in this series. – Rakesh Roshan (via HT)

    Roshans plan a festive treat wth the Krrish cartoon films!

    I am planning to unveil the first look in July when the first two cartoon films will go on air. I also want to spread the message of friendship and love through this series. My grandsons ( Hrehaan and Hridhaan) loved the idea and are excited”.- Rakesh Roshan

    “We are also looking at comic books, online gaming and augmented digital platforms where people can explore what it feels like to be like Krrish or Karl, the villain in Krrish 3.- Rakesh Roshan.

    Finally days are nearer to worship hrithikroshan

    Bolo God allah Bhagwan hrithik roshan ki jai
    Bolo God allah Bhagwan hrithik roshan ki jai
    Bolo God allah Bhagwan hrithik roshan ki jai

  • Guys you will be speechless after watching this


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    god bless you :)))


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