Fawad Khan breaks his silence, talks about a more peaceful world

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan has finally broken his silence over the ongoing controversy in the aftermath of the ‘Uri attacks’ in Kashmir. The actor hasn’t condemned the attacks, but has said we need to shape a “more peaceful world for our children”

His statement:

I’ve been in Lahore since July as my wife and I had been expecting our second child.

I’ve received numerous requests from the media and from well wishers worldwide asking me for my thoughts on the sad incidents that took place in the past few weeks. As a father of two little children, I pray and wish like many others that together we can build and live in a more peaceful world. I believe we owe it to our children who will shape our tomorrow.

This is the first time I have spoken on the matter. Please disregard any other words attributed to me during this time because I have not said them. I thank all my fans and fellow artists from Pakistan, India and people in general all over the world who have shown continued support for their belief in love and understanding to unite a divisive world.



  • Fawad speech is even much better than that of a professional Diplomat. …

    NB: Expected this much more earlier considering the time frame of Uri attack to date. Anyways, wishing you and your family best of luck for your unborn baby.

  • I admire him as an Artist,right from his serials..(zindagi) but I still strongly oppose the Banning of Paki artists to be released movies in the country and expelling them back to Pakistan though really I expected this comment quite earlier to be honest ,just hope all the mess and chaos are quickly wiped off and everything return back to normal.

  • Brother.
    congratulations for ur new born daughter. May god give her loads of bless n happiness to you..

    But the place where u earned so much respect, money etc U dint even condemned wen terrorists attacked my motherland.
    Who don’t want peace!!
    We all want peace.
    But Ur govrntmnt run by Paagal Army dnt want it.
    learn it n Show ur govt wat ur nation really wants..
    Jai Hind..

  • Lol trying to save his film ADHM of Bollywood shame shame . @ indicine post article what ajay said about pak artist ban .

  • Now Indian will surely support him good thinker . Ban the Pakistani actor in India till both countries situation won’t improve . Fake patriotic .

  • Stop acting innocent! People in India loved you always, supported you even when half the population stood against you,and what you did? You betrayed them by acting innocent in India and just when you reached the pakistani border your statements changed, you called Indians greedy for money and small hearted people. Mr. Fawad Afzal Khan,sorry but you betrayed Indians., who almost made you shine on a greater platform, and we will make sure to never support you with our hearts ever.

  • @indicine do you think akshay kumar trying hard to be bhagat singh like character but still his movie not earn the weekend collection of salman

  • His message shows how afraid he was by Pak Terrorist and Government.

    Mango People always want peace. Whether there are Indian’s, Pakistan’s, Americans or any Nations.

    Dirty Politicians and Terrorist make this world bad.

  • @SRK n Salman Fan
    If you think that Pak gvt is tun by army. Re think. Ind gvt run by MNS?
    Way before the sad incident of URI attack, remember what they did with Pak cricket board members visiting India.
    People from Ind n Pak want peace and even share good relations but the so called activists of both country won’t let this happen.

  • He had to speak on this matter, and obviously he wouldn’t have supported terrorism just like any other responsible person.
    But, he still didn’t condemn the attacks. He could have at least said “Uri attacks were unfortunate”, but he didn’t even mention it. He could indirectly wish well for whole world, but he can’t take name of the recent victim of terror, a country where he worked and earned most of his money.
    Why this diplomacy?
    Anyways, congratulations on birth of your daughter.

  • @Tata Birla

    Ajay did not say they should be banned he said personally for now if he is to act with any Paki celebrity he will not. He utterly is still feeling so bitter about the attack and that’s his opinion…

    @indicine normally do not allow other links to be posted here so just go to goggle and type….”Bollywood 1st major A lister to comeout and admit he is not going to work with any Pakistani artist AT THIS MOMENT” ….DNA INDIA ….that’s d heading.

    There’s difference between supporting Banning and choice of acting with someone,clang,community other nationals etc…let’s not mix it up…thank you

  • By the way, he wished peace for world. And, not allowing any Pakistani enter in India will only help this cause, as most of Indians don’t want them here as long as tension between both countries are resolved. I hope his Indian supporters will realize it. Not having any Pakistani on Indian soil right is better than vice versa as far as ‘peace’ is concerned.

  • It’s good that he broke his silence to shut the mouth of haters. Now some idiots will say that he is trying to save his movie ADHM but these fools should know that if that was the case then he would have said that much before. Yes, there should be peace among countries. War is across borders, not between the countries.

  • nation first if he is an artist he should not biased to pak bz he shuold condemn uri attack and people who r giving like on those comment are traitor who love pak artist but not there own nation

  • Instead of targeting him. Will media now question those who were spreading false rumors about Fawad khan that he said ” bollywood kisi k baap ka nhn hai etc “??

  • Yes we agree wth u bt u had to do it earlier that we think u felt the tragedy of real heroes(Jawans) bt u did it at time of ur film release…okey we like it nd u also teach 2 criminal khan how to tweet about a nation..

  • This is very much a non-issue. An attack happened in India –which the Indians have supposedly responded by action along the LOC, per their own military. 2 Pakistani soldiers died in this operation. The score is pretty much settled — what is there to condemn?

  • I am extremely happy that my brothers and sisters in India are this beautiful in what they think.
    Obviously pehly ghussa tha yaar I understand pr ab jo main dekh rha hoon, THANK YOU for understanding k mery jaisy logo ka koi qasoor nhi.
    Also I’m still confident k Pakistan ne kuch nhi kia hoga. Aur yaar Indian soldiers bhi attack krty hain aksar pr probably higher authorities k order aaty hongy ya humaari side se koi instigate krta hoga. Bewaja kyun maary ga koi bhi kisi ko?
    Please maintain this.
    @srk n salman fan: Yaar dono trf ki govts aur armies ghalat krti hain, srf aik side ki nhi. Humaari trf ki ghaltio k liye I am extremely sorry. Matlab roz sb kuch chor kr tum logo k comments prhta hoon yaar kuch tou feel krta honga India k liye.
    Btw, abhi 1 ghanty main mera cricket match hy Indian students k against. Tum log kaho tou bhaio se haar jaaon ga. Kyun k mjhy pta hy kal ko mery kehny pr woh bhi haar jaaein gy ?
    Proof k liye mera instagram dekh lena, haar kr picture lga doon ga? Khush? ?

  • Well said but you are late. The damage is already done, If Pakistan is not involved in Uri Attack they should have condemn the attacks right away instead of keeping mum.

  • Even anti-national Salma rani hadn’t condemned uri attacks.
    Why didn’t fawad took his fellow countryman salma rani to Pakistan

  • What’s driving me nuts are 2things today.

    On YouTube



    Why ? I listen to both of the Non Khan superstars and nothing did they say on Salman. They are just expressing their passion towards the dead soldiers family.
    What a way to extort TRP. Pity

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