Four Animated Krrish movies to be made

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan’s Filmkraft Productions has partnered with Turner International India and Kerala-headquartered Toonz Animation to create four animated movies based on the Bollywood movie “Krrish”.

The movies will be created between 2013 and 2014, the first of which titled “Kid Krrish” will be aired on Turner International India-owned Cartoon Network July 14 this year, said an official release from Toonz Animation.

The official announcement of the project will be made in Mumbai Monday, it added.

These movies follow the childhood adventures of Krishna (a character in the Filmkraft Productions’ “Krrish”), who discovers that he can help people and save the world with the special powers bestowed upon him by ‘Jadoo’ (another character from the movie “Koi Mil Gaya”).

“The animated ‘Krrish’ franchises are fun films that are guaranteed to be a visual treat with mass appeal. It is not every day that 11-year-olds get to be superheroes. We are thrilled about partnering with Rakesh Roshan and Cartoon Network. This is a huge milestone as far as Toonz Animation is concerned,” said P. Jayakumar, chief executive of Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd.

Roshan said he has always pushed the limits by making different kinds of films and planning new strategies to promote them.

“Since ‘Krrish 3’ will be ready for release this Diwali. I wanted to revive the memory of ‘Krrish’ among children who may have not seen ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ or ‘Krrish’,” Roshan said.

“I am happy to have collaborated with Turner, the oldest and most popular children’s channel in Asia and Toonz Animation, who are the best in creating animated content in Asia, to make this first-of-its-kind animated film series for television,” he added.

“Cartoon Network will now be home to Bollywood’s biggest superhero in a whole new animated avatar. We are certain that they will be enthralled and excited to watch this adaptation of their superhero on Cartoon Network,” said Siddharth Jain, managing director (south Asia), Turner International India Pvt. Ltd.



  • Krrish 3 Collection
    First Day : 16-20
    First Week : 70-80
    Lifetime : 130-140
    Verdict: Hit

    If Vivek Oberoi is not a part of movie:
    First Day : 25-30
    First Week : 95-110
    Lifetime : 180+
    Verdict: Blockbusters


  • why wasting that money???better give it for charity. atleast, you’ll get peace and heaven afterlife!!

  • thats sounds cool man!! finally cartoon network will have something really good, after those yuckky chhota bheem,roll no21 etc shit, finally a superhero show comes up and that too our own bollywood’s only successful superhero KRRISH 3

  • you just wait and see, the roshans are just masters when it comes to film promotional strategies, this time its huge, they will have new innovative promotions for krrish 3, collaberation with cartoon network, ohh damn man……thats just wowwww !!!!!!!! hrithik rulesssss and krrish 3 rulesssssssss

  • @khan kapoor, stay away from hrithik roshan related articles , warna bohut mehenga padega , nobody cares about your shit, just get lost

  • K3 will easili col 150 to 170cr. Plz don’t say it cross 200cr or 250cr. Otherwise i will give negetive com about k3. @velocity i respect your feelings k3 get positive review but not like ra1 but it become bb not atbb like dabangg2. This year only dhoom3 cross 200cr, lets see salamn film mental cross 180cr or not and srk ce cross 150cr or not.

  • omg!!not again..@romance express:phir se aagaya tu..
    sick guy…
    few days back you said 145 cr life you are saying 150-170cr and when trailer releses you would say 190cr…when film releases ,you would itself tell i will cross 200 cr…
    good going

  • @romance express, y in d hell dnt u think hrithik cn brk all records??? y ??? hrithik is one of d biggest stars of indian cinema evr, u dnt lyk him dats y u doin negative cments abt k3. if d film has gud content, evn god cnt stop it frm bcomin ATBB !!
    dnt frget red chillies has done d vfx, by disrespectin k3, u r indirectly disrespectin ur srk’s vfx team !!

  • CHAMPION (hrithik) sirf ek hi hota hai aur uski jagah koi nahi le sakta , not even god !!! hrithikmania vl return aftr krrish 3 n i vl meet u here mr. romance express !!

  • Krrish 3 apride to indian cinema that we can tell to rest of the world we too have super heros in our home town

    He will be immortalised to the coming generations

    Repeat value

    No.1 Successful franchise about GOoD(DHOOM about BAD)

    If u guage the stunts and performance btw Krrish3 Vs anything its impossible

    BOXOFFICE ka shehanshah after k3 & BANG BANG

  • @romance express you are very funny :)…..I used to hate you initially but later I realised that you are providing wholesome entetaiment here.

  • @velocity evn god cnt stop it frm bcomin ATBB !!

    i m with you will make krrish a memorable journey

    God Allah Bhagwan Hrithik returns
    and fans will worship him

    children fans will be increasing for him day by day
    this cartoon network will skyrocket the image of our super hero

    krrish the Trendsetter rest of all trend followers(nt mentioning particcular hero)

  • ATBB on the way

    I think this will make a memorable movie in indian cinema

    Hattrick to Rakesh roshan production venture to get Best Special effects for national award

    wins max awards for best stunts and visual effects

    Best hero etc

    Atlast i found the surname for Krrish3 which is give below

    Krrish3-ATBB Krrish3-ATBB Krrish3-ATBB Krrish3-ATBB Krrish3-ATBB

  • @Velocity : Though love to read your comments in support of Hrithik but I believe you go over the top sometimes. Even God cant stop K3 from becoming ATBB!!!? See, If you have very high expectation and if God forbids if it is not upto it then it will be a huge disappointment and an opportunity to speak for haters. I would say K3 will be a Blockbuster however if it becomes ATBB (In Sha Allah) then it will be like icing on the cake. Hope you will not take it as offensive. :)

  • @Greekgod Devotee- i absolutely love ur comments about hrithik and krrish3….and one important thing i must say to u all that i also worship hrithik roshan…..

  • Romance express
    Brother dabangg 2 was BB not ATBB so dnt spread false verdict and even one of the biggest hit last year ETT also got BB verdict after shattered all almost all box Office record,
    But one thing i agree with u that its very tough for any movie to get ATBB verdict wheather be it mental,krissh 3, dhoom 2 or CE

  • i love hrithik he is my 2nd best after SRK
    he is amazing actor and good looking too
    to me in action HR is number one even i watched doom2 because of him

    i hope krish3 can make it but with indian last BBs i just wonder if they will understand its high quality

    but to me there is only 2 movies i am waiting 4 krish 3 and CE and whatever happened at least they will work well overseas

    out of 30 bb overseas SRK owns 15 & HR owns 6 that is SRK & HR powers we just love them

  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to promote a movie. People who are not yet aware of Krrish 3 will end up thinking that Animation movie is all what will be released this year, resulting negative effect on the movie once it his the screen. Moreover, Animation film can not promote or revive the memory. It may rather distract from watching the movie. If kids like the animated version, then they may find it weird watching the main movie

  • @ghosts, rakesh roshan is one of d bst n mst experienced directors bollywood evr had, he introduced d science fiction and superhero genre in bollywood wich was lukin impossible bck den , hav trust on him !!
    @hrithik, no i didn’t tek ur cment in negative sense bt u didn’t undrstnd my cment, if k3 wud b a crap den hw cn it bcom ATBB ,bt i said if k3 has gud content wich i bliv it vl surely hav, den nobody cn stop it frm bcomin ATBB, read my cment once again n u vl knw !! no matter watevr d film is, if a movie has grt content , it vl b loved by all , it vl do monster business n it vl b remembered fr long jst lyk 3 idiots,ddlj,kmg,hahk etc. if u respect hrithik n his movies, den thanx fr dat !! aftr all, we all wnt to c n njoy gud cinema !!

  • To all the people who are worring may put the end like reading this caption

    “Expeience your Experiments to reach your Expectations”

    So Roshan Family an Experiment & Experience for the coming generations to reach everyones expectations

    Krrish3-Foot Mark & Pride to indian cinema

  • @khan kapoor, tere chennai express ko derail kar denge aur mental ko hospital bhej denge xD :P this is only for khan kapoor, others don’t take it seriously !!!!!!

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