Forbes India Celebrity 100: Shahrukh Khan Tops

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100

The inaugural list of Forbes India’s ‘Celebrity 100’ is out and it’s Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan who takes the top spot.

The list ranks India’s biggest celebrities based on their income and popularity. SRK is followed by Salman Khan and cricketer Mahendra Singha Dhoni.

The Forbes Celebrity 100 list is an attempt to rank the most powerful and the most popular celebrities in India. The list ranks celebrities across eight categories – Actors, Directors, Musicians, Models, Sportspersons, Television personalities and standup comedians.

The magazine priced Rs 125 will hit newsstands January 28th 2013.

Forbes India income estimates: SRK – Rs 202.8 crore, Salman Khan – Rs 144.2 crore and MS Dhoni – Rs 135.16 crore between September 2011 and October 2012. Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan also made it to the Top 5.

Forbes India Celebrity 100 – Top 10

  • 1. Shahrukh Khan
  • 2. Salman Khan
  • 3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • 4. Akshay Kumar
  • 5. Amitabh Bachchan
  • 6. Sachin Tendulkar
  • 7. Kareena Kapoor
  • 8. Virender Sehwag
  • 9. Virat Kohli
  • 10. Katrina Kaif

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  • @Aks…hahaha..500 cr u know mr. accountant that what is the span of this deal.??
    from 2013-2018.means 5 yrs.In this duration, min 8 releases of salman are expected.So, he ll get around 80 cr. per movies.So, what do u’s a good deal?? D2 satellite rights were sold out at 135 cr and here only 80 cr. so, don’t expect this foolish decision from srk.i know, they (or some other tv n/w) must have approached srk.but srk is such a clever, businessminded person that he instataneousy refused the offer and star group trapeed this fool called “salman”.

  • @xzone Lol, Im sorry but I couldn’t control myself when you were talking about Respect / Money and Salman in the same sentence. All I was thinking about was the poor bride and groom who just had SRK dance at their weddings before getting an invoice of 2 crore by Gauri Khan.!!! Weddings are about celebrating two people starting a new life together but SRK has turned it into a business. He carries out this nautanki once every weekend so over the year he earns around 100 crore, all of it most likely in brown envelopes in cash. (tax exempt maybe?)
    Respect and Money are words associated with SRK my friend because He has no respect for anyone or anything except money.

  • Xzone dude in which world you are living dabangg2 satelite was sold at 48-50 cr not on 135 cr gets ur stastics clear, i also asked you why not srk fans go to theatre if he has more popularity than salman y his movies underperformed both on boxoffice and tv premiere while he have 3 billion fans like you, look that u accept at avg 75-80 cr salman movies get satellite right each, it self shows who is on more command at box office, and srk who used to dance for 2-3 cr in wedding how can refuse 500 cr deal if it offered to him my frnd don’t make fool to others because ultimately you are fool, srk earned 202 cr last period but still he is a beggar who dance in other marriage, look at Aamir who refused 150 cr deal which offered to him by a advertise company 3-4 month ago, i m not accountant of any star, i believe in fact and figure and the causes behind them not follow any body with close eyes.

  • @aks. Salman don’t know how to dance so nobody offer him. Srk is entertainer billions of fans watching awards shows, stage shows bcos of srk perform in it. What happened to salman’s Dubai show total flop.

  • @anil which world in you r living salman knows how to dance that’y his steps copied by srk when he dance in marriges remeber Dhinka-Chika steps and hud-hud Dabangg steps, if he doesn’t know how to dance then y ur icon srk copied them, and you r saying that award shows was watching due to srk no way these are watched by people for all bollywood community, who wants to watch srk that’s y his shows like KBC3, Zor ka Jhatka and Kya Aap Panchvi pas se tez hai were failed on TV while salman Dus ka Dum and Bigg Boss both are popular on TV, mr. anil its not ur fault because its all you srkians mentality that u all r living in dreams in which srk is king and you all are his Praza, and by the way i have nothing Against srk as he is one of the good actor of Indian cinema but his attitude to think himself king made me to hate him and his fans also thrashed by other for the same reason…….

  • @anil You are absolutely right bro, we SRK critics were blinded all this time. We could not see what all SRKians were seeing all this time. You guys are right, Salmans dance moves are so easy to replicate that anybody can mimmick them at weddings and stage shows. But SRK is the best dancer out there, for example I know I myself cannot copy SRKs dance steps and style. I spent my whole life trying to do that famous step of SRK but its just so hard to perfect it.
    There is a secret to it I guess because watching his dance step you see that:
    The arms have to be stretched out wide at just the right trajectory and the back needs to be slightly arched and ofcourse the head needs to be just a bit tilted backwards. This enables the girl to come rushing in at the right speeds and be caught in the web of SRK.
    Truly SRK is the master of this dance routine/pose. Thanks @anil you have opened up my eyes and now I see the magic of SRK after 20 years. Thank you sir.

  • @nvs if ur icon is not money minded y did u evn comment here? hope u remember ur first comment wer u predicted salman will top the list in the coming years.y this double standard?

  • no matter wot u say wot u bark,the fact is srk is the most popular star in the world.its a fuckin fact.hes the biggest superstar of all time..go check his worldwide popularity on youtube..he has got the highest fan following in the world..thousandsss of people gathers evrywhr he goes,jus to get a glimpse of it doesnot matter wot u say haters,because he is THE BEST in the world.

  • srk is the very best,thats the cant deny the fact. and haters cant digest let them bark,go on haters,come on bark! go on aks,xzone,abhi etc.u doesnt matter.. srk has topped in 100 most powerful ppl,as u couldnt digest the fact u are barking lyk fuckin street dogs.. go check youtube or wotevr u will know whos most popular worldwide..

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