Filmfare Award Winners 2007 – 2008

The 53rd Filmfare Awards for the year 2007 – 2008 was held at the Yashraj Studios in Mumbai on Saturday. Taare Zameen Par bagged the Filmfare Best Film award and Aamir Khan received the Best Director award for his directorial debut in Taare Zameen Par. Darsheel Safary received the Best Actor critics for his role in Taare Zameen Par. Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor will most likely win the Best Actor and Best Actress awards. The list below will be updated shortly! As predicted, SRK won the Best Actor award for Chak De India, Rekha presented the award. Kareena Kapoor won the Best Actress award for her role in Jab We Met, Saif Ali Khan presented the award, which made Kareena’s Filmfare night special!

Filmfare Award Winners

Filmfare Best Actor – Shahrukh Khan (Chak De India)

Filmfare Best Actress – Kareena Kapoor (Jab We Met)

Filmfare Best Film – Taare Zameen Par

Filmfare Best Director – Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Par)

Filmfare Critics’ Award For Best Actor – Darsheel Safary (Taare Zameen Par)

Filmfare Critics’ Award For Best Actress – Tabu (Cheeni Kum)

Filmfare Critics’ Award For Best Film – Shimit Amin (Chak De India)

Filmfare Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) – Irrfan Khan (Life in a… Metro)

Filmfare Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) – Konkana Sen Sharma (Life in a… Metro)

Filmfare Best Lyrics – Prasoon Joshi (Maa – Taare Zameen Par)

Filmfare Best Playback Singer (Male) – Shaan (Jab Se Tere Naina – Saawariya)

Filmfare Best Playback Singer (Female) – Shreya Ghosal (Barso Re – Guru)

Filmfare Best Music Director – A. R. Rahman (Guru)

Filmfare Best Story – Amol Gupte (Taare Zameen Par)

Filmfare Best Screenplay – Anurag Basu (Life in a… Metro)

Filmfare Best Dialogue – Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met)

Filmfare R. D. Burman Award – Monty Sharma (Saawariya)

Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award – Rishi Kapoor

Filmfare Power Awards – Yash Chopra & Aditya Chopra

Filmfare Best Debut (Male) – Ranbir Kapoor (Saawariya)

Filmfare Best Debut (Female) – Deepika Padukone (Om Shanti Om)

Filmfare Best Special Effects – Red Chillies Entertainment (Om Shanti Om)

Sony Head N Shoulders Fresh Face of the Year Award – Deepika Padukone

Filmfare Best Background Score – A. R. Rahman (Guru)

Filmfare Best Editing – Amitabh Shukla (Chak De India)

Filmfare Best Choreography – Saroj Khan (Barso Re Megha Re – Guru)

Filmfare Best Action – Rob Miller (Chak De India)

Filmfare Best Art Direction – Samir Chanda (Guru)

Filmfare Best Sound – Leslie Fernandes (Johnny Gaddaar)

Filmfare Best Cinematography – Sudhip Chatterjee

Filmfare Best Costumes – Sujata Sharma (Gandhi My Father)



  • My favorite actor is sharukh khan.And i’m very very happy he won best actor award.And also happy kareena kapoor won best actress award.They are truely deserve it……………….

  • The Filmfare Awards 2008 ceremony was well set up, the stars were well dressed for a change and the stage was not as gaudy as it has been over the past few years. Nevertheless, I feel, via this ceremony Bollywood has hit an all-time low. An industry that boasts of geniuses such as Javed Aktar, Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle etc, an industry which was so respected and of which I was in so much awe, has now become a stage for cheap theatrics and open cattiness and downright nastiness. Consider the following:
    1. Put yourself in Ram Gopal Varma’s shoes when Ramesh Sippy was openly presented with a bravery award for being brave enough to watch Ram Gopal Varma’s Aag. So Aag was a disaster, but does that mean that previous wonderful works such as Sarkar, should be forgotten and a senior peer such as Ram Gopal Varma should be made fun of in this manner?
    2. Put yourself in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s shoes for being given the “Come-back” Award since Eklavya came back from the Oscars unrecognised. Therefore beautiful films such as 1942 A Love Story, the Munna Bhai series were worthless? At the Oscars even films like Mother India and Lagaan did not win so were Mehboob Khan and Amir Khan figures of ridicule?
    3. Put yourself in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s shoes. The fun poked at Sawaariya by SRK & SAK was vulgar and downright insulting to such a great filmmaker whose works such as Khamoshi and Black have created film history. You could see that even seniors such as Jeetendra and others sitting in the audience were looking less than amused at this insensitive commentary.
    Sure, SRK & SAK covered this up as being part of the humour of the evening but surely such jokes which are at the expense of seniors who have produced wonderful works for our industry, are in VERY POOR TASTE!! Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Has SRK forgotten the awful skeleton in his closet whose name is Paheli?
    Whenever the talent of Bollywood stars is considered one always wants to know how many filmfare awards they have won. This means these awards have evolved as a prestigious body by which a performer’s worthiness is measured, so how could such a prestigious body throw aways its cloaks of dignity and responsibility and allow SRK and SAK to carry on with their histtronics and cattiness over most of the function? Truly, I felt ashamed to be an Indian on this particular evening.
    4. Can we put our hands on our hearts, keep God as our witness and say that SRK’s performance in Chak De India was better than Abhishek’s performance in Guru and Darsheel’s in Taare Zameen Par? Yet SRK carried away the award.
    5. In 2007, the finale award was for Best Film (as it should be) but this year and in all the years in the past that SRK has won, the finale award has been for Best Actor. Why? Why this discrepancy?
    6. Tabu was not even nominated for Best Actress for her wonderful work in Cheeni Kum. However, the critics declared her to be their Best Actress choice. Can we put our hands on our hearts, keep God as our witness and say that Rani Mukherjee was more deserving of a nomination for Lagaa Chunri Mein Daag, than Tabu?
    7. No nominations for Amitabh Bachchan? Eklavya, Cheeni Kum were not as good or even better than Akshay Kumar’s Namaste London? And yet the latter was nominated. No nominations for Jaya Bachchan for Lagaa Chunri Mein Daag?
    Nominations and awards MUST be based on MERIT if they are to remain worthwhile. If Amitabh Bachchan did not invite Bollywood industry people to his son’s wedding, that is a PERSONAL issue so how could filmfare deliberately overlook his nomination as well as commission SRK and SAK to come up with a whole skit on stage just so that this issue of not being invited could be driven home?
    8.Consistency was missing. Awards for performances in negative and comic roles were just left out with no explanation.

    As you all can see I am very passionate about this issue. Truly, this year’s Filmfare Award Ceremony was appalling to say the least. Why doesnt filmfare just invite SRK and his family next year and give him all the awards? After all, we certainly dont want to hear catty comments about the wonderful Jodha Akbar, the excellent Hrithik Roshan and the very dedicated and hardworking Ashutosh Gowarikar, next year.
    When one has had the good fortune to become a superstar, one should show gratitude to God by being humble, respecting senior members of the industry, and acknowledging the fact that one is far from perfect and has a lot to learn from one’s peers.
    Also Filmfare should be careful about nominations and ensure awards are judged on merit. The masters of ceremony should be dignified and respectful as should the dance performances be. A minute look at how the Oscars are conducted would greatly help.

  • Definately 53rd filmfare was a shame. I have to reconsider my passion for SRK & SAK bcoz few of their comments jst made me to sink in my chair as i was watchng the awards wid my family.
    One thing i didn’t get where was the action in chak de india!!

  • I totally agree, it was a shame. I cannot believe the cattiness or should we say insults dealt to fellow artists. It was definitey not fun to watch!!

  • hi shahid u are awesome ur movies are awesome and u look lovely with amrita rao i hate sharukh khan

  • Dr Patel,

    Every word you wrote was right from my heart but you were decent enough to keep it low key. I just saw the pathetic manner of both the cheapskates SRK and SAK and they go at the humour. It was a relief seeing Dimple Kapadia and Tabu showing disgust on their faces at the low life theatrics of two low lifes of India. Baboons at their best.

    Dragging and throwing Karan Johar out from the stage SRK implied that Amitabh Bachchan also has been thrown out of the stage. Vidya Balan insults were pathetic to say the least. The charming lady of the industry should have been given respects as she is comparatively a new comer.

    Shah Rukh Khan & Saif Ali Khan – Shame on you ! I have personally never treated you as good looking people as you both, do miss the quintessential ingredient of looking good and that being – a decent height. Only third class front benchers and the people of your own community have kept you on the high tide and I look forward to seeing the day when you are dragged down from your high horse and ridiculed by another star who is on the high.

    Till then get busy by making out with eachother.

    Pissed off

    John Voxx

  • hi i wish shahid had won the award and also sharukh and saif khans acted gay in flim fare i hate dem both

  • hi i wish shahid had won the award and also sharukh and saif khans acted gay in film fare i hate dem both

  • I agree with a lot of the comments here. The 53rd filmfare awards was a disaster and I can’t believe I sat through it. I respected SRK and SAK in the past and thought they were two of the best actors in this industry but I’ve been proved wrong.
    I think because of the extroadinary works of Shahid Kapur, Darsheel Safary and Akshay Kumar this year, these 2 lowlife losers have become threatened so they’re trying to protect their ego by giving catty comments out to people who are better than them.
    OK…we all know that Saawariya flopped badly but OK what’s to be done has been done. What was the point of yelling “Ooh that movie! Let’s not go there…let’s not go there!” up in Ranbir Kapoor’s face? Do they have no shame or consideration?
    Also when Darsheel and Shahid were nominated along with King “I’m the best” SRK in the best actor awards why did SRK and SAK have to say mean, hurtful, unnecessary things like:
    “Aww they’re newcomers so you guys are giving them all your sympathy but you know we’re the top of the bunch”
    What arrogant, sarcastic downright catty things to say. Shame on them. You could clearly see SRK burning with jealousy when Darsheel was presented with best critic’s actor award.
    In my opinion these filmfare awards are all biased on SRK. Why don’t they as someone above said just invite him and his family and give him all the awards. Loads of people were robbed this year. Hopefully next filmfare awards will be better.

    Peace x

  • Peace x,

    Nice to have read your comments on the Filmfare freakshow.

    Charged by Dr Patel’s post above, I started a thread on Topix and wrote further. Pasting the same here for this matter to catch some momentum.

    I just saw filmfare awards on youtube. At the 5th installment, I stopped as I could not go further anymore.

    Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan were haughty as they came on stage and started cracking cheap jokes and hurling cheap insults at their various well matured colleagues. Vidya Balan was embarrassed by both of these baboons and pot shots were taken at Amitabh Bachchan when both of them dragged and pushed out Karan Johar from the stage by implying that even Amitabh Bachchan didn’t want to leave the stage and had to be chucked out.

    SRK & SAK, both said that if you don’t invite us to the show, we will buy over the show and if you don’t invite us to the marriages, we shall marry your daughters !- Amazing that they didnt get their teeth busted on the stage. People at the awards were laughing as it this was the best thing they ever heard of ! Pathetic !

    Only dignity to the show, what I could see until 5th Installment, was Tabu and Dimple Kapadia. They both looked disgusted. It was some relief to see those expressions on their faces.

    I feel very good for not being a part of such a society in India and am thankful to my lucky stars that we live a better life away from this so called rich and page 3 types of scenarios of the low life film industry Bollywood. Any day, I would rather spend an evening listening and discussing topics with the likes of Aupmanyav than being in the company of such baboons I just saw on this show. I am not saying that grapes are sour that’s why I would seek the company of leftist communists and Hindu zealots. I do have every means to be a part of that society as well but now I have just lost the appetite.

    I can now understand as to why Amitabh has kept away from these colleagues of his and did invite only handful of industry people to his son’s marriage.

    Honestly, I thought that somehow religion was involved here. I am a large hearted man and secular to the core but out here, both these Bums, had a religious agenda on mind. They literally put the hindus down with the help of other Hindus – this was Moghul blood doing an act of deception (NOT)and testing waters. Divide and Rule. If you think you have the same feelings, just boycott their movies and bring them down. Its easy and its in your hands.

    Let the journalists get busy and work on this theme and let their version of seeking justice play its part on the masses.

    I just fed in some key words and dug out an article by one Dr Patel from the net and am posting it giving him the credit for his wonderful analysis.

  • – I wanted to see what went on further in that filmfare show for 2008 on You Tube.
    Never seen something as low as this one. Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan wore bras and Pantys and danced semi naked and kept on buffoon-ing till the last part of the show. Insulted everyone out there and Audience kept laughing out of the fear of being insulted by the mighty SRK.

    – I have seen the end of this show now. Freak show to say will be more apt.

    SRK and SAK wore bathing towels and danced vulgarly all across the stage. Insulted Ram Gopal Varma, more Amitabh insults, young Neil Nitin mukesh, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Akshay Kumar etc etc. Both these baboons were convinced that this was the last time they would ever appear on Filmfare stage as next time they will not even be invited due to their objectionable behaviour this time.

  • main aplogoko sirf ekhi baat kahena chati hoon.aaplogone srk and saif ko kyun blame kar rahahe?une jo script diya gaya tha o sirf oohi kar ethe.mujhe nahi lagta unone kisika insult kiya hai.unhone sirf entertain kiya hai or ek award funcion main yeh jarori hai.aap logone yea sab kaheke unka nahi sab film ka apmaan kar rahahe.kyunki up sabke dimag main sirf ohi chal raha hai ke unone kya kaha lekin yea nahi aaya ke actor ko jo script diya jata hai o ohi karta hai.anyway jo mujhe laga main ohi kaha.or plz its my request aap logone kisi bari actor ya actress ko istrase insult maat kijiye………….

  • Mr John voxx, it is people like you who instigate violence and crime by bringing religion in it. Srk and SAk did what was expected of them, they are entertainers so please keep it at that. They make money doing such things and just because they belong to some religion does not make them culprits. Yes it was in bad taste, i wouldnt let my kids watch it but thats it. It is entertainment, some people enjoy it , some do not. I am sure the script was run through with many people with different castes before it was handed to these guys. You are biased. Thanks.

  • i cant believe aamir khan didnt get best supporting actor! FUCK SRK! he cant act for shit. all he has is fame thats y they HAVE to give him the award. taare zameen par best film of the yr. aamir deserved all the awards!!!!!!

  • sorry i dont agree your comment jaffar.chak de india is saal ka best film and srk deserve best actor award.and i belive that…………

  • sorry i dont agree your comment sohini.taare zameen par is saal ka best film and srk DID NOT deserve best actor award.and i belive t

  • i agree with you rahul that sharukh is such a brat and i just hate him she shows off too much i wish shahid got the best actor award

  • okay u fucking guys srk is not a brat i love him and also amir is not a brat i love them both but u fucking pplz just have to put silly and disgusted comments ewwww ppl lmao!And i love sak tooo so u brats that say these things are ewww at the filmfare i belive that they did it!so who ever is putting these gross comments has a illness and dont u dare fucking bitch sluts say any thing towards srk cuz i love him and im a welcome nice respected women and i dont mean to be rude but u guyz should be disgusted for a moment think about it i kno that srk treats the industry as a kingdom but thats his choice u have no right whether to say hes right nor wrong and i belive he should cuz hes king khan guys but while amir for some reason trys to take his spotlight what kind of bitch are u but amir i love ur movies and plus by doing these all stupid evil plan inside u nothin gonna happen u amir.And i was an actress once my name is sunhita chingar i performed in pyar to hai to kya karna i played da the role called tisha and shes an 16 year old girl my parents tried soooo hard for me to get in that serial and it worked and it was a small role!thats nothin soooo plzzz watch off i kno actors n suff and i worked with them so i kno how it feels like u sluts or guyz like shahrukh khan he wants fame but a more respected guy and welcome and very a littile sensitive and a amir kind hearted very strong but a little cranky tries to take someones place so u guys stay off and read this and thats all the ppl who thing srk is a jerk well theres a news ur a dork and who thinks hes nice but now that much is good and guess what very carefull bye u sluts!

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