Forbes India Celebrity 100: Shahrukh Khan Tops

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100

SRK Forbes Celebrity 100

The inaugural list of Forbes India’s ‘Celebrity 100’ is out and it’s Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan who takes the top spot.

The list ranks India’s biggest celebrities based on their income and popularity. SRK is followed by Salman Khan and cricketer Mahendra Singha Dhoni.

The Forbes Celebrity 100 list is an attempt to rank the most powerful and the most popular celebrities in India. The list ranks celebrities across eight categories – Actors, Directors, Musicians, Models, Sportspersons, Television personalities and standup comedians.

The magazine priced Rs 125 will hit newsstands January 28th 2013.

Forbes India income estimates: SRK – Rs 202.8 crore, Salman Khan – Rs 144.2 crore and MS Dhoni – Rs 135.16 crore between September 2011 and October 2012. Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan also made it to the Top 5.

Forbes India Celebrity 100 – Top 10

  • 1. Shahrukh Khan
  • 2. Salman Khan
  • 3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • 4. Akshay Kumar
  • 5. Amitabh Bachchan
  • 6. Sachin Tendulkar
  • 7. Kareena Kapoor
  • 8. Virender Sehwag
  • 9. Virat Kohli
  • 10. Katrina Kaif

Credit: Forbes India



  • I have decided not to comment of any ‘only srk related’ , ‘srk specific’ pages but since this page has some eye catching names like sachin,salman,amitji, dhoni etc i am making a comment.

    A man who can buy filmfare awards can easily bribe the top officials of the forbes to manipulate some numbers of make some exaggerated figures (its only a joke, not to be taken seriously ).

    But the thing is that The forbes list is compiled from various sources of all annual earnings. Approximately Srk normally charges around 15-18 crore per movie & usually gets more than 50% of its profits, he endorses apprx. more than 24 brands(most in india) & charges anything from 6-9 crores(apprx), he has a huge production house, he has stakes in many sports teams, he even owns shares in some companies, he is a co-owner of KKR team which is one of the top 3 richest teams in the cash rich ipl where as others in this list dont have so many different sources of income, so naturally srk will earn that much.

    Salman is much more popular than srk in india but since srk fans are in more numbers on the net compared to Salman (this was before oct 12 but indicine recently published an article ‘Salman is king on social networking too‘ acc to which salman has more fans than srk on every social networking site except twitter).

    But next year I wouldn’t be suprised if salman tops the list (he is to get almost 80% of the profits from Dabaang 2, both his number of brands & the money he charges for each brand has increased significantly, with the 2 movies that will release this year he could earn as much as 80-100 crores and more importantly salman is as serious as srk to become an actor-cum-enterpreneur and hence is expanding his various sources of income as he has realised his pan india brand presence.

    Chalo dekenge hotha hai kya.

  • @nvs who is stopping salman from doing what srk is doing? any way u like him or hate him he is a brilliant business man.

  • @nvs. Wake up man from ur dream. U r dreaming too much lately. Let salman do some mink kinda movie nd make it worldwide recognition then u can dream. U shud be happy that his recent movies r working bcos of masala trend. Once this trend over u will hide. Srk is all season star.

  • @NVS omg u have no life at all do u??? can’t digest SRK winning awards is understandable bcoz its an indian affair but now u can’t digest SRK being give top spot by an international magazine as well??? i mean how have u lived all these years when salman was no where to be seen?? or were u born just a few years back??

  • hahaha outlander spot on.

    SRK buys awards, he bribes forbes, he also bribed yash chopra to take him in Darr and he has bribes his 3 billion fans.

    Tell u what, SRK is a selfmade king. accept it or not, you all will realise it later.

    he is on top of every poll and cover of international magazines in his worst phase with no blockbuster in india since 2-3 years. i wonder what will happen in his best phase?

  • @Rowdy Rathore, keep waiting for his best phase. It will never come.

    These are times when even SRK fans have to use names like ‘Rowdy Rathore’ to add value to the so-called self-proclaimed King Khan. Hahaha!

  • Buhahahah.. Neet!! You made my day!

    Seriously, why is an SRK fan using Rowdy Rathore??? Is it because it was a universal hit and SRK hasnt had one in a long long time?

  • @outlander @anil Time to wake up srkians, its morning guy!!!
    A new season in SRKs life is fast approaching, the Chenna Express train is tracking it to mumbai very quickly. Rohits driving it so quick that it has many masala carriages in it, this ones gonna be the biggest masala journey any Shetty and SRK fan has ever been on. Theres talk on the web by movie buffs like @xzone and @star that Readys record of 123 cr net in India is in real danger of getting run over by the Chennai Express. SRK still kind of looks nervous, you can see the wrinkles on his forehead deepen but Rohit reassures him that he shouldnt worry yaar, just like in the Golmaal series, the stuntmen are fully trained and know exactly when to blow up the train before it reaches the station…. All izz well, SRK and Deepika jump off in the nick of time to safety. Chennai Depress nomore, happy ending all round. Chennai Expressing its way to being both shettys and srks biggest hit ever and will join the coveted 120 cr net club.
    This is SRKs best phase coming up followed by another classic by Farah Khan. :-)

  • @vishal lol next you will see srk fans using successful movie names like Bodyguard, Rockstar, Barfi and Krrish. Some fool is already using Dabangg. Guess srk fans are embarassed to use names like, paheli and ‘SRK fan JTHJ’.

  • Forbs statistic is right bt they should hav added the income source of the stars. SRK Takes part in wedding ceremony but Salman and Dhoni don’t take part in wedding by dancing. So leaving dis wedding fact Salman is the complete winner.

  • LMAO! Egg on face of SRK haters and omelette on face of Aamir Khan fans whose star is not even in top 10! SRK is the KING. One or two recent hits in last few years can’t get any lallu or Teelu ahead of the Shah! The world knows which name has been ruling the Indian Entertainment Industry since last 20 years! Shah Rukh Khan! They claim he’s finished whereas in reality his name means big money. He’s the name that gives creeps to other stars, he’s the name that makes 100 crore even with rejected films, he’s the name that every star wants to beat, he is super success in every arena from sports to movies to business ventures.

    In his worst phase also he is #1. That shows his power. Aamir as usual is the laggard, last Khan the weakest in the trio who has only 10 hits to save his face.

  • ROFL at jealous fans who claim SRK bought even Forbes! Just because their own favourite has no place here so they make such foolish excuses. Forbes is the world’s leading business magazine and has tremendous credibility. If this magazine put SRK on top, it means something! Aamir refusing deals makes no difference. Even if he had any deals he would still rank behind SRK. SRK’s the top earning movie star out there, he’s not just an actor he’s a one man industry!

  • Both Salman and Dhoni are ahead of Shah Rukh in terms of popularity and fame, but shahrukh Khan occupies the top spot courtesy his earning power, mainly riding on massive income from brand endorsements, according to the official website of the magazine.

  • Brilliant. SRK is in a league class of his own. Most talked about, most popular for whatever reason. Its all about the one and only King Khan. Hats off to the self made man ! !

  • @NVS, your words don’t even need to be taken seriously, because according to your fact diary, the pressure standard (QNE) is 101 hPa, remember ? Which if was true, then neither you or I or anyone would be alive. Bless.

  • SRK looks awesome on the cover…the King is Back…Long live the King…!!! I am just waiting for this collector’s edition from Forbes…

  • @ginger. Salman is not as money-mined, as greedy, as money-hungry, as business- opportunistic as srk, so he really doesnt care more about money as long as he can contribute generously to the being human charity foundation.

  • @Navin…first learn , how to make a comment.Your comment was nothing more than a joke.And don’t feel so insecure about CE.You have to worry about salman khan, because he is in real danger.May be possible, that he went behind bars for drunk driving and blackbuck case.So, seriously think about him.

  • @anil uperkar. Lol….. Isnt it funny that srk fans like you, who always fly in his past glories or dream about his future successes, down playing the unprecedented achievements in the present by salman khan are saying that i am dreaming, when i am actually talking about the present and the present realities. Actually it is your srk & his fans who are dreaming about him giving bb movies in a row in future, when in reality his last 4 movies were second-rate ‘HITS’ in india and is yet to beat ready’s record, forget about ett’s which is a distant dream for him. Why should salman do a movie like mnik? why cant srk do a movie like tzp or black or phir milenge rather than epic craps?

  • @outlander. Your comment is as outlandish as you. If Srk can buy & lobby hard for awards and win them, then can’t he use his 202.8 crores, influence,clout & PR personnel to get whatever he wants? You cant be so stupid that you still dont believe that srk is the biggest manipulator in bollywood when he indeed is and Everyone knows that but dont talk it openly. I still Don’t know how you are still breathing & still alive when salman is giving record breaking back to back bbs & your srk is struggling against the likes of ranbir & ajay and is going from bad to worse.

  • @hamza khan. Oh! Bro after a long time, is everything all right? Well i know who will take me seriously & who will not but you still are unable to forget that silly mistake, is something wrong with you? lol…… You are a pilot & hence know the precise value but your srk & i have no idea whatsoever about that because we are not pilots or dont have as much subject knowledge as you have regarding the atmosphere. And one more thing, whenever i see srk’s over-acting (also called as mental torture acting) the atmospheric pressure around my ears and nose rises uncontrollably, so please advise me what to do.

  • @NVS What SRK fanatics dont realise is that SRK has had many good phases in the past and he was unable to have The Highest Grossing Bollywood Film ever in those phases.
    For instance Salman had done it with HAHK in 1994 on the back of a bad phase. Sunny bhai did with Gadar in 2001. These fans believe that in SRKs next best phase he is gonna deliver the ultimate beacon of success which is the Biggest Bollywood Film Ever. The only thing SRK is going to deliver this year is more mediocre senseless films with second rate directors like Shetty and Farah. They are in denial and are living off past glories like their fading star SRK.

  • @xzone Thanks bro that ‘joke’ was intended for you and that clown ‘star’. Its good to dream, I guess if the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King can Have A Dream then the Global Superstar SRK can too have a dream.
    SRKs dream goes something like this:
    “I have a dream my fellow srkians worldwide, my dream is that I hope that not only I but all Srkians can dance as good as Salman, that we too look HOT when our shirt pops open by itself. But most importantly I dream that one day in the not so distant future, my film can break Readys 2 yr old record of 123 cr net in India. SRKians please rally behind me, drag your neighbours and family to theatres near you in your ‘billions and billions’ and make sure this dream of mine and yours come true!!! Praise be to me as Im king of kings!!!”
    For my friend @star: bhai roxXx

  • @NVS, ha ha you make a mistake only once… Takes a lifetime to earn a reputation, and just a mistake to lose it all… Back then, you spoke of what you had no knowledge about, how sure can we be that you know what you’re saying now ?

  • @navin. Rofl Buddy, the ‘srk’s dream’ was just awesome hahahaha…..
    Srk is past his prime and is living under a pale shadow of his superstardom but his fans still day-dream that he is the same srk of the past. Srk’s sell by date is near to expiry, he looks mentally & physically unhealthy, tired & drained out and from his eyes we can tell that right now he is more insecure & jealous than he ever was. I wonder if srk can give atleast 1 bb in india in his next 5 movies for the next 2-3 years. Indeed some of the most memorable jokes made by srk fans were :’srk will show salman what is a masala movie & how to do it’
    ‘chennai express will be a ‘class masala’ movie and not a cheap masala movie’
    and probably the most foolish joke of them all : ‘chennai express will break every record including 3idiots, rewrite all the history records and will be the biggest atbb ever collecting 300 crores in india & 200 overseas’. Lol…. Every one should dream but atleast that should be a ‘realistic’ one that can come true someday but not like srk fans dream and perhaps they are the only people also who dream in their own dreams.

  • @Navin…lift urself up from these BO collections.again i m saying that u guys talk like financial assistant of salman.what did ur salman get from these higher BO collections.
    1.Respect??? No way..he is still considerd as worst actor.go and check IMDB.
    2.Money??? lolz…his net worth is 10 times smaller than srk.go, google it.But stiil u ll talk about BO collections bla bla bla.

  • @Abhi…i have been commenting here for a long time.But i didn’t see a single comment from any srk fan, which states that CE is going to collect more than 300 cr in india and 200 cr in overseas.actually, its a habbit for u guys to spread negativity and create too much hype about any srk release.and think twice before lying as u r not a member of kinder garden yet, i guess.
    And if u r talking abt predicitons made by fans , then wat abt D2.Almost all sallu fans had predicted 200 cr+ for D2.And the result is infront of u.and i can present a number of such comments as a proof.Now, wat will u say abt it?? but i know, that u don’t have anything to say.u r commenting on a page, whcih is abt srk topped the forbes itself says a lot, that u r nothing, but a srk hater.get a life!!

  • Xzone still star network sign a deal with Salman of about 500 cr but not with srk in his best phase while srk has 3 billion fans according to you, ye 3 billion fans kya naam k hai na to srk ki movies theatre me dekhte h look at the worldwide collection of srk, and tv par bhi nahi dekhte, as srk movies not providing expected trp to tv channels, y sale khud to 200 cr kama raha h par bechare exhibitors and tv channels suffer with loss when they took risk on srk, do you hav answer srkians.

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