First look of R Balki’s Ki and Ka starring Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Director R. Balki, whose upcoming film has been titled ‘Ki and Ka’ and stars actors Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan in the lead, says the film stresses upon the equality of genders.

“It is titled ‘Ki and Ka’. Hindi is a language where just not human beings, even objects have genders. This film is all about the fact that ‘Ki and Ka’ genders don’t matter,” Balki said in a statement.

The upcoming romantic film is about two people with contrasting ideologies. While Arjun essays a progressive house husband, who lovingly supports his wife’s ambitions, Kareena portrays a super ambitious career-oriented woman in the movie.

“An amazingly ambitious LadKI meets a uniquely fascinating ladKA!!! Balki, Kareena and I bring you the Love Story of Ki and Ka Summer 2016,” Arjun said.

This is the first time Arjun and Kareena would be seen together sharing the silver screen.

‘Ki and Ka’ will also reportedly see a special appearance by Amitabh Bachchan, with whom Balki has worked in his past movies ‘Cheeni Kum’, ‘Paa’ and ‘Shamitabh’.

First look of Kareena Kapoor in Ki & Ka

First look of Kareena Kapoor in Ki & Ka

Kareena Kapoor Khan - Ki & Ka

Kareena Kapoor Khan – Ki & Ka



  • Kareena made a gud impact in bajrangi sensational bhaijaan with less screen time

    waiting for Ki and ka only for Ki

  • Kareena lukd very beautiful in BB
    loved her expressions acting and costumes
    ladies loved her duppatas

  • Kareena is a part of 2 classic blockbusters 3idts and BB
    she is a perfect superheroine like madhuri dixit and pc

  • R Balki is a good director but honestly i am not excited for Ki and Ka . He should make movies with Big B . Kareena Kapoor is looking same nothing different in her looks . The title of the movie is pathetic and childish i mean what the hell is Ki and Ka . Kareena is older than Arjun and i don’t think their pairing will work . Overall i am not all excited for this Ki and Ka !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I hope arjun gives a hit. I like arjun because he is a salman fan like varun dhawan and salman loves them too. Salman is always supportive to younger actors

  • salman – mera BAAP writter tha, so unhone mujhe
    star bnaya aamir – mera BAAP producer tha, so
    unhone mujhe star bnaya hrithik – mera BAAP
    directer tha, so unhone mujhe star bnaya ranbir -‘
    mera BAAP actor tha so unhone mujhe star bnaya
    ajay – mera BAAP action director tha so unhone
    mujhe star bnaya , AKSHAY- hum kisi K BAAP k
    dum pr nahi, apne dum pr sbke BAAP bne hai..

  • Kareena should not waste her time to do these kind movies with flop actors like Arjun Kapoor.

  • Washout…..!!…

    Film will be critical failure plus commercial disaster…..!!…

    Likh lo….!!…

  • Arjun kapoor is worst thing to hv happened to bollywood….!!…

    Wannabe Fardeen khan….!!…


  • Superflop.

    Who wants to see arjun kapoor films? Not even a good actor.

    Films i am looking forward to in 2016

    Azhar biopic

    not looking forward to Table fan and rice ……….

  • this film looks so cliche. Same old
    story with over dramatic flashback and same guy meets girl kinda rom-com why the film makers don’t try out something new rather than those same happy-go-lucky type dribby thanda films.

    Will flop for sure as a flop kapoor star-kid is involved so can expect industry to lick his a**

  • Not looking that much exciting.
    Arjun kapoor look isn’t revealed because they don’t want film to flop that day itself.

  • @ arjun kapoor fan….
    artical on arjun kapoor aftr thousands of articals n u jst cmnt 1 line???

  • Are you sure this is the first time Arjun and Kareena are sharing screen space? What about “We Are Family,” co-starring Kajol…

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