First song promo of Bang Bang in 2 days

The first song promo of Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang will be out in 2 days. There have been reports that the song titled ‘Tu Meri’ is a dance number that has been picturised on both the lead stars of the film.

“Hrithik Roshan has danced his heart out in Bang Bang. The first song of the film Tu Meri will showcase Hrithik’s sizzling dance moves with Katrina. The song is slated to release at the end of the month and whoever has seen this song has been blown away with his spectacular dancing, chemistry with Katrina Kaif and the scale of the song.” a source close to the film was quoted as saying a couple of weeks ago.

Scheduled to release in theatres on October 2nd, the teaser of Bang Bang has received more than 12 million views on Youtube.

Just in case you haven’t watched the teaser, catch it below!



  • a salmanfan @kawaski is saying dat it looks like a bgrade film. ! If bb is b grade,then what abt kick? Z grade!

  • @Anand
    What did i said wrong here??
    I am not saying BB will collect 300crs lifetime but i am saying if there had been no clash then 40crs first day was possible bcoz of holiday release…
    And haider i think won’t do more than 35crs,vishal bharadwaj films have’nt succeeded at b.o and also it will get atmost 1500-2000 screens..
    Last year shahid’s phata poster did 37crs with no clash,good music…thats my opinion,what i think…but i wish haider also does well and prove me wrong…

  • @vikram
    Enough of your nonsense,2 days back you were ranting manipulation n all that…n now you are here to show some respect to hr and gain some for srk bcoz ur trailer did’nt work out well…and when did i became an hr hater u idiot??
    You are burning pretty badly…

  • @romance btw hny to 15th aug ko youtube pe tsunami lane wala tha….kya hua??
    hny trailer after 6 days crosd 3.5million (red chillies+tseries+yrf+xyz….)
    dun wory u can still spread negativity here…carry on :-D

  • hahaha babaji is definitely one crazy fellow my manipulation comments were never published by indicine( is he the mind behind Indicine i wonder) and i never said Babaji an HR hater i may have said someone else ( so this show this guy got all confused between names of his different id’s ) try to cool your back son coz this is just trailer ” PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI”… Diwali pe tera diwala zarur nikelga

    indicine post this comment coz im sick of you being bias towards other fanbases

  • Thank you, @Hrithik. Nipin Senior Looks Epic Embracing A Lamp Post…@Nipin, r u from rural area? Background of the photo looks fabulous…

  • Ready to bang i cant wait for Bang Bang.
    200 cr first movie to earn in a non holiday release weekend

  • @nipun i said it look like hollywood bgrade not bollywood you can see the teaser actions are looking slow and duplicate by the way i see ur pic u look good but not better than me.

  • haters of hr are very scared. . . . :D look @romance, how insecure, even hny nt gonna cross yeh lamhe h judai k

  • if ppl thinking upto nw seeing promos that bang bang is crap then i must have to say they are brainless, its unlike hny l0l

  • @kawaski: i wonder, you people have problem wid bangbangteaser! you ard the same guy who find bhai’s movie great! btw,no need to compare my looks with urs. in dat pic,i haven’t saved my beard and their were pimples in my face!

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