First Monday Records: Can Chennai Express do it again?

Chennai ExpressSo far, Chennai Express has bettered every record in its first weekend. While trade pundits were confident that the film would break the overall weekend records, most were shocked and pleasantly surprised that the film averaged Rs 30 crore per day.

Which brings us to the records that Chennai Express chases on Monday.

Currently, Ek Tha Tiger holds the record for the highest Monday collections, but the film benefitted from a national holiday for Eid. For a non-holiday Monday, its Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani right at the top.

Below is a list of Top 5 Highest grossing films on Monday

  • Ek Tha Tiger (2012) – 20.64 cr (Eid holiday)
  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) – 12.7 cr
  • Dabangg 2 (2012) – 12 cr
  • Dabangg (2010) – 10.75 cr
  • 3 Idiots (2009) – 10.5 cr

Think Chennai Express can beat the Monday record? Tell us in the comments section below!



  • Chennai express was the most fun i have had in years. Most movie have 1 or 2 hillarious dialogues but with chennai express we were laughing all throughout the movie. If it makes it better than i am not even a srk fan but still liked the movie

  • Looks very much possible.. Just read somewhere that mulitplex owners are confused over how many screens to allot for RecordExpress..

    Since the content of the film is outright hilariously brilliant, expect the RecordExpress juggernaut to continue.. Get on the train baby.

  • I wish it could do it. .
    In my opinion,
    this movie is better than other crap masala movies. .it is full of fun and entertainment. .
    I like the last fighting. .
    Also i love the temple parts
    1234 song choreography
    songs like titli and kashmir main and so on

    any way,srk did a fab job in this movie.his dilogs were perfect and funny. .

    But deepika’s acting was somewhat difficult . .though i cann’t say she was excellent in his acting,but she did a good try. . when she spoke at high pitch , it looked like she was out of her character. .
    But she was looking very preity
    The lungi dance was nice too. .

  • There’s nothing more to prove.. Even in his so called lowest phase of his career Srk was constatly giving 100+ movies.. Whereas Salman delivered 7 flops in a row (yuvraj, mr. &mrs khanna , veer , god tussi great ho etc) …. Then SK discovered his mojo by doing masala pot boilers and tasted maximum success domestic (overseas no one could ever challege srk).. Now SRK has done a masala film and the results are for everyone to see.. Beating sallu in his own game … Victory never tasted so sweet.. Even if in coming times Sallu manage to break CE domestic records (I know not going to happen but for argument sake)he will never get near the global collections of CE.. Srk rocks

    Earlier in early 90’s Srk was pitted against Aamir and sallu den late nineties with Hrithik and den due to lack of competion Amitabh bachhan.. Den Aamir again followed by Akshay and now Salman. Its for everyone to notice SRk has been the only permanent barometre of comprasion.. Give it to him guys (even the haters) he deserves it .. He’s the supreme one the biggest bollywood will ever have…

    Even wen Great Sachin walks in to bat the pressure on him is to score a 100 but with Srk 100cr is not enuff he’s expected to cross the higgest 202 cr (3 idiots) everytime (every release) and with dis he seems to hv broken dem all .. Love u Srk..

  • Prices still high in some theaters where they are keeping the same as the weekend which will get the collections more than they actually should be UNFAIR!

  • Any where between 17-19 crores is real possibility.

    day 1, day 2, day 3 & paid previews were BUMPER because of Eid weekend & solo release.

    If CE pulls off 20+ crores on Monday which is non-holiday, it will be incredible specially after prices drop on weekdays. But its not possible imo.

    we’ll wait & see. Its doing fantastic in chennai & south belt. this may push it towards 18 crores but 20 crores will be too much optimism.

  • I don’t know about ETT. But YJHD’s Monday record is surely in danger even if it’s not a holiday. The initial hysteria has only grown and with the size of release, it’s possible that figure could touch 16-18 crore.

  • 3 days 100 cr
    Monday 18
    Tuesday 15
    Wednesday 12
    Thursday 15

    week one 160 cr

    week two 45 cr

    week three 25 cr

    three week total domestic 230 cr possible….

    three week total worldwide 300cr possible…..

  • If Monday was a holiday CE would have broken ETT record. But since it’s not, it’ll be difficult. But nothing’s impossible. YJHD record will be broken;most probably.

  • while everyone is going gaga about CE’s domestic BO collection…got to know that it has crossed 50cr in Overseas over the weekend……looks like 100cr in oversease is on the cards….@indicine what about overseas update????? this is SRK movie ….it runs well not only in India but also overseas…..

  • if somehow it manage to broke ETT record then last BB of salman will look mean.. coz it will be confirmed that all those BB comes due to similar masala genre

  • Ce is dark horse of srk cant say if night shows r full then it will arround 18 .but whenever annyone predicts it performs beyond expectations so it may break record of ett miserably …upto 21cr

  • Ett time monday was eid ll break all monday records bcs those who not got tickets in first weekend ll watch today evening n night ll come close to ett.

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